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Car Safe Car Storage

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Car Safe Car Storage
Keep Your Fast Ford Safe! Secure Car Storage by CarSafe through Steeda UK

Steeda UK know that our cars are more than just transport.
Whether it s a project you have put years into, your pride and joy just purchased, or a hardened race car honed over the years, they are all special to us. Its why we think "Speed Matters!". Sometimes the problems we have are not our cars (sometimes!!!) and our love of cars, but WHERE do we put them?
Putting off purchasing a brand new Mustang because you dont know where you will fit that project car?
Track day Focus RS a no go, because your garage is full?
Thinking about selling your pride and joy classic Ford because you have run out of room?
Well we have the solution...

CarSafe offers professional and secure vehicle storage solutions, operated by a passionate and experienced team of professionals.

The CarSafe team treat every vehicle with the care and attention needed to ensure that each time an owner wants to access their vehicle, they can rest assured that it will have been looked after with consideration, care and attention every step of the way.

That's right you can store away your Ford show stopper, and just get her out when you need it, for a cruise, a show or a track meet, then safely stow it back knowing its being taken car of.
CarSafe's love of vehicles ensures an exclusive level of service to each and every customer, satisfying the particular needs of each vehicle and the individual preferences of all of their owners.

The highly secure, discreet storage facility has been developed to an excellent standard, offering clean, dry and dehumidified storage conditions throughout. The team is committed to delivering quality and convenience in equal measure as standard.

The facility is situated just 5 minutes from the main road network, offering excellent road access to Cambridge, East Anglia, London and the South East, the Midlands and beyond.
Car Safe offer three graded packages which we believe offer the best options for most vehicles. The package which is right for you will depend on all sorts of factors, and only you can make the decision when it comes to the preservation and maintenance of your vehicle.

Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages:

Our Bronze Storage Package offers all of the following as standard:
  • Dehumidified, premier dedicated vehicle storage facility
  • Videographic handover procedure on receipt of vehicle*
  • Vehicle allowed to fully air-dry before admission to store
  • Showcase video of your vehicle following admission to store
  • Client login facility to access your vehicle's videos
  • Unique ID and barcode management of all vehicles, accessories & keys
  • Seat, steering wheel and floor covers fitted at all times
  • Drip tray placed below each vehicle to alert us to fluid leaks

The Silver Package includes all of the BRONZE Pack, as well as:
  • Battery condition checked on arrival and battery conditioner fitted whilst in storage
  • Tyres rolled once a month to prevent flat spotting
  • Vehicle started and run to temperature once a month

Choosing the Gold Package offers the following, in addition to the SILVER Pack:
  • Ancillary systems check once per month
  • Anti-freeze check once per month
  • Engine fluids checked once a month and topped up if required**
** If fluids are low, you will be notified and you may request that we top them up on your behalf.

In addition to aspects covered in the above storage packages, the following are available to maintain the condition of your vehicle whilst in storage. Please ask for details

  • Supply of battery conditioner, or connection of your own
  • Tyre pressure checked and adjusted
  • Fluid top up
  • Pedal depression
  • Light exercise programmes
  • Battery check
  • Pre-departure check to ensure your vehicle is ready when you need it

Carcoon Storage Pods
With any of the above packages, your vehicle can be housed within an air-filtered Carcoon storage pod, ensuring your vehicle is protected from changes to and contaminants in the atmosphere, essentially creating a ‘scientific clean room’ environment.

Clothing & equipment storage
Race Suits and helmet dehumidified with your track car, as well as any other related parts and equipment which belong to or with your vehicle.

All vehicles must be comprehensively insured whilst in store. Please ask for details of our insurance policy and rates.