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Steeda Driving Experience - What an Experience!

The whole Steeda and Haynes team had a great time and so did our customers, who brought down a great selection of Mustangs, plus a Focus RS.

Caged customers waiting for release:

Mr weather also smiled on us as the sun was blazing ,but our new "Steeda tent" also got a work out with the monsoon attack in the afternoon, which provided us all with an "instant skid pan"

My personal highlights were many, but it was very satisfying to see a nervous pack of new owners and strangers evolving in to all out attack squad by the afternoon, creating smoke screens and spinning happily all around the circuit and launching with gusto, and above all having a laugh with each other too.

Also thanks to Pete from Michelin who had an enjoyable time and was it seems held hostage by Russell, haha!

Remember that Steeda recommend Michelin tyres as without good tyres performance means nothing, something Mac went OUT OF HIS WAY to prove (you may have seen the video!)

All in all it was a great day and great to meet everyone.

We have already put plans together for a repeat performance so book your slot  on Friday 22nd of September, now as we will be keeping numbers low again to keep the "maximum driving time" that we enjoyed this time. 

We also plan to try and arrange some "driver training days" which I highly recommend. Stay tuned for more news.

Enjoy some pictures on our gallery below, including some courtesy of Beege from M6G. Thanks!

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Steeda History - Why YOU should choose Steeda.

With Steeda being new to the European market, some people might want to learn a little more about why Steeda is the right choice for your performance Ford.

With Steeda being a Ford only specialist for over 20 years we have unmatched experience with Mustangs and Focus' over the years, on the road and on track.

Not only that but Steeda's team live the fast Ford life:

Dario Orlando the founder of Steeda, is the winner of a prestigious award from Ford itself as one of 5 "Mustang Legends" along with icons such as Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones, Steve Saleen and Jack Roush. His grandfather worked for Ford 7 years after Henry Ford started the company and his father was a designer at Ford. Dario himself was a Ford test driver and helped develop the XR4i Sierras suspension, among other things! Dario was also a Ford racing driver and still turns the wheel on occasion for Steeda, recently driving our number S550 Mustang 20 race car to victory (again!) - picture below.

Glen Vitale, Steeda's Vice President is also an avid racer, and was the number 2 wheel man on the endurance leg of the number 20 Race Car's last win, and also owns his own dedicated MX5 race car, as well as racing the Steeda mk1 Focus race car. (as seen below in an early iteration!)

Racing is in Steeda's DNA. As Dario says, the track either proves you right, or shows you are wrong!

Scott Boda, our factory manager is an avid and successful drag racer, well used to popping wheelies as well as rivets...

Rodney Williamson, our head of Sales in the US, is a well respected and successful Mustang circuit racer with numerous wins racked up over the years.

Robbie Kazandjian head of Steeda UK, Steeda's European arm, doesn't have the experience of the above team, but has competed in sprints and won a couple of trophies too.

As well as these enthusiast racers at every level of the company there is our company history to reassure you that you are making the right choice when you choose Steeda.

Our ISO 9001 certification shows that we adhere to the highest quality standards, while our long relationship with Ford, including manufacturing parts for Ford tells you all you need to know. 

Some Steeda highlights for you to absorb: **

  • Steeda claim more wins and more championships and lap records with Steeda equipped cars than all of our rivals at Shelby, Roush and Saleen COMBINED
  • Steeda was the first company with an approved ECU calibration available in a Ford dealership
  • Steeda is the world's largest privately owned Performance Ford specialist
  • Steeda's 1993 Cobra R was the very first Cobra R to win a race in competition.   
  • Steeda's 1995 Cobra R Race Mustang won the championship and won more points than ALL THE OTHER MUSTANGS COMBINED!
  • In the SCCA National Run-Offs in 2006 ALL six Mustangs in the top positions are Steeda equipped.
  • In 2007 at Daytona, Tom Ellis not only wins with his Steeda Mustang and set a new Lap Record but also lapped EVERY other car in the race!
  • Also in 2007 the final race of the NASA American Iron Series was topped with a triple Steeda win when Robin Burnett, Aaron Bambach, and Rob Brent topped the podium. 
  • 2014, saw the release of the film of "The Need for Speed" featuring a hero Mustang as the lead car. Of course with no CGI and only real stunt driving, Hollywood needed the best. A total of seven Mustangs specially modified for the rigorous driving needed for the movie "Need for Speed” are built all using suspension modifications provided by Steeda Autosports.  
Below is a short video when Motor Trend magazine took out a few of the historic Steeda race cars from our collection.

so we hope that might make you think whenever you see a company making Mustang parts or claiming to be a Mustang or Ford specialist. Ask yourself this:

1. Do they ONLY work on Ford's or do they make parts for a variety of marques. If they do, then how much time can they dedicate to making sure the Ford parts are the best they can be? 

2. Do they race their cars and win?

3. Does Ford use them for manufacturing specialist performance parts and does Ford rate their owner as a "Mustang legend"?

Because if the answer isn't yes to those questions, perhaps you should try Steeda and experience "The Steeda Difference"

** rear more on our highlights page

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Steeda UK / EU Drag Board - Post Your Best!

As we are Sponsoring the US NMRA Drag All Stars, and there have been a few drag runs going on in the UK, we thought why not get a resource to track our best UK times so far, and what it took to achieve them!

Use the COMMENTS Section below this post to post up your Best ET and terminal velocity, alongside your car and its current setup at the time of the run!
Pics of the car and slips also welcome!

We will then compile a listing of results on this post:

Results in so far:

1. JIM: ET 12.85 @119 mph **
ET: 13.34/  TERMINAL: 107 mph    

at Long Marston 2016.First ever drag run so was fairly happy,used standard Auto setting. 

Car: 2016 Mustang GT Auto . Mods : only roush ab for drag run ,now have added whipple stage 2 /whipple tune/cradle lockout/wheel spacers and that's about it. (STEEDA- LETS SEE THE NEW TIMES! It should be pretty different!)
** UPDATE WITH CHARGER! Long Marston April/2017 

2. Andy (AKA Enoch) ET 13.1136 @ 106.96 mph

Car: 2016 Mustang GT Auto . Mods . Steeda linear springs , Jacking rails Steeda hood struts ,6G wheels 

3. Andrew (AKA Gibbo) ET  12.9  @115 mph

Car: 2015 Mustang GT PP, Manual, Custom Pack, Corsa Sport Catback, FRPP Handling Kit with Steeda Linear Springs, BMR CB005, BMR Vertical Links, Steeda Differential Inserts and more...

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Keep Your Fast Ford Safe! Secure Car Storage by Car Safe through Steeda UK

   Does your Ford Race Car need storing over winter?                      

Does your Ford Show Stopper need protecting?

Steeda UK know that our cars are more than just transport.

Whether it s a project you have put years into, your pride and joy just purchased, or a hardened race car honed over the years, they are all special to us. Its why we think "Speed Matters!". Sometimes the problems we have are not our cars (sometimes!!!) and our love of cars, but WHERE do we put them?

Putting off a purchase because you dont know where you will fit that project car / track car / show car?

Thinking about selling your pride and joy becuase you have run out of room? Well we have the solution...

CarSafe offers professional and secure vehicle storage solutions, operated by a passionate and experienced team of professionals.

The CarSafe team  treat every vehicle with the care and attention needed to ensure that each time an owner wants to access their vehicle, they can rest assured that it will have been looked after with consideration, care and attention every step of the way.

CarSafe's love of vehicles ensures an exclusive level of service to each and every customer, satisfying the particular needs of each vehicle and the individual preferences of all of their owners.

The highly secure, discreet storage facility has been developed to an excellent standard, offering clean, dry and dehumidified storage conditions throughout. The team is committed to delivering quality and convenience in equal measure as standard.

The facility is situated just 5 minutes from the main road network, offering excellent road access to Cambridge, East Anglia, London and the South East, the Midlands and beyond.

Car Safe offer three graded packages which we believe offer the best options for most vehicles. The package which is right for you will depend on all sorts of factors, and only you can make the decision when it comes to the preservation and maintenance of your vehicle.

Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages:


The Bronze Storage Package offers all of the following as standard:

  • Dehumidified, premier dedicated vehicle storage facility
  • Videographic handover procedure on receipt of vehicle*
  • Vehicle allowed to fully air-dry before admission to store
  • Showcase video of your vehicle following admission to store
  • Client login facility to access your vehicle's videos
  • Unique ID and barcode management of all vehicles, accessories & keys
  • Seat, steering wheel and floor covers fitted at all times
  • Drip tray placed below each vehicle to alert us to fluid leaks


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OZ Racing "Rally Racing" wheel - new for 2017

New for 2017 from our friends from OZ Racing, is this classic fan disc style rally wheel.

"The timeless and genuine racing icon is reborn. The waiting is over. Rally Racing, the wheel that made history in rally racing, is back with an even more modern and aggressive look." 

In the 90’s OZ put in the best performance at the World Rally Championships, where it fitted tires on the cars of some of the most important teams competing. One was the Toyota team led by pilot Carlos Sainz who actually won his first world title in 1990. The wheel is white with a recognizable central "disc” that sports the red OZ Racing logo written twice. The new Rally Racing wheel has the same distinguishing features, albeit updated. Using its timeless look as the starting point, the new Rally Racing wheel has been given new exclusive details such as the spoke shape which overlaps with the central disc and gives the wheel a different look, by making it seem even larger and more aggressive. The central disc is flat and features the traditional OZ Racing logo written twice."

Note lettering is not a sticker its under the lacquer, so cant come off.

Rally Racing is available in 17”, 18” and 19” and with a Race White + red lettering or Dark Graphite + Silver lettering finish starting from February 2017!

Order yours now from Steeda UK to be first to rock the Rally Racing look!

As you can see above it looks great on a Focus RS, but we would LOVE to see a set of 17" RRs on a Fiesta?

Who wants to be first? Contact us for a special lead user offer....

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Watch Out for Fakes!

Sometimes people want the best car parts they can buy but want to save a penny if they can.
That makes sense to us, but buyer beware! It's not just Gucci bags, Rolexes and Ray Bans that are faked all the time. 

The market in dodgy car parts is HUGE. Thats why you should always try and buy from a reputable source such as Steeda UK.
Even if the parts appear to be genuine Steeda or other brands, if you are buying online from Ebay etc, then you often can't be sure.

Just today our friends at Diode Dynamics sent us this warning about a new counterfeit product they have been made aware of:

PRODUCT AFFECTED: 2015-2017 Ford Mustang RGBWA DRL LED Boards 

Counterfeit: Text errors in LED labelling - note errors in spacing. Genuine: Clear, correct text spacing.
Counterfeit: Improper LED placement, and lack of function. Genuine: Fully tested, all LEDs aligned properly, tested before shipment, and fully functional.
Counterfeit: Large metal box for driver/control unit. Genuine: Plastic box, with branded label.
Counterfeit: Packaged in brown box, with no literature.
Genuine: Packaged in Diode Dynamics branded box, with installation guide.
Counterfeit: Ships from mainland China, available on marketplaces only (eBay etc) Genuine: Ships from Authorized Dealers only, none of which exist in China.

Be Aware and if you do see any fakes or dodgy product out there, please let us know!

If you do need genuine Diode Dynamics products, please let us know. We can supply any DD product not just those shown on our website currently.

And if you need a fresh batch of Steeda upgrades then we have them ready and waiting for you!

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