Steeda Europe Announce Partnership with Michelin

Steeda Autosports, one of the premier names in Ford performance for over 30 years are proud to announce our partnership with Michelin tyres in Europe.
Steeda is a long time specialist in Ford performance, originally founded in the US in 1988 when Dario Orlando chose to apply his years of engineering and race car development experience to the task of elevating the Ford Mustang to levels of unparalleled performance. Steeda’s Ford connections go back a 100 years from when Dario’s Grandfather, followed by his father and in turn Dario, worked for Ford.

Steeda have a long history on track and Dario firmly believes that theories can only be tested properly on track. With his extensive track history including time as a Ford development test driver, Dario knows just how important tyres are to the performance mix. However much effort Steeda put into developing our Ford packages, if they aren’t combined with appropriate rubber then optimal performance will not be possible.


Steeda S197 Mustang and Michelin Banner on track

Steeda in the US have a long and very successful history with Nitto tire and Steeda UK, responsible for Steeda’s development in Europe, are proud to partner up with one of the world’s best known tyre companies and European leader, Michelin. Michelin too have the perfect mix of road and track based products, suitable for the everyday driver, the road and track-day enthusiast or the dedicated track driver. Not only that but they are constantly developing and improving their products just like Steeda, and the Pilot Sport range like the new Pilot Sport 4S and the Pilot Sport Cup 2 are perfect examples of this.

The Pilot Sport range will provide the rubber of choice for Steeda’s SSV (Steeda Serialised Vehicle) models, such as the Q Series Mustangs and the Steeda Mondeo Sport.

Director of Steeda UK Ltd, Robbie Kazandjian:
"Tyres are fundamental to performance and at Steeda we know we have to work with the best to help our customers maximise "The Steeda Difference”. Michelin are the perfect partner for us in Europe and we are very excited to be working with them and hope we can have just as great a relationship with them as we do with Nitto in the US..”

Peter Shaw, Michelin Motorsport, said: "Michelin and Steeda share a similar ethos of using the track as a laboratory to accelerate innovation and push technological boundaries across their ranges.The power generated by the SSVs is phenomenal, but it needs to be delivered to the road efficiently and the motorist has to be able to push the limits of driving pleasure and performance in safety - that’s where Michelin tyres come in.”

Michelin Man Logo



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