Why we at Steeda think the car community is for everyone.

OK from the title of this blog you probably guessed this isn't one of our normal blog posts. However we felt that the strength of feeling around the world and also within our company meant we thought we should make a brief statement.

We in Steeda Europe are a proudly diverse company and we think that reflects one of the great things about the car enthusiast community. It is (and should be) open to everyone, black or white, male or female, young or old, gay or straight, or any other segment of the population you choose to divide humanity by. Everyone is welcome. The car scene itself is super diverse and again we at Steeda support that diversity. Drag racers, show car builders, track drivers, show and shiners, drifters, or just people who enjoy a Sunday drive, and a hundred more interests, niches and passions, all are welcome.Steeda UK stand for diversity and inclusion in the car community.Now is perhaps the chance to take a look at the world. Ask ourselves some hard questions maybe? And seek to improve. At Steeda we are always striving to improve our products... and in turn to improve your fast Ford! So why don't we all try to improve the world however we can?

After all the car community is a much better one with everyone welcome. It's bigger and more interesting and provides a place of refuge and joy for everyone away from the hardships of daily life. Remember there should be a place for EVERYONE, even if you don't understand or know about them, welcome them none the less. It shouldn't matter if someone is black, or they like VIP extreme camber wheels (and I admit I really don't understand that...) they should be welcomed and lauded for joining the scene. 

So in a nutshell we at Steeda want to remind everyone that the car community is  a better place when we accept and welcome everyone to join in.

Well everyone with a Ford at least! 


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