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Collectors Unicorn Exhaust for Focus RS / ST mk2!

One thing we love at Steeda is our customers. One of our many great customers is Allan Wilkinson. Allan's industry credentials are a "whose who" of the motor industry having forged a reputation as one of the world’s top car design engineers, and he has worked for BMW, Jaguar and Toyota, as well being ex Ford Racing chief engineer and Ford icon via his legendary 1974 Escort Mexico advert from days of yore!

Not one to stand still Allan moved onto the Mk2 Focus RS 500. He started by recreating the epic Mexico advert (minus the awesome suit):


More importantly  Allan also went on to create a bespoke one off Focus RS high performance exhaust, made to his specification by the factory. When he told us about it, and the fact it was just sitting in his garage gathering dust we knew one of the many Ford Focus RS fans out there would want a unique and one off piece of Ford history on their own car. 

The exhaust is a one off big bore design from front to back, designed to look stock but offer greatly enhanced performance. It will be for sale via auction on Ebay HERE-CLICK HERE FOR AUCTION LINK

NOTE The car will also fit Focus ST mk2 as well, especially good for the many "upgunned" STs out there, but we think this amazing one off find is perfect for an RS500 owner who wants to keep theirs "all Ford" but add a one off bit of history to it as well.

The proceeds will of course be going to Allan to help fund development on his new Fast Ford, an S550 Mustang GT, which he has already started tweaking. being a man in the know, he has of course chosen Steeda parts to adorn his new pony car. 


On to the exhaust in question:

Allan wanted maximum performance, which is only to be expected from a motorsport chief engineer, so he went for a big bore system for reduced back pressure and optimal turbo performance. As a race engineer too, he threw out the cat, but designed a unique under floor cat housing that houses a resonator which can easily be swapped out for a stock cat should you need one for MOT purposes etc.

Not only that but Allan had identified and solved the issue with bolts working their way loose on Focus RS exhaust systems, and his design eliminates this frequent and aggravating problem. Some highlights below from the design documents, which the winning bidder will get e-copies of along with the system itself.

Back pressure figures:
68KPa - Focus RS- stock system
92Kpa - Focus RS 500 - stock system = Increase in EBP causes power loss
46KPa -AW design system - Reduced EBP enables an increase in power of up to 50BHP

Allan's design also addressed how the exhaust sounds:

Base Line
ocus RS 500 - The high Tail Pipe frequencies cause a so called 'Rush-Noise' (a muffled blowing noise) = Increase in 'Rush-Noise'
AW Designed system-  Reduction in 'Rush-Noise' - The high frequency noise content is reduced by the 3 additional resonators, contained within the system, converting the Tail Pipe 'Rush-Noise' into a more sporty low frequency 'bark/roar'.

PIC of a back box Prototype showing resonator design plus a copy of the one of the original design schematics

Pic of the Under Floor Cat Housing design:

The Big Bore Down Pipe

Appearance wise the system looks almost stock, but the eagle eyes will spot the larger bore, and of course when the engine is fired up they will hear the difference!


If you want to own a piece of Focus RS history, designed by a Ford legend as well as fitting your car with a UNIQUE ONE OFF FORD MADE exhaust system, AND support Louise Cook in her Ford WRC endeavours then bid away!

Good luck!!!!

NOTE this is not a "used" system. It was fitted to a car once for dyno proving of the design, but since then has been unused.

This sale is between the buyer and Allan, Steeda UK are just hosting the sale as a favour for one of our customers and because it sounded like such a cool thing, we thought it was a crime to leave it hidden in a garage. We have no connection to the system on sale, and will not warranty or guarantee the sale or item in question. All information is given in good faith as received from Allan.

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American Speed Fest - Brands Hatch June 10/11th

Well it's safe to say a lot of people paid the price of American Speed Fest in more than just money.
Burnt skin was visible all around as the mythical English Summer came on strong!

We joined up with the enthusiastic team from Haynes Ford who had a nicely placed stand in the newly created trade village, and were showing off their Steeda Q350 Sport Demo car, loaded with sexy options, as well as a new Mustang GT, loaded with more Steeda options, such as our functional race wing,our Cold Air Intake for the V8 and a throaty Magnaflow Catback, all sitting pretty on some Steeda ST-R Wheels in black which looked great against the Race Red.

In between the 2 Steeda equipped stangs was a lovely pearl white convertible, which looked lovely especially in the sun, but was so quiet stock, that you couldn't even tell when it was started up, even though it was a GT. Haynes had also brought along a Focus RS and a M Sport Pickup, which looked pretty menacing!

As well as the Haynes crew, our old friend Alex of Black Sun Racing was repping Steeda and had pride of place outside the MSV building at the entrance to Brands, close to the very impressive Simply Mustang UK stand, who had a great location and a fantastic turn out! win!

All in all a great weekend was had, with some thunderous racing, great cars, great people and hideous sunburn!
Thanks to Haynes, MSV and Brands Hatch for putting on a great show!

You can see our American Speed Fest picture album on our Facebook page. GIVE US A LIKE AND FOLLOW!

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Steeda Driving Experience - What an Experience!

The whole Steeda and Haynes team had a great time and so did our customers, who brought down a great selection of Mustangs, plus a Focus RS.

Caged customers waiting for release:

Mr weather also smiled on us as the sun was blazing ,but our new "Steeda tent" also got a work out with the monsoon attack in the afternoon, which provided us all with an "instant skid pan"

My personal highlights were many, but it was very satisfying to see a nervous pack of new owners and strangers evolving in to all out attack squad by the afternoon, creating smoke screens and spinning happily all around the circuit and launching with gusto, and above all having a laugh with each other too.

Also thanks to Pete from Michelin who had an enjoyable time and was it seems held hostage by Russell, haha!

Remember that Steeda recommend Michelin tyres as without good tyres performance means nothing, something Mac went OUT OF HIS WAY to prove (you may have seen the video!)

All in all it was a great day and great to meet everyone.

We have already put plans together for a repeat performance so book your slot  on Friday 22nd of September, now as we will be keeping numbers low again to keep the "maximum driving time" that we enjoyed this time. 

We also plan to try and arrange some "driver training days" which I highly recommend. Stay tuned for more news.

Enjoy some pictures on our gallery below, including some courtesy of Beege from M6G. Thanks!

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Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Shock Mount review

We just got a fantastic review from one of our great UK customers, Andrew.

What the review highlights is WHY Steeda go the extra mile developing parts other companies don't even imagine. Its why Steeda have a huge edge when it comes to Ford performance as we are focussed ONLY on Ford performance. When "multi marque" companies develop a few Mustang products they then move back to Audis, and Volkswagens and Chevrolets(!) and so on. Steeda use and improve our products every day, on the street and on track. We keep coming back every day, thinking "what can we do better?", or "what else can improve the car?". It's this commitment to constant improvement that shows "The Steeda Difference!"

Some of our parts dont seem very "exciting" to look at. An exhaust or an intake, or coilover suspension, everyone knows what they do, and what they offer, and yes Steeda make great examples of all of those 'mainstay' parts. But engine mounts? Shock mounts? Alignment bushes? A spherical bearing??? Huh? Why bother? Well Andrew's review shows just what such a "why bother?" part can do... read on!

"I just want to give a shout out to Steeda really, because when a company makes such a great part it really deserves note and others being informed.

As many here will know I've thoroughly gone through my car with a fine tooth comb trying to find a balance of sports car like handling, well the best one can expect for such a big heavy bruiser whilst maintaining an element of GT ride comfort.

Though dropping over 2k on KW coilovers helped a lot, the part that made one of the biggest improvements to ride quality and body control was a relatively cheap one:

Steeda Billet Rear Shock Mounts

Before anyone says anything, Steeda have not sponsored me, they did not even give me a discount on the part, but in fairness I don't think I asked either. 

Still I got this part because even with KW's over nasty roads the rear-end of the car just seemed jiggly and when I installed the KW rear shocks I noticed how even in the stock position the stock rear shock mounts are binding due to them being a rubber bushing, which made me think that can't be good.

After seeing so many people in shock and awe on the US section installing these parts for the added bling and strength only but then noticing the ride quality dramatically improved I was curious as to why.

It turns out something which Steeda have not marketed so heavily is the fact these parts have a spherical bearing instead of a rubber one. As I've upgraded a lot of parts in the rear of my car to spherical and witnessed the improvements this part made sense to try out.

I went in skeptical and have had this part on the car for over a month now, I've being so impressed I kind of forgot to post about it here in the UK section but needless to say what an improvement in ride quality, my car now has absolutely zero bounce, jiggle, float or whatever you wish to call it.

I would say those seeking a good looking setup with great handling improvement but keeping cost to a minimum should buy the following:
- Ford/Eibach Springs: £150 (still available?)
- BMR CB005: £200
- Steeda billet rear shock mounts: £200
- Eibach 15mm spacers all round or 15/25mm: £300

I think the above will give you the great looks/stance we all want from our cars along with a ride quality and handling improvement. Plus the above should be possible all in for under a grand and for those who just want the better looks and a mild handling improvement will achieve that with the above without breaking the bank and all the above is now available from UK sources. 

I seriously recommend these upper rear shock mounts, because the jiggle I found seriously annoying in this car, they all do it and it properly upset me on some of the rougher roads I drive on daily plus of course the car felt more connected by doing so.

Combine these with state of the art coilovers like KW and you will be blown away, my car is now a lot comfier and rides better than it did stock, it actually feels softer over rough roads but the moment you start throwing it around or driving it hard the whole thing just comes alive and feels about as sports car as this big girl will ever feel.

I finally got the cars suspension on a handling and ride comfort front to a point where I like it and feel confident to attack a road hard but at the same time it has superior comfort and ride quality to what it was stock."

Thanks Andrew! Please everyone, keep submitting your reviews and feedback, we love it when we hear back from our customers.

Review taken from Mustang6G forum & pic courtesy of Andrew!

And to keep with our "awesome customer" theme, here is a great "install guide" video done by another great customer (another Andy!)

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Steeda "The Need for Speed Matters!"

You may remember summer blockbuster "the Need for Speed!" featuring a  specially constructed and modified wide-body GT500 hero Mustang.

You may also know that the film eschewed CGI for ALL live action stunt work.

But did you know who Ford and Hollywood turned too when they need to create a killer action Mustang with suspension that can deliver incredible handling and amazing durability? Now you do. It was Steeda.  

The movie is filled with action packed stunts and fast-paced driving as the starring Mustang holds its own against a variety of supercars from around the world. Steeda Autosports was actively involved with the preparation of the movie, supplying all of the various upgraded suspension components that turned the stock Mustang into an asphalt-carving performance machine.

When you need a car to hold up to the rigors of abuse and harsh performance driving that is demanded by a thrilling action packed Hollywood movie, you can count on Steeda Autosports to provide the level of performance and reliability that can take the most severe punishment possible… on the street, track, and even in a Hollywood movie! The Steeda components on the "Need for Speed” Mustang are identical to the parts we manufacture and sell today – and you can get them at Steeda UK. We only tend to hold EU edition car parts in the UK, but we regularly bring over S197 parts to order for customers from our VAST selection available. You can browse them all on our home site STEEDA.COM

Steeda suspension parts used on the Need for Speed Mustang included:

Steeda Coil Over Assembly
Steeda Panhard Bar
Steeda Upper Control Arm
Steeda Upper Control Arm Mount
Steeda Billet Aluminum Control Arms
Steeda Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Assemblies
Steeda Control Arm Relocation Brackets
Steeda Rear Axle Relocation Brackets

For the lovers of speed, Need for Speed is loaded with both crashes and car chases. Best summarized as a high-octane epic, this exciting and often funny movie more than delivers enough intense car chase entertainment to keep gearheads estatic. With its car chases, crashes, wild jumps and gas-guzzling sense of adventure, the film is a throwback to car classics such as Bullitt and Vanishing Point. But it’s all delivered in a very smooth and very modern style. Check out the film trailer:

It is a story that chronicles a near-impossible cross-country journey – one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. Based on the most successful racing video game franchise ever with over 140 million copies sold, "Need for Speed” captures the freedom and excitement of the game in a real-world setting, while bringing to life the passion for the road that has made our love of cars so timeless.

So make some time, and make sure you go to the theater and watch Need for Speed – it is a thrilling movie that definitely delivers Mustang excitement. And if your S197 Mustang has that "need for speed” – visit for all your performance part needs. If you S550 UK/EU mustang needs "The Steeda Difference" just browse our UK Mustang parts shop or CONTACT US for advice.: 

Steeda – Speed Matters

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Steeda History - Why YOU should choose Steeda.

With Steeda being new to the European market, some people might want to learn a little more about why Steeda is the right choice for your performance Ford.

With Steeda being a Ford only specialist for over 20 years we have unmatched experience with Mustangs and Focus' over the years, on the road and on track.

Not only that but Steeda's team live the fast Ford life:

Dario Orlando the founder of Steeda, is the winner of a prestigious award from Ford itself as one of 5 "Mustang Legends" along with icons such as Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones, Steve Saleen and Jack Roush. His grandfather worked for Ford 7 years after Henry Ford started the company and his father was a designer at Ford. Dario himself was a Ford test driver and helped develop the XR4i Sierras suspension, among other things! Dario was also a Ford racing driver and still turns the wheel on occasion for Steeda, recently driving our number S550 Mustang 20 race car to victory (again!) - picture below.

Glen Vitale, Steeda's Vice President is also an avid racer, and was the number 2 wheel man on the endurance leg of the number 20 Race Car's last win, and also owns his own dedicated MX5 race car, as well as racing the Steeda mk1 Focus race car. (as seen below in an early iteration!)

Racing is in Steeda's DNA. As Dario says, the track either proves you right, or shows you are wrong!

Scott Boda, our factory manager is an avid and successful drag racer, well used to popping wheelies as well as rivets...

Rodney Williamson, our head of Sales in the US, is a well respected and successful Mustang circuit racer with numerous wins racked up over the years.

Robbie Kazandjian head of Steeda UK, Steeda's European arm, doesn't have the experience of the above team, but has competed in sprints and won a couple of trophies too.

As well as these enthusiast racers at every level of the company there is our company history to reassure you that you are making the right choice when you choose Steeda.

Our ISO 9001 certification shows that we adhere to the highest quality standards, while our long relationship with Ford, including manufacturing parts for Ford tells you all you need to know. 

Some Steeda highlights for you to absorb: **

  • Steeda claim more wins and more championships and lap records with Steeda equipped cars than all of our rivals at Shelby, Roush and Saleen COMBINED
  • Steeda was the first company with an approved ECU calibration available in a Ford dealership
  • Steeda is the world's largest privately owned Performance Ford specialist
  • Steeda's 1993 Cobra R was the very first Cobra R to win a race in competition.   
  • Steeda's 1995 Cobra R Race Mustang won the championship and won more points than ALL THE OTHER MUSTANGS COMBINED!
  • In the SCCA National Run-Offs in 2006 ALL six Mustangs in the top positions are Steeda equipped.
  • In 2007 at Daytona, Tom Ellis not only wins with his Steeda Mustang and set a new Lap Record but also lapped EVERY other car in the race!
  • Also in 2007 the final race of the NASA American Iron Series was topped with a triple Steeda win when Robin Burnett, Aaron Bambach, and Rob Brent topped the podium. 
  • 2014, saw the release of the film of "The Need for Speed" featuring a hero Mustang as the lead car. Of course with no CGI and only real stunt driving, Hollywood needed the best. A total of seven Mustangs specially modified for the rigorous driving needed for the movie "Need for Speed” are built all using suspension modifications provided by Steeda Autosports.  
Below is a short video when Motor Trend magazine took out a few of the historic Steeda race cars from our collection.

so we hope that might make you think whenever you see a company making Mustang parts or claiming to be a Mustang or Ford specialist. Ask yourself this:

1. Do they ONLY work on Ford's or do they make parts for a variety of marques. If they do, then how much time can they dedicate to making sure the Ford parts are the best they can be? 

2. Do they race their cars and win?

3. Does Ford use them for manufacturing specialist performance parts and does Ford rate their owner as a "Mustang legend"?

Because if the answer isn't yes to those questions, perhaps you should try Steeda and experience "The Steeda Difference"

** rear more on our highlights page

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