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Steeda Europe were very happy to announce our partnership with Grand Garage Paul Wengler / Wengler Racing of Luxembourg at the Luxembourg International Motorshow, showing off the Steeda Q767 Mach 1 to a wide audience of motoring fans from Luxembourg, France and other surrounding countries, over the weekend of the 10th-12th November at the LuxExpo Centre.

Wengler Stand & Steeda at Luxembourg Motorshow 2023Garage Wengler is the premier Benelux Ford dealer with an authentic family feel, and a true racing heritage, something their super impressive stand laid out in black and white. The stand featured a raft of performance Mustangs, headlined by the all new S650 Dark Horse getting a preview unveiling at the show, and with the Steeda Q767 Mach 1 in pride of place at the front of the Mustang line-up, the stand also featured a Shelby GT500, a variety of Wengler Racing equipped GTs, a Shelby Super Snake and a Bullitt. Steeda Q767 Mach 1 at the Luxembourg Motorshow 2023

Ford Mustang S650 Dark Horse unveiled at Luxembourg Motorshow 2023

The racing heritage was brought into focus with a great selection of classic racers, all used on track, with pride of place given to an original GT40 LeMans car, which still races and has its FIA historic licence, plus 2 classic race Capris, and Bob Kellen, the general manager of Wenger Garage showing off both his tarmac rally spec Escort and his historic Mustang GT coupe! 

Wengler Racing Tarmac Rally Spec Escort

Wengler Racing Historic Mustang Racer

The stand also featured another preview, this time of the all-new in 2024 all electric Explorer which replaces the large Explorer hybrid which we know and love at Steeda. The Bronco long wheel base and the Ranger Raptor brought out the rest of the Ford "big boy" options, and also got plenty of attention during the show. The Mustang Mach-E GT looked great in an all black spec too.

2024 Ford Explorer - All Electric revealed on Wenger Stand at Luxembourg motorshow

Garage Wengler Bronco at Luxembourg Motorshow 2023The Steeda line up of parts for the Bronco and the Mach E is still expanding so stay tuned for new releases throughout 2024.

The awesome Wengler line-up didn't stop there though with an awesome Ford GT on show, just as Ford revealed their all new Race spec GT... Will there be another road version coming? We certainly hope so! 

Ford GT at the Wengler stand at Luxembourg motorshow 2023

Over 30,000 people passed through the show we heard, including Michael, the first Q767 Mach conversion customer, who is loving his car, and we have to say the Steeda Q767 got a GREAT reception. So many people loves its subtle yet aggressive and purposeful looks, and I got so many compliments over the course of the show (for the car!). Thanks to all those who visited the stand and took the time to talk.

Steeda Q767 Mach 1 at the Luxembourg Motorshow 2023Cobra and Steeda Q767 Mach1 at the Luxembourg motorshow 2023Finally big thanks to Paul Wengler and Bob Kellen and the whole Wengler team for putting on such a great show, for their kind hospitality and welcome to the Steeda team! Even talking to just a few of the Wengler team, one had a Mach 1, another a GT500 and another a supercharged GT! And the white GT500 on stand was Mr Wenglers own car! You know you are in good hands people! 
Below: Paul Wengler, Steeda Robbie, Bob Kellen of Wengler Racing.

Paul Wengler, Steeda Robbie and Bob Kellen of Garage Wengler

More Pics:

Mr Wenglers GT500

Historic race Capri

You can contact Wengler Racing here:  WR - Wengler Racing (

 Interview with Steeda Robbie in French (allegedly)



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