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Article: Ford Fair 2019 - After Show Report

Ford Fair 2019 - After Show Report

Ford Fair 2019 - After Show Report

Boom another Ford Fair and another smasher of a show!

This time we teamed up with our friends at HP Tuners and went big, both in terms of size and horsepower with the full gamut of current Ford performance platforms on display it was a show to remember...

On stand with us was (in no particular order)

James's Range Raptor showing off the frankly amazing new "Active Sound Control" system installed on the truck from Milltek Sports.

John's cracking little pocket rocket wrapped Fiesta ST,

Paul's Velgen Classic 5 equipped Focus RS which was stood proud alongside B7TMY Tommy's own Sparco Assetto Gara shod RS, and both of them took to the track too, just like an RS should.

The front of the stand was of course arrayed with a gorgeous selection of S550 Mustangs, with Johns 2018 Orange Fury, MAP's menacing black demo car, our own  Steeda Q750 and Amir's "Black beauty" putting out a huge chunk of Whipple charged horsepower.

Toms Triple Yellow also on Velgen Classic 5s took the corner and looked great too, sitting pretty on a whole raft of Steeda suspension goodies (like all the Mustangs on stand!)

The crowds certainly loved the stand and we were over-run, never more so than when the Mustang fired up every so often to "bring the thunder" wow. Let's be thankful to the exhaust gods at Kooks who made it a special day, as many of the cars on stand were acting as very powerful adverts for their products!

On display was a nice selection of Sparco wheels which drew a lot of attention, and we also had a couple of CP-E products with us for the first time. More from this great brand to come soon, but if you have an EcoBoost stay tuned! The cp-e Focus RS "Triton" catback is a thing of beauty!

If you are an RS fan (or a Fiesta / Ford fan) check out B7 TMY's youtube Channel. Some funny stuff!

The guys from HP tuners were great to hang out with and we love their hardware. Our dealer Motorsport and Performance are big fans and we will do some more in depth features on the hardware in another post soon.

The crew on stand were great, with our great customers and dealers and suppliers all kicking in to make it an amazing show. Over 5000 HP and an amazing selection of cars and people (and of course only the best products!)

Big thanks to, everyone who brought along their amazing Fords, Steeda crew John, Jordan, Anish and Vikki, Graham and Emma, HP crew, Giles, Rob, Tim, and everyone who came along to the stand on the day!

You can revel in a gallery of shots on our online gallery of  by clicking this link: FORD FAIR 2019 PHOTOS 

Many thanks to HP tuners and Jason Dodd Photography for providing us with many nice images!




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