EU Data Protection requirements: Steeda UK and You.

As you probably will know, having been inundated with emails from everyone in the world, in the last month or so, the EU are bringing in new Data Protection regulations this month.

Now Steeda UK dont use your data in any way other than for our own activities. We dont share it with anyone other than partner companies we need to in order to fulfil your orders. We also dont use or keep any "Sensitive Data" for example to do with race/religion or politics.

This way you can keep up to date with what events we are planning, what offers we have running and any great new products we are launching. You can also do this by staying tuned to our website, our blog here, our Facebook page or Twitter of course, where you can get involved with discussions and chatting with the Steeda UK team.

You can read our General T&Cs HERE and our more detailed Data Privacy policy HERE

If you have any questions never be afraid to contact us!

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