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SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes

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SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes
  • SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes
  • SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes
  • SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes
  • SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes
  • SCT X4 Tuner + Steeda Tunes

No one does tuning better for your Fast Ford, be it Mustang GT, 2.3 Ecoboost, Focus ST or RS than Steeda.

Steeda were the first company authorised by Ford to sell ECU calibrations in its dealerships, and our great reputation for "factory plus" style tuning has grown every year over the last near 20 years. Smooth, reliable safe power.

If you want monster numbers, rushed out as fast as possible, then look elsewhere.

If you want to rely on companies who knock out a Ford tune before moving onto a Volkswagen tune, then an Audi tune, then a BMW tune, and so on, then go right ahead.

But it you want a company who ONLY tunes Ford's and will KEEP tuning them and revisiting the tunes and using the tunes ourselves on a daily basis on both road and track, then you will only want to deal with Steeda.We regard our tunes as the most advanced, safest, most reliable custom tuning available on the market.

Steeda Certified Custom tunes pass our rigorous standards for performance, durability and driveability and have an impeccable safety record. Developed and tested on our in house dyno as well as through hundreds of hours of field testing both on the street and some of the most demanding race tracks in the country, you can be sure our tunes will deliver safe, reliable power.

Not only that but our Steeda "tunes for Life" program means that with Steeda you buy only once! We can set you up with an appropriate first tune for your car and then as you add approved hardware, we will update your tune for free!

SCT's X4 tuning device is the latest evolution of the X series of tuning devices from SCT. SCT's X4 features great improvements in design and use. This unit is a smaller, more compact device than the X3 it replaces. 

The X4 features a larger, brighter, easy to read color screen with auto dim and user adjustable portrait and landscape modes. The device holds up to 10 custom tunes which can be supplied by SCT custom tuning dealers and also includes pre-loaded strategy files from SCT.


Now with built in WiFi, the device can be connected to any wireless network and will allow you to install any software updates released by SCT right through the device without a PC. 

In addition, the X4 offers improved data logging capabilities right through the device or when used in conjunction with a laptop and SCT's Live Link software. 

Note: For custom tuning applications please provide the vehicles 4 digit processor code with your order. 
You can contact us in advance to see how to do this, or wait to receive your X4 and use it to "read" your vehicle

Warning: This part has been designed and is intended for off-road application only. Installation of this part on a vehicle that is driven on public roads may violate local laws and regulations. 

Product Benefits

  • Larger adjustable screen with landscape and portrait modes
  • Holds up to 10 custom tunes
  • On screen data logging and monitoring / livelink connection to laptop
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Steeda "TUNES FOR LIFE"
  • Normally in stock in the UK
Fits Vehicle Models 

2014 Ford Focus - ST 
2013 Ford Focus - ST 
2015 Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost
2015 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8
2005 - 2014 Ford Mustang


NOTE: There are no functional "pre-loaded" Steeda Tunes on your device. It is a platform for receiving and loading Steeda (or other tuners) Tunes

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Great little performance tuner really easy to use.
Nick S.
Shopping Satisfaction
SCT X4: Easy to use.
Steeda Tune: Top notch tune that offers a better car experience.