Steeda S550 Mustang Ecoboost 2 Piece Brake Disc Front & Rear Kit


Steeda's new 2-piece Full Floating Front & Rear brake discs for your 2015+ S550 Ford Mustang Ecoboost. These two-piece discs are a simple bolt-on that's ABS compatible with the factory, Brembo brakes. Massive weight reduction, great looks & enhanced stopping power and heat resistance. A must for a performance driver.

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Steeda is proud to offer our new 2-piece Full Floating Front and Rear Disc Brake Rotors for your Performance Pack-equipped 2015+ S550 Ford Mustang Ecoboost! These two-piece discs are a simple bolt-on that's ABS compatible with the factory, Brembo 6-piston front calipers, and Integrated Parking Brake Ford factory rear calipers. The 352mm x 32mm front 13.8" rotors (555 6032) weigh 7 pounds (around 3.1KG) per pair less than OE solid 1-piece front discs, while the 330 x 25mm rears (555 6033) are 4 pounds (2kg) per pair less than OE.

Product Benefits

  • Heat reduction up to 200 Degrees
  • Reduces unsprung weight & rotating mass up to 11 Pounds (4.9 KG) total
  • Improved pedal feel, reduces vibration & pad knock
  • Greatly reduces brake fade
  • Shorter stopping distances under all conditions

    The billet, hard-anodized aluminium centre section cuts weight and keeps wheel bearings cooler. Additionally, the high-ferrous-content, iron-alloy friction discs provide higher strength as well as a greater friction coefficient. A proprietary CNC-machined groove pattern keeps pads cleaner and allows outgassing for maximum grip without glazing. A unique directional vent design draws more air through the rotor core for improved cooling, stable disc temps, and a significant reduction in peak operating temperatures.

    The full floating design allows for both radial and axial expansion due to differing coefficients of thermal expansion between the aluminium hat and iron friction disc. This eliminates cracks common with 1-piece and drilled rotors on the market. Axial floatation vastly improves brake pedal feedback due to a reduction in vibration and pad knock. While conducting rigorous on-track testing, Steeda's validation team measured up to 200 F (90C !) temp reduction during the most severe conditions practical, with virtually no brake fade. Post-track inspection after multiple trials revealed no warping, cracking, or degradation in stopping performance or manners. During timed trials, the Steeda team pushed their test mule to the limit, resulting in incredible reductions in lap times, not only from stopping improvement but also handling and speed gains attributed to the reduction of both unsprung weight and rotating mass. Team Steeda tried to kill these rotors and the rotors won.

    With exceptional quality & performance at an affordable price, these rotors are perfectly suited for daily driven pony cars, weekend canyon carvers, autocross racers, or full on competition track cars.

    Note: Fit Performance Pack (i.e EU spec) 2015-2019 Mustang Ecoboosts with Brembo brakes only (not non PP US versions).

    Steeda UK tip: Don't Forget to add a set of Steeda Braided Brake Lines for a complete brake upgrade!

    555-6036 - Front Discs
    555-6033- Rear Discs
    555-6044 - Front and Rear Discs

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