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Article: Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Shock Mount review

Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Shock Mount review
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Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Shock Mount review

We just got a fantastic review from one of our great UK customers, Andrew.

What the review highlights is WHY Steeda go the extra mile developing parts other companies don't even imagine. Its why Steeda have a huge edge when it comes to Ford performance as we are focussed ONLY on Ford performance. When "multi marque" companies develop a few Mustang products they then move back to Audis, and Volkswagens and Chevrolets(!) and so on. Steeda use and improve our products every day, on the street and on track. We keep coming back every day, thinking "what can we do better?", or "what else can improve the car?". It's this commitment to constant improvement that shows "The Steeda Difference!"

Some of our parts dont seem very "exciting" to look at. An exhaust or an intake, or coilover suspension, everyone knows what they do, and what they offer, and yes Steeda make great examples of all of those 'mainstay' parts. But engine mounts? Shock mounts? Alignment bushes? A spherical bearing??? Huh? Why bother? Well Andrew's review shows just what such a "why bother?" part can do... read on!

"I just want to give a shout out to Steeda really, because when a company makes such a great part it really deserves note and others being informed.

As many here will know I've thoroughly gone through my car with a fine tooth comb trying to find a balance of sports car like handling, well the best one can expect for such a big heavy bruiser whilst maintaining an element of GT ride comfort.

Though dropping over 2k on KW coilovers helped a lot, the part that made one of the biggest improvements to ride quality and body control was a relatively cheap one:

Steeda Billet Rear Shock Mounts

Before anyone says anything, Steeda have not sponsored me, they did not even give me a discount on the part, but in fairness I don't think I asked either.

Still I got this part because even with KW's over nasty roads the rear-end of the car just seemed jiggly and when I installed the KW rear shocks I noticed how even in the stock position the stock rear shock mounts are binding due to them being a rubber bushing, which made me think that can't be good.

After seeing so many people in shock and awe on the US section installing these parts for the added bling and strength only but then noticing the ride quality dramatically improved I was curious as to why.

It turns out something which Steeda have not marketed so heavily is the fact these parts have a spherical bearing instead of a rubber one. As I've upgraded a lot of parts in the rear of my car to spherical and witnessed the improvements this part made sense to try out.

I went in skeptical and have had this part on the car for over a month now, I've being so impressed I kind of forgot to post about it here in the UK section but needless to say what an improvement in ride quality, my car now has absolutely zero bounce, jiggle, float or whatever you wish to call it.

I would say those seeking a good looking setup with great handling improvement but keeping cost to a minimum should buy the following:
- Ford/Eibach Springs: £150 (still available?)
- BMR CB005: £200
- Steeda billet rear shock mounts: £200
- Eibach 15mm spacers all round or 15/25mm: £300

I think the above will give you the great looks/stance we all want from our cars along with a ride quality and handling improvement. Plus the above should be possible all in for under a grand and for those who just want the better looks and a mild handling improvement will achieve that with the above without breaking the bank and all the above is now available from UK sources.

I seriously recommend these upper rear shock mounts, because the jiggle I found seriously annoying in this car, they all do it and it properly upset me on some of the rougher roads I drive on daily plus of course the car felt more connected by doing so.

Combine these with state of the art coilovers like KW and you will be blown away, my car is now a lot comfier and rides better than it did stock, it actually feels softer over rough roads but the moment you start throwing it around or driving it hard the whole thing just comes alive and feels about as sports car as this big girl will ever feel.

I finally got the cars suspension on a handling and ride comfort front to a point where I like it and feel confident to attack a road hard but at the same time it has superior comfort and ride quality to what it was stock."


Thanks Andrew! Please everyone, keep submitting your reviews and feedback, we love it when we hear back from our customers.

Review taken from Mustang6G forum & pic courtesy of Andrew!

And to keep with our "awesome customer" theme, here is a great "install guide" video done by another great customer (another Andy!)



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