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Steeda Fiesta

Steeda have arrived in the UK to address the opportunity offered by Ford's "World Car" program. The Fiesta and new Focus are the first to be addressed and Steeda are continuously developing parts for the new models alongside Ford itself in the US. As the World Car program expands we will continue to develop and deliver the best available parts for them, as well as our unparalleled Mustang developments. Parts for Steeda UK cars will always be in stock here in the UK, so no waiting! The new Focus ST heads up the new line of global performance Fords, to be closely followed by the Fiesta ST.

When the new 2015 Mustang launches as a 'World Car' then the UK will have a direct route to the best performance a 'stang can get! Currently we can offer our entire Mustang range of parts as special orders, so please get in touch if you want them.

Steeda work hand-in-hand with Ford Motor Company under the exclusive Technology Transfer Program to identify all of the changes and modifications made to each new vehicle and develop parts using state of the art technology. When we develop, we are developing for a new car, not just changing old parts to fit. 

That's why we work so closely with Ford, and with Ford Racing. Speed Matters!


Ford Racing Parts now available!
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Focus ST Short Shifter
Focus MK2 RS Engine Mount
Focus ST Rear ARB
Focus ST Shift Bracket
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