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Article: Florent's Bullitt Mustang "Art and Revs!"

Florent's Bullitt Mustang "Art and Revs!"

Florent's Bullitt Mustang "Art and Revs!"

Like so many of our Steeda customers, Florent is cool. Florent is the founder and owner not to mention race driver at "Art and Revs" a Luxembourg based specialist in both restoring, racing and selling historic race cars and other super special cars.
Their garage tells a story by itself!Art and Revs GarageAnd I think it is safe to say Florent has one of the coolest offices in the world..

So for a personal set of wheels what could be cooler than a Mustang Bullitt?

Florent had heard about the Steeda Steve McQueen limited edition but sadly it was too late as they have been discontinued, but he has turned to Steeda to give him a subtle styling boost with our awesome Mullholland 20" wheels, which he repainted into a similar look to the Steve McQueen colour scheme, and added a  comprehensive Steeda chassis and suspension overhaul. I think you will agree, look achieved. Subtle but stunning. And credit to that plate choice!
Florent Art and Revs Steeda BullittFlorent asked us for help to make his Bullitt drive like some of the legendary sports and race cars he is used to, but to keep it great for the road and every day driving, especially as he uses it a lot as his winter car. So to give his car the handling prowess that he is used to, we recommended our legendary Dual Rate Ultimate Handling springs to complement his Ford MagneRide shocks, as well as our must have IRS Full Pack, comprising the Steeda IRS Alignment Bushes, IRS Subframe Support Bushes and IRS Subframe Braces. We also added to the rear end with our polybush equipped Steeda Vertical Links. For the front end, we chose our two point front G-Trac brace and our Steeda Strut Tower brace. 

Picture below illustrates the difference in build quality and strength between the OEM Mustang Vertical Link and the Steeda Billet Vertical Link.

Florent was impressed!

"We fitted the parts and the rear suspension is a real surprise, it is now very precise and has a great traction and lateral grip ( use Michelin PS4 ). Today it is 2deg, quite humid and the car moves pretty fast already!"

And here is a nice video to show why you should take what Florent says seriously when he is talking about handling and speed. Here he is is crushing the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb in a Monster Oreca Playstation Viper, equipped with an 8 litre V10 monster of an engine!

To further enhance the driver feel to the car we added our Steeda Tri-Ax Short-shifter and Shifter Base Bushing Bracket Kit. Again Florent was impressed! 

 "I love the shifter upgrade : precision, short travel & noise reduction"Steeda Mustang Tri Ax Shifter plus Shifter Base Bushing

Finally to add a little sound and fury to match those Bullitt vibes he has added a Steeda tune and Steeda X pipe, as well as some enhanced brake pads to help control any speed that somehow gets built up....  It's safe to say the rear view of this Mustang will be the one that is most commonly seen!

Florent Steeda Equipped Bullitt Mustang

Florent knows, Speed Matters! which is why he chose Steeda.

Florent wants to take things further and his next step is adding a set of Steeda roll bars to tune the car to his driving style more, and some front end control arms, plus he is planning a gearbox change to get a more aggressive gear ratio, so stay tuned!

We loved his great feedback, and frankly we really want to go visit him in Art and Revs to marvel at all the automotive gems he is surrounded by! Big thanks to him for the pictures and feedback.

Parts list on Florent's build so far:

Steeda Ultimate Handling Dual Rate Springs 555-8243
Steeda Vertical Links with Polyurethane Bushings 555-4129
Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System 555-4437
Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit 555-4438
Steeda IRS Subframe Braces 555-5754
Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter 555-7316
Steeda Shifter Base Bushing 555-7092
Steeda Strut Tower Brace 555-5731
Steeda G-Trac 2-Point Brace 555-5533
Steeda X pipe 555-3618
Steeda Tune + SCT X4
Steeda Mullholland 20" Wheels - custom painted
20 x 10" front and 20 x 11" rear with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.
DBA Extreme Brake Pads

Close of Florent custom painted Mullholland wheels

Think YOUR Steeda equipped Fast Ford deserves some recognition and a feature car spot of its own? Well CONTACT US and if we agree we can make it happen!

Bonus pic and story:

Florent and the Art and Revs team recently visited one of Steeda favourite haunts, Daytona for the 24 Hour Classic.... and brought home to double we said. Florent knows Speed Matters!
Read the story here: Double Victory at Daytona Classic 24h (
Art and Revs at the Daytona Classic 24 Hours 2023

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