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Article: Ford S-Max mk2 2015+ Intercooler upgrade with CP-E Mondeo Intercooler

Ford S-Max mk2 2015+ Intercooler upgrade with CP-E Mondeo Intercooler
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Ford S-Max mk2 2015+ Intercooler upgrade with CP-E Mondeo Intercooler

We had some great feedback from Dutch customer Ricardo, who with the help of his installers at Rica Engineering, took the Cp-E Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost intercooler and fitted it to Ricardos much loved S-Max mk 2 with the same engine.

He fell in love with his sporty and fun to drive Mk1 2.0 Ecoboost face-lifted MK1S-Max TXS and when the opportunity came he grabbed the new mk2 model. But he kept the mk1 and now his wife drives his first love! The full Ford family we love to see.

His n Hers S-Max:

His and her S-Max Steeda Cp-e

However he felt the mk2 didn't have the fun and spirited driveability of the mk1 so he set to work to change things. Soon a full list of performance upgrades arrived:

An uprated turbo, using the Garrett GTX2867R GEN2 from ATPTurbo, and to complement the turbo update a full exhuast system with a high flow 200 Cells SportCat flowing into a 2.5" Catback system.

However the weak point was the puny Ford intercooler (a common issue with the Focus ST and RS as well as the Ecoboost Mustang) so he chose a CP-E intercooler for the 2.0 Ecoboost Mondeo, having seen an install done on the internet before. The Ford intercoolers are fine for the standard tune . standard power standard use duty, but when you need more they have nothing left to give.

You can see why when you see the difference between the two!

Remember, if you can't cool your turbo charged (i.e compressed and heated) air, you aren't going to make power!

Ricardo also kindly sent us an install guide to show that you too can make the change if you want to boost the performance of your S-Max 2.0 Ecoboost mk2!


Installation is quite straightforward, luckily for S-Max MKII owners.
It's almost the same as an MK5 Mondeo

1. Pulling off the front bumper was actually easier than the Mondeo. My S-Max has only one connector on the driver's side (left front side in NL) which connects everything located in the front bumper.CP-intercooler on S-Max mk2 - oil cooler relocate

2. Creating the oil cooler brackets for the automatic transmission is the only thing which requires some imagination, but not much. You can easily extend the brackets and place the oil cooler back in the same position in front of the intercooler.  We choose to move the oil cooler to the top section of the radiator. For this we had to extend the hoses of the oil cooler. Now the intercooler can breathe freely and it looks quite nice from the front, judge for yourself :-)

CP-E Intercooler on S-Max mk2 - oil cooler relocated above intercooler

3. Part of the install was the removal of the AGS (Active Grill Shutter) system, but this was no loss to Ricardo as prior to the intercooler install his tuners at Rica Engineering had already modified the car to keep them open all the time anyway, a change which he said greatly improved the driveability of the car by itself. So now he has saved some weight and improved flow too by removing them entirely!

His feedback: 

"The intercooler performs great. Since the installation the ecoboost engine is always ready to move! (fast :-)
Of course, it's winter right now and I will have to experience how it will hold in the summer, but I have great expectations...." 

Big thanks to Ricardo for taking the time to take the pictures and tell us about your install and for the dedication to get his S-Max up to speed! Because as any Steeda fan knows... Speed Matters!


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