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Article: Corona Virus Public Service Announcement

Corona Virus Public Service Announcement

Corona Virus Public Service Announcement

First of all let's get serious. Corona virus AKA Covid19 is real and it needs to be addressed properly, so stay safe, wash your hands a lot, and somehow stop touching your face (how??!)

Also we are thinking of our friends in OZ Racing who are currently locked down in Italy and any one else who might be affected

Which made us think. Self isolating is a great move and important to do if you think you have symptoms or may have been exposed to the virus. So rather than panic and buy toilet roll we thought, why not take advantage of the opportunity, err I mean illness, to work on your car?

After all what's more self isolating than locking yourself in your garage with some tools, Steeda parts and the desire to self improve?

Steeda's jacking rails for the Mustang, Focus mk3 or Mondeo will help you get your car raised up to enable easy access and protect your pinch welds (and also provide admirable speed bump defences, always essential in the UK).

Once you have protected yourself with jacking stands, (remember, safety first!) then it's time to protect your car too with some nice Ford Performance Fender Covers. After all as we should be avoided!

The great thing about this plan is that we deliver to your door, usually next day, from our huge range of in stock items... Which means no taking a risk and going to the shops.... and 2 weeks isolation gives you plenty of time to slowly and methodically work on your car...

Yes.. we know Youtube makes it look easy, but trust us, it isn't always as easy as it looks. When I have a spanner in my hands, run for cover. Even installing some hood struts took me around 6 hours once... But I reckon even I could manage a fair few things in two weeks... Steeda's parts usually come with an illustrated install guide and we often have helpful videos available too. 

Things are usually in stock, but we can't account for panic buying (no we dont sell toilet paper!) and wow, people have been panic buying our new trunk pop kits!

I guess they prevent you having to come into contact with your rear deck... so are they a safety feature... or a non smeary fingerprints feature? You decide, but they should be back in stock next week (unless more panic buying ensues!)

Once you have made your plans and purchased your parts, you can relax and think for once that working on your car hasn't just made you and your car happier, but it's made the whole world a safer and healthier place.

You're welcome!


Symptoms may include, Panic, shortness of breathe, Rage, loss of 10mm socket, Confusion, Scraped knuckles, blood-loss and more.

NOTE: a lot of the time your car will be more worried than you are, as it's the one in the most danger...If you aren't sure, then we recommend that self isolation therapy perhaps isn't for you and you should use the services of a professional, (hopefully a mechanic and not a doctor) and maybe just pass the time watching the Steeda Youtube channel:

 Good luck everyone!

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