Steeda 2018+ Q500 Enforcer SSV Mustang GT

The Steeda Q500 was designed for hardcore, power-hungry performance enthusiasts who want the most Mustang muscle for their money, period.  

It starts with the 5.0-liter aluminum block V8 that’s a modern interpretation of the legendary Ford power plant.  With a bevy of Steeda performance upgrades, this naturally-aspirated beast will churn out plenty of pure pony power to humble the competition.  

Power means nothing without control, so the Q500 precision-engineered suspension and chassis modifications keep the driver in command and deliver the level of performance that make it an unbeatable combination delivering pure driving excitement.

Standard Equipment

Q500 Powertrain Upgrades

- Steeda 5.0L V8 Upgrade - 490 hp and 485 lb. ft. Torque *

Steeda High Flow Cold Air Intake System
Steeda Custom Performance PCM Calibration

Q500 Exterior Upgrades
Steeda Exterior Graphic and Badge Package
Steeda Front Chin Splitter
Steeda Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler

Q500 Suspension / Chassis Upgrades
Steeda G-Trac Suspension/Chassis - Stage I Package:
Steeda Front and Rear Sway Bars with "welded in place" solid Billet Ends
Steeda Billet Aluminium Front Sway Bar Mounts
Steeda Billet Aluminium Rear Sway Bar Mounts
Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Steeda Sport Progressive Rate Springs / Magneride Springs
Steeda Performance Wheel Alignment

Q500 Interior Upgrades
Steeda Serialized Dash Emblem
Steeda Illuminated Door Sill Plates

Suggested Steeda Q500 Enforcer Options (full range available)
Steeda Tri Ax Shifter (Manual Only)
Steeda Performance Catback with H pipe
Steeda Camber Plates
Steeda IRS Subframe Support Brace
Steeda Hood Strut Kit
Steeda Ultralite Jacking Rails

Steeda G-Trac Suspension/Chassis Upgrade - Stage II Package:  "THE ULTIMATE SUSPENSION"

Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Links
Steeda Billet Aluminium Vertical Links
Steeda Extreme G-Trac K-Member Support Brace
Steeda Rear IRS Subframe Support Brace
Steeda Pro-Action Struts & Shocks
Steeda Bump Steer Kit
Steeda Ultra Lite Chassis Jacking Rails

Steeda Ultimate Drivetrain Upgrade Package:

Tremec Magnum XL 6-Speed Manual Transmission (2.66 or 2.97 Gear Ratio) with direct mount Tremec Shfter,
"blow proof" steel clutch housing, 31-spline output shaft, race proven slip yoke rear interface
Twin-Disc Ultra High Performance Race Clutch Assembly
Forged Billet Aluminium Alloy High Performance Flywheel
Transmission / Vehicle Electronic CAN Bus Interface
Steeda Severe Duty 3" Aluminum Driveshaft Upgrade

Wheel & Tyre Upgrades

Velgen 20" Wheels -  (20” x 9” front, 20” x 10.5” rear) with Michelin performance tyres, TPMS,
(Finishes:  Black, Gummetal, Silver, Bronze)

The Steeda Q-Series Q500 Enforcer Mustang is available at Sandicliffe Ford, Nottingham, or Haynes of Maidstone Ford Dealership in Kent, where a dedicated team of Ford and Steeda enthusiasts will be able to assist.


EVO review & Top Gear review of the Q500:

EVO: 4.5 / 5

"....with a chassis you can trust and exploit, the Q500 Enforcer is far more entertaining and satisfying than any other Mustang we’ve driven.."

TopGear: 8/10

"It goes down a B road with way more control and precison than a standard have confidence in it, feels very well engineered"

Pistonheads :

"[Steeda] deliver a Mustang driving experience few in Britain will have ever known....

....a vast improvement that makes the Enforcer immensely more satisfying to drive: