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Article: Car Security is Something You NEED to Think About.

Car Security is Something You NEED to Think About.
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Car Security is Something You NEED to Think About.

Have you ever had your car stolen? I have. It was in early 2003, and my brand new car was only a week old, and it ended up being a long couple of months without my car, and a painful experience all round. I could fill plenty of pages with words of how this felt, but in the most simple terms... I wish it had never happened. I was so shocked and traumatised I almost got rid of the car when I had it recovered and repaired even though I loved it.

How did this happen? Well the thieves stole my car keys through the letter box! Nowadays it's even easier with keyless thefts meaning thieves dont even need your keys. They just walk up and use an electronic device to both enter and start, and then steal, your pride and joy. It only takes a few seconds and there is no noise.

I learned then that hope wasn't really enough of a defence....

Steering wheel locks are a well-known security device used by car owners to protect their vehicle. After all, what better to deter a car thief than having a piece of metal attached to your steering wheel? And Disklok build the very best steering locks available, which is why we choose to use them ourselves on our cars and encourage you whole heartedly to do the same.

Disklok safety lock for Ford cars

As well as a solid and durable barrier to actual theft, they are also a clear visual deterrent to any prospective thieves, telling them that YOUR car will not be easy prey.... This alone can keep you safe and perhaps protect your car from broken locks, broken windows or even worse....

Simple to install and use we also advise the use of the protective steering wheel cover and the additional security of an RFID Key Pouch to help block remote theft via keyless technology.

You can also add a handy carry bag to keep it secured when not in use...

You can purchase a Disklok and accessories Here

If my tale of woe doesn't persuade you, and believe me it really was a terrible experience, then enjoy this video presentation on car security from Alex Kersten of the Auto Alex channel on Youtube. I wont say its overly scientific... but it IS really funny....

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