The Best Ford Performance Parts for Your New Focus RS

So, you’ve recently purchased a new Ford Focus RS (MK3), but what’s next? Like all car lovers, you’ll no doubt be eager to upgrade your new vehicle by fitting it with the best Ford performance parts that are available on the market. Knowing what parts and upgrades to prioritise is difficult though, but that’s where Steeda come in, advising you on the best upgrades to help you get maximum enjoyment from your vehicle.

The Focus RS is a mid-sized performance hatchback that possesses excellent power and handling, making it a great car for families who enjoy and appreciate a good drive. However, with the right Ford Focus RS performance upgrades, it can be honed to your tastes and needs. 

With that in mind, if you’re looking to take your car’s performance to the next level, you need to make the following Ford Focus mods. 

OZ Racing Wheels

When making adjustments to your Ford Focus RS, a great place to start is the wheels. OK the forged options wheels are nice, but the stock OEM multi-spokes leave a lot to be desired. Not only will a new set of shiny racing wheels make your car look a lot sportier, but it will also help to improve its overall performance, as it will be carrying a lot less weight and it will handle with better precision. At Steeda, we have a wide range of stunning wheels that suit the Ford Focus RS perfectly. However, our top choice is undoubtedly the gorgeous OZ Racing Leggera HLT Wheels, as these 10 spoke beauties tick all the boxes. If budget is weighing on your decision making then go for the fantastic Sparco Assetto Gara wheels which offer unmatched weight and style at less than £1k inc vat and delivery.

Steeda Intake System

If power is your priority, you should consider fitting your car with a new intake system. As we’ve already noted, the Ford Focus RS is a fantastic performance car, but it can pack an even bigger punch with a top of the range intake system. Our Steeda Focus RS Cold Air Intake is an effective way of making huge performance gains, without the need for ECM tuning. By utilising the cold air feed that comes directly from the grille, our cold air intake system is one of many Focus RS parts that will push your car to the next level of performance.

Ford Focus Performance Exhaust

Staying on the topic of power. Upgrading the output of your Ford Focus RS is pretty pointless if you’re not going to be able to hear the full effects of your modifications. Therefore, we recommend that you also replace your car’s factory downpipe with a new Ford Focus performance exhaust, like the cp-e™ Triton™ Focus RS Exhaust. Besides improving the breathing of your vehicle, this cat back system will also provide you with the fierce, but not overwhelming, exhaust notes you so badly desire. In other words, this valved exhaust will bring music to your ears. Available with carbon jacketed tips and with or without valves.

Rear Shock Tower Brace

Finally, if your main concerns lie with the handling of your car, you should think about installing a rear shock tower brace. Manufactured using high strength steel, our Steeda Rear Strut Tower Brace helps to reduce the level of rear chassis flex when cornering and driving over rough surfaces. In addition to improving the handling and comfort of your Focus RS, its very easy to pop out again once installed if you need maximum luggage space, keeping the RS practical when you need and offering hardcore performance when that is your goal!

At Steeda, we sell a wide variety of Ford Focus RS parts to upgrade the look and performance of your car. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your car to a whole host of mods that will undoubtedly leave other petrolheads in awe.

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