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Pod Cast with Robbie from Steeda UK- "Start Your Next Adventure"

The guys from Perfect Touch and the "Start Your Next Adventure" Youtube podcast channel were kind enough to invite me along for an episode.

It's long and not about anything in particular apart from loving cars, but I hope you enjoy it..... I certainly did.

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Feature Car! Steeda Q350 Sport - Haynes demo car

Our main Steeda SSV (Steeda Serialised Vehicles) dealer, Haynes Ford of Maidstone, have put together this lovely Grabber Blue 2.3 Ecoboost demonstrator to both grab your attention and to prove that the Ecoboost is not the "lesser" Mustang, just a different beast to the GT V8.

We think you will agree they have made some stunning choices, going well beyond the Steeda Q350 Sport's base pack with some tasteful additions to create a cracking car which performs as well as it looks.

The grabber blue contrasts beautifully with the subtle Steeda Q350 graphics package of Sidewinder Stripe and colour coded windscreen decal, while the gloss black roof matches the Steeda gloss black Q Series rear spoiler and Steeda ST-R 20" wheels sitting snug on Steeda Progressive Sport Springs complete the look.

Subtle details like the Diode Dynamics smoked rear sidemarkers add to the "factory plus" ethos that marks out Steeda creations and the rear STEEDA decklid nomenclature shows that this is a true blue (don't excuse the pun) SSV creation.

Peeking out below the diffuser is a Magnaflow Street catback our recommended choice for the Ecoboost Mustang.
It looks great and sounds great and helps free up performance from the Ford 2.3 Ecoboost turbocharged powertrain.

The interior hasn't been excluded from attention either with the lucky driver getting to grip a Ford GT350 alcantara clad steering wheel, and shift via a Steeda "Cue Ball" shift knob sitting on a Steeda billet aluminium shift collar. No matter whether you are sitting in traffic or at the track, tactile upgrades like these can be appreciated every time you drive.

The lesser weight of the 2.3 Ecoboost engine means this Mustang enjoys fantastic front end handling, allowing for a sharper turn in and later braking, all of course optimised by the Steeda suspension mods the Q350 enjoys, based around the Steeda Progressive Springs and IRS base pack, and including an optional Steeda Strut Tower Brace up front to help liven up the engine bay. Steeda hood struts help show it off, alongside the Steeda Pro Flow Cold Air intake.

Robbie Dunn, Haynes's Steeda product specialist was very impressed after comparing the Q350 to a GT on a Steeda Driving Experience session, noting how well the Q350 performed.

So what are you waiting for. Get along to Haynes to book a test drive and start planning your own Q Series Mustang.
Q350 Sport, Q500 Enforcer or even the mighty Q750 StreetFighter. Haynes will help you choose right!

Haynes have also made this great little walk around vid to help experience the Q350. Enjoy!

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Exhaust Comparison Video

To try and help everyone on their mission to best equip their mustang, we made a little "back to back" comparison vide at our last Steeda Driving Experience Day (stay tuned for more videos and pics!)

We compared a STOCK GT with a Ford Racing catback with X pipe.with a Kooks catback with H pipe with a Magnaflow Competition catback.

Enjoy the video and we hope it helps.

If you want to read more about exhausts to help understand all the options, then read our:

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Feature Car! Milltek GT S550 Mustang

One of the UK's biggest hitting aftermarket performance companies and a natural partner for Steeda UK, Milltek lost no time in getting a development Mustang so they could begin to work their exhaust magic on it. They also lost no time in making sure that it was rocking enough power to make a big impact by installing a supercharger, and added a raft of Steeda suspension parts to make sure they could keep that power on the road where it belongs.

Suspension wise, a Steeda BumpSteer kit helps keep the front end going the direction the driver wants, while Steeda front and rear roll bars with Steeda billet mounts help minimise body roll, and keep the underside looking as good as the exterior.

To keep the S550s wheel hop under control, magnified by the supercharged power at the wheels, the full Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack is deployed, featuring Steeda IRS full pack (IRS Alignment Bushes, IRS Braces and IRS Support Bushes) alongside Steeda Vertical Links and Adjustable Toe Links.

Of course also underneath the car runs (as you would expect!) a full Milltek Quad non resonated exhaust system with X pipe to release that glorious V8 sound.

Milltek Mustang GT Quad tips rear end

Shift action inside is improved via a Steeda MT82 transmission bush while the interior also benefits from an alcantara trimmed wheel as well.

Milltek GT Steeda UK Interior

As you would expect with a development car for Milltek, its up and down all the time in their development workshop, and as such a set of Steeda Jacking Rails was an essential purchase.

Milltek UK demo car Steeda UK

You might think looking at this beast that all the development work has been done but Milltek have been beavering away to create a fully CAN-BUS integrated active exhaust system for those who want to keep their options open and their neighbours (or family) friendly! NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!

So stay tuned for more great products from Milltek and Steeda UK!

Images courtesy of Milltek.

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2018 Mustang - Steeda Developments Underway for Launch Day!

Working behind the scenes and in secrecy over the past several months, Steeda’s Engineering team has been burning the midnight oil to maximizing the most performance from the new Ford Mustang with Cold Air Intake kits, Lowering Springs, Sway Bars, IRS Components and more.

Steeda has announced & made available, a vast list of performance upgrades to order at "job one”. Eager customers taking delivery of the first new 2018 Mustangs in just over a few weeks have plenty of options from Steeda to choose from.

The upgraded "dual-fuel” injection (high pressure direct injection combined with low-pressure port injection) 5.0L sees a power increase to 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the fastest Mustang ever produced – while the gains represent a large increase from the 2017 Mustang, Steeda’s team saw great potential with this new technology to refine it and deliver even more power, improved drivability and fuel economy from fine-tuned performance upgrades.

Suspension wise, the 2018 Mustang receives an impressive option from the factory with MagneRide adaptive dampers (previously available only in the GT350), delivering big handling improvements. Steeda’s Product Development Team has been testing and dialing in new suspension components to compliment the MagneRide equipped 2018 Mustang GT & EcoBoost Performance Pack models.

And Steeda is just getting started! Steeda will have available, dozens of more upgrades for the new 2018 Mustang GT & EcoBoost models on the horizon in the upcoming months – stay tuned for even more news on Steeda’s Performance Vehicle line-up of Mustangs available in the upcoming months.
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Steeda Sponsor NMRA Drag Class

Steeda is continuing our commitment to racing – with over 28+ years on the track!

Steeda Autosports has entered into an agreement with NMRA to sponsor the Limited Street Class. The NMRA features the #1 all-Ford motorsport show in the United States, attracting the most racers, fans, sponsors, and contingency. The Steeda Autosports Limited Street Class is an entry-level power adder class, limited to a single power adder, designed for small blocks in 1954 and newer Ford bodied vehicles. Entries are limited to 302/351, 4.6L (2V/3V/4V), 5.0C, 5.4 and 5.8 Modular engine types.

Visit for more information on the NMRA series and full details on the new Steeda Autosports Limited Street Class.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Dont forget to send us us your UK & EU Drag times so we can post them up on our DRAG BOARD

New Springs for the S550:  Minimum Drop & Drag Racing
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