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Steeda Q500 Enforcer - UK Demo Car

Well the press & public at the Autosport International / Performance Car Show loved it, so here it is!
Enjoy the Steeda Q500 Enforcer UK demo car.

According to the press (we agree!) the "Best Mustang in the UK"....

What makes it so great is its true Steeda "Factory Plus" quality.... jaw dropping yet subtle styling, fantastic stance, an amazing soundtrack and of course epic Steeda handling mods.

To quote a review of the Steeda Enforcers sound output:

"More pertinently, though, every time I press the start button I find myself making an involuntary ‘oooof’ noise and smirking like a schoolboy who’s just dodged detention. Inhaling and exhaling through Steeda pipes, the Ford V8 is absurdly, magnificently epic.
At idle, it rumbles with the mighty intensity of shifting tectonic plates, while full-bore acceleration sounds like a WW2 bomber strafing the high street. Your neighbours may file for an ASBO, but anyone with a drop of petrol in their veins will be utterly besotted."

Why does the Enforcer sound so great? Well it's a combination of the Steeda Pro Flow intake and Steeda performance tune and the Kooks Performance Catback with H Pipe

   Kooks Catback on S550 with H pipe

The looks department benefit from not only our signature Q Series Rear "duck tail" spoiler, and Steeda front splitter, but also the stunning optional 20" Velgen VMB7 wheels shod of course with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber, in 265/35/20 and 295/35/20 stagger for a perfect stance and superior road holding and grip. The "velvet touch" sidewall is an added touch of class!

Velgen VMB7 with Michelin PS4S 295/35/20 and Diode smoked markers

The pic above not only shows off the stunning  wheel and tyre combo but another subtle but essential  optional styling mod, Diode dynamics side markers (available in red, clear and smoked). It's the little things that can make a difference!

Talking of optional "little things that make a difference" the Q500 also benefits from our now famous "clutch help spring" upgrade which makes the driving experience smoother and more enjoyable. For under £20 you can't really get a better value modification!

Of course, although the Enforcer looks brutally gorgeous, a lot of the Steeda magic happens underneath the skin. Here the Q500 benefits from a full raft of suspension and chassis tweaks which have made Steeda so famous.

The fabulous low slung stance is achieved through optional upgrade Steeda full adjustable coilovers which feature built in camber adjust top mounts, and the chassis is tuned with both a full Steeda "stop the hop" pack, and also our strut tower brace and lower extreme G-Trac brace (K-member brace). The rear shocks are also uprated with our highly rated Steeda billet rear shock mounts.

Below you can see the difference between oem Pirelli 275 rear tyres and Michelin 295s on the Q500. Get some width!
Plus some suspension close ups to see the things that matter!

      Q500 Steeda suspension. Where the Magic Happens!

Front and rear Steeda roll bars with billet mounts complete the suspension overhaul, to give improved carving confidence when cornering.

Inside the driving position is enhanced with some optional touches to give you maximum return as your "tactile centres", the GT350R steering wheel with alcantara and red stitching and of course a Steeda "Cue Ball" gear knob.

Q500 enforcer GT350 steering wheel and steeda cue ball shift knob

Here are some of the markers of a genuine Q Series car:
Steeda illuminated door sills and the a Steeda Q Series serialisation plate:

Steeda Mustang S550 Illuminated door sills    Q500 SSV Serialisation plate in engine bay

And of course the proud Steeda nomenclature at the back, which is what most people will be seeing receding into the distance!

Steeda Q500 rear end with kooks H pipe catback and Velgen VMB7 with Michelin PS4S 295

To get a taste of the beast in action, check out this great vid from MSN: (CLICK PIC BELOW TO LAUNCH IN A NEW WINDOW)

MSN Video (CLICK TO LAUNCH) Q500 Enforcer

Only space for one more of the stunning pics courtesy of Matt Woods. Not only does it show the gorgeous curves up front but also the amazing finish provided by Andy Parsons at Unique Detail.

Steeda Q500 Enforcer nose with Steeda splitter
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