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Pistonheads - Another cracking Q500 Review!

Well Pistonheads, the UKs premier car enthusiast discussion forum and website, just published their review of the Q500 and they love it as well.

"there can be little doubt the Q500 is a world away from a normal 5.0-litre model in terms of eagerness, agility and immediacy. It's not flighty or edgy, rather a vast improvement that makes the Enforcer immensely more satisfying to drive"

You can read the full review here:

Pistonheads Q500 Enforcer First Drive

And feel free to add to the comments with your good (hopefully!) Steeda experiences!

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Ford Mustang S550 - Basic Upgrades Guide. Pt1

Steeda UK offer a  huge range of upgrades and parts for your Mustang! Good news! We are a one stop shop for everything your Mustang needs. Even if its not on the site, we can still offer it, these are just our most popular items.

However this large range of parts (sometimes with baffling names? Just what IS a vertical link or a toe-link??) can be confusing to your every day car owner. (click the links to find out!)

We all start off with the great package that Ford gave us as our entry point and perhaps we can help you decide as to what to do with your car.

Steeda Q500 Enforcer

There are 2 golden rules (in our opinion) that you need to follow:

1. It's YOUR car. So if it makes YOU happy, and it's what YOU want, then you have done it right and just ignore what other people say! That feeling of happiness as you get into your own personalised car, is part of the spirit of Mustang.

2. WHAT is your aim for the car? Developing a car for style, or performance, or track days, or racing or the drag strip all will mean different priorities and different trade-offs. Think about WHAT you want to achieve when drawing up your list.

Having said that, there are a few simple rules to help you along, and also a few simple mods that we can recommend to get you started in part one of our guide.

In further parts we will address more specific build aims (e.g a track focussed car)

There are some parameters that can help you decide what you want to start with and how to do things.

1. Budget?
2. Fitting?
3. Priority (this goes back to WHAT)
4. Supporting / Complimentary upgrades. (this in some ways is related to point 2, but not totally)
5. Impact.

Lets address these points individually to start with:


Modifying your car is expensive right? So you need to save up a LOT before getting stuck in? WRONG.

One of our most popular mods is our S550 clutch spring, at under £20!

So should you get one? NO. Not if you think your clutch pedal feels fine and you are happy with the way the clutch pedal feels!  This goes back to 1. It's YOUR car so even if 100 people say the clutch spring is great, if you don't need it, don't get it! However, if you do have some issues with clutch feel, or kangarooing, driveability etc, then certainly get the spring. At that price you can't go wrong!

One thing we think that you SHOULD get is our Steeda IRS Base package. It doesn't sound exciting (and it really isn't) but the change in the driveability and feel of your car , plus its correct alignment, potentially saving you tyre wear etc IS exciting. We think it's a must have for any Mustang, Ecoboost or GT, track driven or just to the shops. And at Sub £200 it's another mod that won't break the bank proving that BIG impact can be had with minimal spend.

If you want to see how much you can do for not a lot check out our WALLET FRIENDLY MUSTANG MODS guide on another post. (note its an old post so some prices may have changed a little)

Of course if you want to go all out we can help you with that too!

BELOW: Steeda IRS Full pack BELOW: Steeda Extreme G Track Brace

IRS Full Pack for Mustang     S550 Extreme G Track Brace


Why is this a consideration? Well because you can save money on parts OR you can save money on fitting. Trying to "synchronise" installs to minimize duplicated labour is a good way of doing things. For example doing the IRS base pack install at the same time as a set of Springs makes sense. Doing the clutch and flywheel at the same time is always a good idea. Body kits are a classic example of where fitting can have a major impact? Save money buying a cheap kit, spend a lot more trying to get it to fit! In the case of the Mustang, our variety of suspension/chassis upgrades often make sense to buy as a package if possible to combine fitting.
Everyone knows what fitting springs is all about, but the mystery of the S550 IRS rear end means a lot of Steeda parts aren't understood or purchased and yet these can make a huge impact on the quality of the drive. Always feel free to ask our advice! This leads us neatly on to


You see buying a huge selection of Steeda suspension and IRS mods might not be a great way to spend money if you aren't that bothered by driveability or performance, but just love the way your Mustang looks and sounds. ABSOLUTELY buy the IRS base pack, and a nice set of Steeda progressive lowering springs, but that is enough. Spending more on suspension parts, especially initially, probably isn't where you want to put your budget. So think about the WHAT you want to achieve and then either ask us what we think will help you further that aim most effectively, or choose yourself. If it's all about enjoying things on track, then piling money into styling mods isn't a great idea. Drag racing focus will mean that trying to enhance power without actually give yourself a good traction base to launch from is a waste of time.
ALWAYS feel free to ask the Steeda UK team for advice, that's what we are here for.

Styled Airbag S550 GT  Ed's airbagged GT on Velgen Split5 20" in a custom finish is all about style.

Steeda Drag S550 GT  Donnie Gilders Drag S550 GT is strictly business and delivers results!


In some ways related to fitting costs, but not always. This means how certain mods can contribute to the success of other mods. For example:
Doing wheels and springs at the same time works perfectly and you will end up with a killer stance (whereas stock suspension with your lovely new wheels may leave you a little regretful). Superchargers + Stop The Hop pack. Totally different ends of the car so NO connection to fitting costs, BUT the lack of traction can make you very disappointed with your new found (expensive) power. After all the stock car doesn't put down it's 400hp very well, so thinking it can put down 600 plus is not realistic! This is where new wheels with the ability to wear wider Michelin rubber can also come into play.


You are changing your car so what do we think will have the maximum impact. What are our recommendations? (bearing in mind the golden rule, it's YOUR car)

1. Exhaust. Nearly every Mustang owner whether GT or EcoBoost wants their car to sound like a performance car. Consult our Exhaust beginners guide if you want some tips! Or BROWSE OUR EXHAUST SELECTION HERE

2. Steeda Springs + Steeda IRS base pack: Improve your ride, improve your driveability and confidence in the car and improve the looks and how it sits. WIN all around! And for less than £500. It's a MUST!

3. Wheels. A set of Velgen wheels, designed to fit perfectly on your Mustang and allow you to use wider rubber if you like for looks or performance, is the biggest single change you can make to the looks of your car. Available in a variety of colours and styles and lighter than stock, you cannot truly say you are changing the way your car looks if you stay on stock wheels. Available in 19" or 20" styles.

Velgen VMB9 Mustang  Customer Dave's Supercharged S550 on 20" Velgen VMB9s

Paul 19" VMB5  Customer Paul's NA GT on 19" Velgen VMB5s

These are what we regard as "the big 3" but of course you decide, and if you want to make it the big 23, then we can help! There are so many options and so many ways to take your Mustang. It's part of the "Joy of Mustang!" And remember if you need help CONTACT US.

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EVO review and Top Gear Review- They love the Q500 Enforcer

We are proud to say that two of the biggest names in the UK motoring scene (and indeed the world motoring scene!) absolutely loved their first drives in the Steeda Q500 Enforcer.

EVO rated it 4.5 /5 stars, and sang its praises, saying it was perfect for back road blasts and was "far more entertaining and satisfying than any other Mustang we've driven on UK roads"

We are not going to give more away, but let's just say make sure you buy the EVO May 2018 copy (issue 247)

EVO Q500 Review May 2018 Cover   EVO May 2018 Q500 Enforcer Review

Top Gear concurred, saying its incredible handling meant that it was great for country roads and as a track weapon. They also reflected our "Factory Plus" quality description saying:
"For an aftermarket car it feels very well engineered. If Id driven it blind and someone had told me it was a factory production car....I reckon Id have believed them. Its not as feisty or dramatic as a GT350R, but thats the sort of vibe it has."

You can read the Top Gear Review here:

TOP GEAR Q500 Enforcer First Drive Review

Q500 Top Gear Review

Image Courtesy of Terry Ffrench-Graham Photography

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Steeda Driving Experience - SMUK Day! March 2018

Well another great Steeda Driving Experience completed, this time with our friends from Simply Mustangs UK, one of the UK's most dedicated "mixed ownership" Mustang clubs.

A whole herd of ponies were in attendance for our first 2018 Steeda Driving Experience, with a nice range of S550 and S197 Mustangs dominating the line up. There was also a fair amount of "whine up" too, as there were quite a few supercharged cars in attendance.

Steeda Driving Experience SMUK

Steeda Driving Experience SMUK

Steeda Driving Experience SMUK

Steeda Driving Experience

The day started with our fast left hand bend, and people got stuck in with verve, and the numbers management went very well with everyone "doubling up" and swapping in and out of cars as passenger and driver for two totally different experiences.

Accelerating down the approach road provided a great example of why fitting a Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack is ESSENTIAL for any supercharged car, as a whipple charged car (who shall remain nameless) shot straight off the track onto the grass while attempting to launch. If that was on the road --> kerb impact --->big crash or shattered wheels potentially.

Of course just because they remain nameless doesn't mean the following picture is not them! It was a lovely car with a nice Whipple install done by GT101.

Where is my Stop the Hop pack

GT101 Whipple installed polished option

Once the bend antics were complete the cars split into 2 groups and 2 circuits were built up. The weather was perfect all day, and we can safely say a great time was had by all.


The Steeda Q500 was on display (and we managed to sneak in a few goes at the end!) as well as displaying a selection of our favourite Mustang wheels by Velgen.

Velgen display

Steeda Q500 on display

Big thanks to all who attended even to just come and hang out, and well done to Jason and the SMUK team who helped organise such a great turn out.

If you have any links to galleries on the day etc, please feel free to comment, name names and add links in the comment section below....


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Steeda - The Steeda Difference

We are very happy to say that our message, that cars with the Steeda Difference shine, is really getting through in the UK.

Many of the UK's ultimate Fords are rolling with Steeda packages. We deal with every aspect of the car world from hardcore drag and track cars to street beauties and killer show cars. Steeda has your Ford covered.

On track, Fiesta ST Time Attack up and comer Matt Binstead is hoping that Steeda support can make the difference in the 2018 season, while veteran Mustang S197 racer Alex Peters at Black Sun Racing experienced the Steeda difference going from no wins to a championship with a host of Steeda upgrades.

Matt Binstead Time Attack Fiesta ST   Black Sun Racing Mustang

On the drag strip, while the Steeda US development MY2018 Mustang "the Silver bullet" has been setting world records getting deep into the 10's on the 1/4 with Steeda bolt ons, while still normally aspirated, here in the UK, Steeda have been repping with Owen's charged S550 "sleeper" putting out over 800 hp and now able to put it down with a full Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack. A MUST if you are supercharged.

Owen fitted it and couldn't believe the difference! "I can launch in a straight line now!"

He promptly headed to the newly resurfaced Santa Pod, the UK drag Mecca, and set down the fastest time yet seen on the shiny new strip! Here he is braving the Siberian elements at the great #Petrolheadonism event at Sywell Airfield.

World records keep tumbling every time the Steeda Silver Bullet hits the strip!

If thrashing your fast Ford on track isn't your cup of tea no problem, Steeda UK have helped deliver some of the most stunning show cars in the UK.

Ed Offers Muscleworks demo car is laden with Steeda goodies not to mention his second set of stunning Velgen wheels (every show car needs a change up now and then!). Of course Ed's car is yet another Steeda magazine cover car, and deservedly so.

Ian Simpson went all out to create an S550 "Mach One" replica, and determined to make sure it performed how it should, which meant a full package of Steeda performance upgrades. Of course with a cracking car like that and Steeda advice and know how backing the build, why WOULDN'T it be a cover car? Mustang64 can deliver you a similar car if you want.

One of the UK's premier exhaust companies, Milltek Sports wanted to build a Mustang show car and they also turned to Steeda to make sure it went as well as it sounded! You can see the feature car page about their demo car BY CLICKING HERE or on the pic below:

Milltek demo car feature

On our most recent Steeda Driving Experience day which we hosted for the Simply Mustang UK group, Steeda customer Dave Rogerson not only looked and sounded great, but his full equipped car (below) dominated on the day, taking the crown in all three disciplines.

Dave Rogerson GT Supercharged Beast

Proving that power isn't everything his well balanced car on great Michelin rubber mounted on Velgen VMB9s showed that Steeda bring a TOTAL PACKAGE to every car we create. Another supercharged car on the day, with no suspension mods tried to accelerate away and shot straight off the road. Remember what we said above. If you want a big power Mustang, the the Steeda Stop The Hop pack is a MUST. We care about our customers, and wrecked cars isn't what we want to see.

All these amazing cars and we haven't even gotten to our range of SSV purpose built cars. The reviews the Steeda Mustang Q500 Enforcer has received have been great.

City Am Q500 Review

City AM declared it the UK's best Mustang, and rated it higher than the BMW M4 Competition pack, the Audi RS5 and the Mercedes C63AMG.

EVO rated it 4.5 / 5 stars (basically their highest mark!) and claimed it has... "a chassis you can trust and exploit, the Q500 Enforcer is FAR MORE entertaining and satisfying than ANY OTHER Mustang weve driven on UK roads (our emphasis)

So there we go, if you didn't understand the concept of the Steeda Difference, we hope you do now.

To put it simply. Steeda Wins. If your specialist ISN'T recommending Steeda, perhaps you should be asking why?

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Steeda Q500 Enforcer - UK Demo Car

Q500 Enforcer nose and Steeda splitter
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