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Article: Why order from Steeda UK?

Why order from Steeda UK?
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Why order from Steeda UK?

When it comes to ordering Ford performance parts for your fast Ford, whether it be for Mustang, Fiesta, Focus or Mondeo (or indeed Ranger, or F150 or other models!) then there is a world of companies you can order from. We want to explain why we think that ordering from Steeda UK is the best option.

Of course with the internet and global markets, it's very easy (and common) to put into Google or your search engine of choice, "Cold air intake for Mustang" or whatever, and the chances are you will be bombarded with options from the American retail giants, like CJ Pony Parts, American Muscle, Late Model Restoration and so on. We're pretty sure will be there too! But for customers on THIS side of the Atlantic, we're pretty sure that buying direct from us is by far the better solution. The American sites look enticing with prices in dollars making parts seem very cheap, but once you have factored in shipping and import taxes and VAT then it is nearly ALWAYS CHEAPER to buy it direct from us.

Dollars look good.... but the tempting US prices dont tell the whole story....

Shipping big lumps of metal etc across the Atlantic isn't cheap however you do it, and bear in mind that duty and VAT costs are added as a TOTAL of the part + the shipping, so the formula is (part+shipping) + 25% to get a basic price here in the UK. And that is not even including any handling or duty charges that may be raised by customs,or the poor exchange rate that you will get buying via a UK credit card or Paypal. Our scientific analysis tell us that you will usually pay either a "bit more" or "MUCH more" if buying from America. 

Another Steeda shipment headed for blighty!

Not only will it usually be a better price when buying from us, but as we endeavour to keep most mainstay parts in stock there will also be much less waiting around for your new car parts! We aim to offer next day delivery if ordered in time, so you can get stuck straight into your upgrades!

Now we think that cheaper and next day delivery should be more than enough to order from us, but there are even more reasons too:

As the home of Steeda in the UK you KNOW you will be getting genuine parts, whether it's from Steeda or from our partner suppliers as we DEAL DIRECT with the factory, whether it's Steeda, Whipple, Kooks, OZ Racing / Sparco, CP-E, Diode-Dynamics, Eibach, Milltek or more. No middle men, and what's more important, GENUINE parts, not "too good to be true" prices found on Ebay or a forum!

We used this picture of fake Arthur Daley with no copyright, because he's a dodgy geezer who would sell you "cheap parts" knowing they aren't genuine. Or not caring either way.

"Seriously, this deal on Ebay I found is AMAZING!"

Dodgy fake performance ford  parts online are a threat to online shoppers


This may be a bit tongue in cheek, but you would be shocked to know just how many fake car parts are out there. It's a very common problem, especially for premium performance parts like Steeda, and the other brands we supply. So buyer beware... that "Amazing price" you found might actually be terrible, and it probably is..... Buy direct from us for 100% peace of mind.

I have personally held a cold air intake in my hand that a customer told me was from a well known brand (not Steeda in this case, as it wasnt for a Ford) but was clearly a terrible quality cheap copy. He wasn't too happy when I told him and also told him that it was a very bad idea to fit it to his car. He had never held an original real part in his hand so how was he to know? The seller SAID it was real after all....

The final reason we want to put to you is that if anything should happen to your parts, whether its a mis-delivery, or a wrong part delivered by mistake or some other issue, you are always much better dealing with a local company, and if you do have to return things, you can trust us when we say that returning them across the Atlantic is a lot more expensive (and slower!) than returning them to us!

So in summary:

  1. You get your parts cheaper
  2. You get your parts faster
  3. Your parts are 100% genuine
  4. You are dealing with a local company, making sorting out any issues easy.
  5. Advice & Expertise direct from the makers and experts.

We too have the ability to use the internet! We know people can check prices which is why we regularly check and try and offer the best prices we possibly can on our great selection of parts.

Point 5 above is actually in some senses the best reason to use Steeda UK. If you are not sure what you want or need, then there is no one better in the UK to help guide and advise you on your ultimate Mustang build. But if you already know what you want then points 1 through 4 should make your choice easy!

Thanks for choosing Steeda UK!





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