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What is Bumpsteer?

What The Heck Is Bumpsteer? Why Do I need A Bumpsteer Kit??

January 29, 2018 4:04 pm

Most people have experienced bumpsteer at some point in their driving careers. YesÖ even you! So what exactly is it, and how can the Steeda bumpsteer kits help?
We offer Mustang Bumpsteer kits (as per link before) and Focus Bumpsteer kits

With it being such a widely experienced phenomenon, car manufacturers are well aware, and they do plenty to make sure you experience minimal bumpsteer right from the factory. However, as you start modifying the factory suspension, particularly by lowering the car, bumpsteer may become more of an issue. Any adjustment to ride height affects the suspension geometry, so itís important to get the front end geometry right and eliminate that bumpsteer any time that you alter your ride height.

Bumpsteer is when the car goes rogue and steers itself without steering wheel input from the driver. This is a combined result of bumps in the road and discrepancies with the length or angle of your suspension and steering linkages. As your wheel goes over a bump, it moves vertically up and down. This vertical movement causes the wheels to toe in or out depending on the aforementioned length/angle discrepancies of your suspension.

Specifically, the root cause of bumpsteer in your vehicle can be attributed to the tie rods and control arms traveling on different planes from one another along the arc of travel. When the wheel moves up and down it arcs slightly, so differences in length will cause the components to arc at different rates, and it is here that the toe changes. Take a look at the image below (credit: Ė the tie rod and the lower control arm have fixed points that are not the same, so the arc on which they travel is different. As they move along that arc the tie rod is going to increasingly exert outward pressure on the wheel,  causing it to toe out. This phenomenon is called bumpsteer. If you want more in-depth knowledge on the subject, there are plenty of resources online that cover bumpsteer to a more technical degree, but our goal here is to provide a simple explanation.

Image credit:

Our bumpsteer kits fix this issue by allowing you to correct the angle of the tie rod so that it matches the control arm. This means they will be traveling on the same plane, in turn eliminating unwanted alterations in toe when the wheels hit bumps. There are other ways to address the issue of bumpsteer, but our kits offer a wide range of adjustment and they donít require spindle modification for fitment or adjustment. Itís a simple, bolt-on solution thatís the culmination of scrupulous engineering research and design!

To learn more about Steedaís Bumpsteer Kits, check out these install videos from our friends at American Muscle and Late Model Restoration!

              S197 Bumpsteer Kit Installation                                               

           S550 Bumpsteer Kit Installation

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Happy New Year! The World Loves the Q500 Enforcer!

Well Steeda UK kicked off 2018 in great style with an amazing premier of the "Velgen Society UK" in a meet at the historic Bicester heritage centre.

We were blessed both with amazing sunny weather (in the midst of January greyness, mista nd rain!), and also a fabulous selection of cars, customers and dealers who had come along to support that day, and we were also very happy to host Scott the owner of Velgen wheels from Miami, and his legendary photographer and vidmaster, Franco.

MSN cars also attended, and threw up this great little article.


The attendees were lucky enough to grab some Velgen swag as well as bear witness to the glories of the brand new Velgen Forged ranged. Some people wept as their beauty was revealed... (and I am almost not exaggerating).

Velgen Forged Wheel Examples Revealed!

They also got the first reveal of the completed Steeda Q500 Enforcer UK demo car

Steeda Q500 Enforcer UK demo revelaed

The Velgen meet was the curtain raiser event to the Performance Car Show at the Autosport International event at the NEC in Birmingham. 

We were soon set up and after an extremely tiring but fun 4 days we crawled home and flew home and were amazed by the incredibly positive reception we had received across the board both from the press and the general public.

Some Press examples

Not only were the press reports great but after the show we were named by AOL as one of the top 9 cars in the show. And seeing as there were a LOT of cool cars in the show, that is going some! Read the articles and enjoy! And comment (nicely!) if you are a Steeda fan!  8)

PICS from the show:

Steeda John helping explain the Q500 engine bay

The stand ready to go pre show!

Autosport 2018 Steeda Stand

The Michelin Man visits!

We were down with the kids with style too!

 Autosport style!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible,
Haynes Ford for being our SSV dealer
Perfect Touch Performance for helping out in tuning and development
Velgen Wheels for their great products and support
Michelin Tyres for providing the best rubber we can get (with VELVET TOUCH finish! if you dont believe me stroke my tyres!)
Unique Detail for getting the car show ready and providing some cool little custom touches to help affirm "the Steeda Difference"
Matt Woods Photography for giving us some killer images (more to be revealed soon!)
Elan PR for their support at the show
Rachel (from Event Hosts) for her great work at the show with us
Also shouts to the great team from Autofinesse our show buds who kept the Q500 shining

and of course all our great customers and dealers who have helped and supported us!

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Happy Christmas!

From everyone at Steeda UK and Steeda Autosports in the US.

We hope everyone has a great time and we are looking forward to a cracking 2018 already!

Speed Matters!

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2018 Mustang GT Development Full Throttle at Steeda HQ

Steeda are leaving 2017 behind and heading into 2018 fast, over here at Steeda UK with planning and prep for the NEC Autosports show in January and in the US, Steeda HQ are deep into development and planning for the 2018 facelift Mustang.

Two full time development cars have already been purchased and are being meticulously tested, measured and put through their paces.

1. A silver bone stock "plain jane" US Spec GT with the new Auto Box, but with no other additions. This will see how far a few simple bolt ons can take a simple GT with a drag strip & daily driver focus. See below for a video glimpse of our first little test run to the drag strip to back to back our development Pro Flow Cold Air Intake

2. A Red "Performance Pack" GT 6 Speed Manual, which in theory should replicate the EU spec Mustangs and is being used for road and track use.

Make sure you follow the developments AS THEY HAPPEN on Steeda's main FACEBOOK page and via our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Also let us know which mods you would like to see in development.....

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Steeda UK at the Autosport Show 2018 - January 11th -14th

Start the new year with a bang by coming to meet the Steeda UK team at the 2018 Autosport International show at the NEC exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

On Stand Number 19242 in the Performance Car Show

Open to the public on the weekend dates of the 13tha nd 14th January, (and for trade and press on the 11th and 12th) this is the UK's equivalent of SEMA and will be packed with cool cars, race cars, personalities and of course more importantly the Steeda UK team with our Steeda Q500 Enforcer demo car on stand, plus our special guest, all the way from Miami, USA, Scott the owner of Velgens wheels, our FAVOURITE wheel company!


Come along, have a chat, ask us questions, check out the new demo car, witness the launch of some amazing new Velgen styles and grab some sweet sweet swag (maybe), and just make sure 2018 is going to start the way you mean for it to go on, with Steeda UK!

Look us up. We should be in the Performance Car Show area on stand 19242 which is pretty much dead centre of the hall. As we are of course the main attraction!

If you want to talk about the show before CONTACT US.

If you already have Velgen Wheels on Your car, let us know! (we might have something for you, and we want to organise a uk #VelgenSociety meet up and photo shoot)

Book your tickets for the show now, and see you there!


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Pod Cast with Robbie from Steeda UK- "Start Your Next Adventure"

The guys from Perfect Touch and the "Start Your Next Adventure" Youtube podcast channel were kind enough to invite me along for an episode.

It's long and not about anything in particular apart from loving cars, but I hope you enjoy it..... I certainly did.

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