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Article: Ford Launch the S650 Mustang! New generation here we come....

Ford Launch the S650 Mustang! New generation here we come....

Ford Launch the S650 Mustang! New generation here we come....

Well the wait is over and Ford have organised a huge global event to celebrate the launch of the all new S650 Mustang at the Detroit Motor Show. The new pony car will continue the long line of Mustangs unbroken since 1964 and should be available to purchase in early 2023 with deliveries hopefully starting in the EU in Q3 and possibly into the UK in Q4 or in early 2024 depending on the global supply situation, which as we all know, is pretty horrendous right now!

We at Steeda can't wait to get our hands on both cars in the metal and more data from Ford so we can start planning the comprehensive range of upgrades and superb Steeda parts that we know enthusiasts worldwide will be waiting for, but in the meantime here is a little run down on what we have learned so far!

Mustang S650 GT launched in Detroit

Firstly, looking at it, its a stunner with aggressive looks and a panopoly of new details to drink in! 

The front fascia is totally revised with a broader grill, all new triple cubed lights and also a large front mounted bonnet vent.

Sexy new spider web wheels look good, and there is also a "bronze pack" available! What! Was my personal #Bronzeallthethings hashtag campaign successful at last?! Thanks Ford! The Bronze pack (below) offers Bronze wheels and badges....

Bronze pack Mustang S650 - Bronzeallthethings!

External design changes continue through to a super muscular rear haunch and a "notch back" rear deck and lights panel (see what we did there.. Notch back! Get it!)

S650 Mustang launch feature - notch back rear deck and lights

The rear spoiler is similar to the 2018+ spoiler but without the central dipped section, and the car stays with a quad outlet exhaust.

Stepping inside the S650 model, sports car fans will be pleased to see the sporty Recaro seat option will still be available, and the dash is heavily revised for a more high tech appearance featuring a large screen.

Ford S650 Mustang Launch information pack. Recaro Interior sports seats

Ford Mustang S650 Launch all new interior

Intriguingly, the new S650 Mustang also features a trick "E-Brake" (as the Americans call the handbrake) which offers something called "drift mode" allowing it to effectively lock the rear wheels to initiate drifts easily! It seems that Ford are still happy to provide the Mustang with party tricks like the "Line Lock" feature in the S550 to help enthusiasts roast tyres and have fun! We are sure our friends at Nitto and Michelin will approve!

Another party tricks feature new to the S650 is "Remote Rev" which will allow you not only to start your car from outside, but also rev it from outside...perfect for those car show exhaust sound offs! Not only do you get to enjoy the show but also look super cool doing it! 

In terms of "what IS an S650 Mustang?" well that is a step along from the S550 chassis of 2015-2022, in that it keeps the Coyote 5.0 Litre V8 and the 2.3 Litre Ecoboost engine, and it stays Rear Wheel Drive (yesssss! RWD 4 LIfe baby!) and keeps both a Manual 6 speed or 10 speed Auto shift selection, so no sudden massive changes to AWD or full electric packages just yet! 
Apparently Ecoboost models will only be available with the 10 speed auto, as Ford saw barely any demand for models thus equipped in the S550 lifetime.

And YES! The convertible is STILL a big player in the Mustang lifestyle loved by so many fans worldwide! We think its looks GREAT in the S650 format!

Ford Mustang S650 Convertible GT 5 litre V8

And before we go any further lets thank Ford, as driving enthusiasts for confirming that yes, a RWD car with a 6 speed manual and a normally aspirated V8 is still going to be available on the market for a few more years to come. It doesn't sound important, but yes it is! After all where else can a car fan get that combo nowadays? Does that mean a Steeda clutch pedal spring might still be the first mod for a whole new host of owners? Who knows! But you can bet we will be doing our utmost to find out for you and to craft and create a slew of mods to take what Ford has given us and dial it up to 11!

Performance-wise we hear the Coyote 5.0 V8 has been breathed on with a few new touches including twin throttle bodies and promises a touch more power, while the Performance versions of the car feature bigger Brembos than ever with 6 pot callipers up front and bigger discs front and rear. The standard cars will have a clutched differential but the Performance pack offers a true Torsen style diff. Suspension is also revised and improved but the car retains the same basic underpinning and wheelbase as the S550. 

Ford have also decided to launch a whole new line of Mustangs and the launch revealed the existence of the "Dark Horse ediition Mustang, a performance honed stang with a super cool new emblem and menacing looks.

Ford Mustang S650 Dark Horse Ediiton performance pack revealed

Ford Mustang S650 Dark Horse Edition Emblem and sparkle finish paint

The Dark Horse promises all sorts of cool stuff, including wider track focussed wheels, shod with Pirelli Trofeo track tyres an aggressive heavily ducted revised fascia, a gurney flap equipped rear spoiler and a stronger engine based on the 5.0 Coyote but with reinforced internals and more power, and a torsen diff. It comes as either a 10 speed auto or a specific to the Dark Horse Tremec Heavy Duty 6 speed manual.

It even promises an even more heavily focussed Track pack Edition as well as "track only" Dark Horse R and Dark Horse S versions! However, sadly the more cool stuff it gets, the more we worry over here in Europe that we wont get it! Boo! Come on Ford, make sure we get the good stuff too!

Even if we dont, you can be sure that Steeda will be able to make your Mustang outperform on track and really make it an incredible to drive stang. After all you know that we know, that Speed Matters!

Ford Mustang S650 Dark Horse Mustang launch side shot

This guide is just our initial reaction to the launch of a very exciting next step for the Mustang and Steeda, so stay tuned for more information as we get more in and also apologies for any mistakes I have made writing this up!

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