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Watch Out for Fakes!

Sometimes people want the best car parts they can buy but want to save a penny if they can.
That makes sense to us, but buyer beware! It's not just Gucci bags, Rolexes and Ray Bans that are faked all the time. 

The market in dodgy car parts is HUGE. Thats why you should always try and buy from a reputable source such as Steeda UK.
Even if the parts appear to be genuine Steeda or other brands, if you are buying online from Ebay etc, then you often can't be sure.

Just today our friends at Diode Dynamics sent us this warning about a new counterfeit product they have been made aware of:

PRODUCT AFFECTED: 2015-2017 Ford Mustang RGBWA DRL LED Boards 

Counterfeit: Text errors in LED labelling - note errors in spacing. Genuine: Clear, correct text spacing.
Counterfeit: Improper LED placement, and lack of function. Genuine: Fully tested, all LEDs aligned properly, tested before shipment, and fully functional.
Counterfeit: Large metal box for driver/control unit. Genuine: Plastic box, with branded label.
Counterfeit: Packaged in brown box, with no literature.
Genuine: Packaged in Diode Dynamics branded box, with installation guide.
Counterfeit: Ships from mainland China, available on marketplaces only (eBay etc) Genuine: Ships from Authorized Dealers only, none of which exist in China.

Be Aware and if you do see any fakes or dodgy product out there, please let us know!

If you do need genuine Diode Dynamics products, please let us know. We can supply any DD product not just those shown on our website currently.

And if you need a fresh batch of Steeda upgrades then we have them ready and waiting for you!

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