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Article: Wallet Friendly Mustang Mods - Big Change for Small Change! Part 2

Wallet Friendly Mustang Mods - Big Change for Small Change! Part 2
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Wallet Friendly Mustang Mods - Big Change for Small Change! Part 2

Some people think that modifying their Mustang will break the bank and needs a chunk of investment up front. As we showed (hopefully!) in part one... "Wallet Friendly Mustang Handling Mods" which you can read here, it's easy to slowly and affordably add to you Mustang and get "The Steeda Difference" and the good news is not just handling, you can add style, drivability, practicality and more starting from hardly any spending at all! We will stick with part one's rule and keep everything sub £200! Lets start with something 1/10th that price!

1. The first and to many, many customers an almost "must have" is our actual cheapest modification, the famous Steeda Clutch Spring.


This simple to install mod allows easier clutch pedal control by turning the pedal action into a more linear feel. Less than £20 inc vat, and only 10 minutes or so to install, and for countless owners it has revolutionised their driving experience. Our latest review received this morning:

"Super Spring !
All manual mustangs should have this Spring as standard! Super Spring! Shifting gears in my Mustang BULLITT is now so nice! The clutch is linear as it should be. Thanks Steeda for developing such a simple and yet indispensable mod."

2. Interior Styling Mods:

We have a multitude of interior styling mods with which you can personalise the feel and look of your pony.  Whether its a Diode Dynamics Interior LED Kit at sub £50, 

 3. ...Or a variety of shifter upgrades like our Steeda Cue Ball Knobs or Ford Performance Carbon Knobs which can be combined with our Billet or Delrin Shift Collar upgrades... for style and practicality, as the OEM collars are prone to breakages. From £50-£120Steeda Ford MUstang Interior shifter upgrades, knobs and shifter collars

4. Another option for an interior change that can be deployed for a serious track day upgrade, or as styling mod, depending on your choice are the Steeda S550 Pedal Kits. Our Heel-Toe pedal is a popular track option for those looking for the edge when rev-matching, and we do full kits for manuals and autos, with regular or heel toe accelerator pedals! From £33 up...

5. Want something else to enhance practicality and daily use of your Mustang? Well our Steeda "Trunk Pop" Kits are both super popular and really handy, and can be matched at the other end with our Hood (bonnet!) Struts as well.

Boot pop kits are £89 - Hood Strut Kits are £154

6. Work on your Mustang yourself? Well then a practical and protective item you might like is this Ford Performance Fender Cover. Mod and service in safety and for only £28.60!

7. The most affordable performance upgrade for your S550 Mustang, whether its a GT or Ecoboost is a simple Steeda Drop In High Flow Panel Air Filter.

Cleanable and high flowing its an easy "no tune" upgrade. £60

8. Add some engine bay dress up dazzle, AND enhance performance? Sounds like a good combo and that's exactly what the Steeda Lightweight Water Pump Pulley does. Reduce rotating mass and parasitic loss...and look good doing it!  Complement with our Billet Idler Pulley kit as well. Both £129

As seen here on our sponsored UK Drift Race Car built by Custom Auto Fabrications (along with many non budget mods!)Steeda Billet Water Pump and Idler Pulley kits for Mustang GT Coyote Engine installed

9. Wheel Style. Get to the point. The hollow point that is! By adding some Steeda Billet or Black Hollow Point 9mm Valve Stems. These rounds add some fun and USA to your wheel valves to give a stylish impact. £34

 10. We've got to the end of our list and we wanted to round off with another super popular mod for the end of your car, the Diode Dynamics rear quarter "Side Markers". Simple to fit and available in Red, Clear (white) or Smoked these subtle changes can make a big impact to your stangs style. £99

We hope this guide has given you some ideas, so you can do what Mustangs were made for. Make it your own! The really GREAT thing about the Mustang is Ford have given us an amazing platform to have fun with. Whether you want to make a track car, a drag car, a stylish and fun weekend car, a jaw dropping show car or just a go to the shops car that you LOVE, it can do all of that and more.

If you need any advice and guidance please CONTACT US, and let us help...

NB: Prices subject to change. Correct at time of publication. 

Remember there is only one part we say is a MUST HAVE:



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