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Article: Top Ford Mustang Upgrades to Boost Performance

Top Ford Mustang Upgrades to Boost Performance

Top Ford Mustang Upgrades to Boost Performance

Since its introduction in the mid-1960s, the iconic Ford Mustang has established itself as a stalwart of the global car scene. A timeless classic, it has served different driving purposes and styles over the years. However, with time, it has transformed into a vehicle that is famous for its sheer power and ferocity.

As a result of this, petrolheads all over the world now strive to make their own “ultimate Mustang”. Yet, in an attempt to upgrade their car quickly and cost-effectively, owners often race into buying poor quality Mustang performance parts and make the wrong decisions as to what they need.

At Steeda, we want Mustang owners to get the very best out of their cars. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top Mustang GT parts you need to boost the performance of your car. 

Ford Mustang Wheels

It’s a common misconception that upgrading your wheels only impacts the aesthetics of your Mustang. Besides giving your car a unique look, a new set of wheels can play a significant role in improving the overall performance of your car. Why? A good set of Mustang wheels, like the new 20” Velgen VF5 Flow Form wheels, dramatically reduces the weight of your car and improves its performance all round, in handling, acceleration, braking and economy. Plus they look incredible and give a perfect stance.  Make sure to combine your new wheels with Michelin rubber for ultimate performance. We recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

At Steeda, we only provide two brands of wheel; OZ racing and Velgen, as we prefer to supply our customers with quality as opposed to quantity. Plus, the cutting-edge design and technology these two brands use are simply unrivalled. 

Learn more on our "Why I should change my wheels" blog post...


Typically, when people think about Mustangs, they immediately think about power and acceleration. Handling ability rarely comes into the conversation but at Steeda we know that the opposite is true. Without handling and traction, all that power just goes to waste. If you’re a novice to Mustang mods, and you’re looking to improve the handling of your car, you must invest suspension and chassis mods. You will be shocked at how much difference a relatively low cost spend with Steeda will make. A set of Steeda Springs and our IRS Full Pack will see you radically improve the cars handling, feel and looks, all while increasing your levels of confidence in how the car handles. And all for less than £800. Steeda have a huge range of suspension options to help you hone your daily driver, build a B- road carver, or indeed create a winning competitor on track. Just ask us for advice!

For a super affordable initial change, the ONLY part we recommend to every mustang owner regardless of which model they own or what they use their car for is our IRS Base Pack. At sub £200 it’s a must have. We say just buy it, fit it and thank us afterwards!


Now, if your top priority is to enhance the power of your Mustang, you should consider revamping your engine bay with a new supercharger. As the name suggests, a supercharger will convert your already powerful Mustang into a rubber-burning machine. If you’re going to invest in a supercharger, though, you’ve got to go all out.

We recommend Whipple’s Mustang Supercharger Kit, which will add a larger throttle body and bigger fuel injectors to your engine. Whether you want an edge at red lights, or you want to beat your quarter-mile personal best, this Mustang supercharger kit will not disappoint.

At Steeda, we sell an array of Ford Mustang parts, ranging from Mustang exhausts to brake upgrades, to help you improve the performance of your vehicle.

Whatever your upgrade needs are, you can trust Steeda as your Mustang specialists. For more information, browse our collection of Ford Mustang parts or get in touch with our friendly team. 

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