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Article: AUTO IN - Steeda Dealer for Czech Republic Demo Car Build

AUTO IN - Steeda Dealer for Czech Republic Demo Car Build
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AUTO IN - Steeda Dealer for Czech Republic Demo Car Build

Auto IN our chosen dealer for the Czech republic impressed us with their know how, and dedication to performance and track work. 

They knew they needed to work with the best in the business when it comes to Mustang upgrades so they soon set about updating their demo car.
AUTO IN demo car build S550 Mustang Czech RepublicAuto In Performance Technical specialist Vojtěch Chaura was very sure what was needed for the S550. A complete suspension overhaul!

To give rugged down low looks and a lower centre of gravity Auto IN opted for the Steeda Extreme Drop 2" springs which they combined with our Steeda Pro Action fixed rate shocks. They added Steeda front and rear roll bars augmented with our billet mounts for great looks and indestructible durability for tough days on track.Of course, they knew that this wasn't enough, the IRS and chassis benefits immensely from Steeda's upgrades and a Steeda full IRS pack, plus front G-Trac K brace was also ready to be installed.

PIC ABOVE: Shows Steeda roll bar compared to OEM, with Steeda G Trac K brace above & IRS Subframe braces either side of the exhaust.

Up front Steeda's HD engine mounts helped give the engine increased stability and a strong mount, enabling track kerbs to be ridden without fear and in the back, Steeda Adjustable Rear Camber Arms and Front Camber Plates gave the adjustability their new much lower stance required and a Steeda MT82 tranny bush gave some firmness to the shifter.

PIC ABOVE: Shows Steeda HD Engine Mount vs OEM and Steeda Adjustable Rear Camber Arm vs OEM

To add some style but also a reliable grip for track action (where sweaty palms can occur as we are sure many of you know!) a GT350 alcantara clad steering wheel was fitted, and the brake callipers were treated to a custom finish.
Auto IN Czech winter GT350 wheelOf course once everything was installed, then it was ready to hit the track, something that Auto IN loves to do with its customers. If you are in the Czech Republic, or nearby,  then sign up and join them on their next trip!
Auto IN on track Czech dealer Mustangs
Auto IN at the track Czech Republic Ford specialist
The car is sitting low and mean and the ride is now transformed! As Vojta told us after their first 1000 miles with the new setup:

"The chassis now holds well. Its an aggressive ride without any problems. Controllability super!!"

AUTO IN also carried out some comparison testing to see just how well their Steeda equipped car performed and we think you will agree the results were impressive!

Track test info : Racing Circuit Brno, Czech rep.
Track conditions: dry ,
GT Drivers Club White Mustang: complete Steeda chassis
no test equipment was used
a certified time measuring device was used

Same driver drove all the following cars :

GT Drivers Club show car ( white car)
Shelby GT 350
Standard 2018 Mustang



  1. Drivers Club Show car with Steeda components : best time : 2.37.050
  2. Shelby 350 : best time : 2.38.750
  3. Standard Mustang best time : 2.39.980

So the Steeda equipped car was 2.48 seconds faster than a 2018 GT and also 1.7 seconds a lap quicker than the Shelby GT350!


If YOU are based in the Czech Republic or just fancy a trip there and your Fast Ford needs "The Steeda Difference" contact Auto IN.

AUTO IN s.r.o., Czech Republic

Poděbradská 292

530 09  Pardubice

Tel: (+420) 469 775 075      Email:


Think YOUR Steeda equipped Fast Ford deserves some recognition and a feature car spot of its own? Well CONTACT US and if we agree we can make it happen!

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