How to Line Lock with your S550 Mustang

A short a simple guide to one of the cool features of the S550 Mustang...

"Line Lock" is a feature which activates the FRONT brakes only, allowing you to create a beautiful controlled burnout to warm up your tyres ready for action, on the strip or elsewhere.... (and NO! NOT at a traffic light!)

There are a few simple rules to follow to make the feature work though. Its not as easy as just pressing a button!

Watch the video from one of our Steeda Driving Experience Days to learn more!


Some quick tips in brief summary (reasons why it often wont work):

1. Engine must be warmed up (but not overheated)

2. Traction control must be off

3. You must be on flat ground

4. Steering wheel must be straight.

5. In gear.

6. Handbrake off


Have fun and smoke those tyres!


Header pic: Courtesy Jason Dodd Photography

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