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2018 Race Round up - Speed Matters!

As Steeda celebrate our 30th anniversary, we also celebrate another great year of proving that "The Steeda Difference" matters on track. 

It's where we earned our great reputation for performance and quality and its not something we rest on our laurels about. Steeda keep on developing and keep on testing our theories on track. As Dario Orlando says, "The race track is a great place to prove your theories, as results do not lie!" Not only that but life on track is TOUGH, and its the fact that Steeda parts are built for the rigours of track life that allow us to offer our unrivalled LIFETIME warranty on so many parts. Just one of many benefits that goes straight from the track to benefit you, our great customers.

2018 was another great year for Steeda both on the road racing circuits AND on the drag strips and that winning pedigree has begun to spread into Europe with Steeda making our mark over here as well.

In the US, the Steeda Q500R wrapped up an impressive SAARC Championship win wheeled by both Dario and Vice President Glen Vitale. Not wanting to miss out on the action our head of manufacturing Scott Boda commanded the efforts on the drag strip and wheeled the Steeda "Silver Bullet" into the record books multiple times. He is currently deep into the 10s in an NA all motor 2018 GT automatic. Now THAT is fast! It shows what Steeda upgrades can do simply bolted on... No huge money engine builds, complex nitrous or anything mad... Power means nothing without traction.... (of course we helped the power too with our new 2018 CAI and tunes though)

Famous US based tuner Lund chose Steeda for their more extreme 2018 drag build and with Steeda traction too it to an amazing record grabbing 7.78 @ 177mph!

      Silver Bullet Drag car by Steeda

If you want to read more about the Silver Bullet, pop over to "Muscle Mustang and" to read an in depth article and watch a cool interview with Scott. (click the link in this line)

In Europe things were going just as well....

In the UK, Matt Binstead has been crushing the Clubman class in Time Attack 2018 in his Steeda sponsored Fiesta.

You can read more about UK Time Attack HERE

Steeda sponsored Matt Binstead Time Attack Fiesta ST

(Image courtesy of UK Time Attack)

On the Drag Strip at Santa Pod, Europe's home of drag racing, the RWYB Championship was won by David Kinghorn in a S550 GT with Steeda Stop The Hop package for traction plus a Steeda Race Shifter to make sure he never missed a gear!  David was chased onto the top step by Owen Waddingham ANOTHER Steeda customer with a Stop The Hop equipped Mustang GT, who finished a very respectable 4th place. So that's Steeda equipped Mustangs in 2 of the top 4 positions on an OPEN Championship where any car can apply. Great work fellas, go Team! David also proves that fitting Steeda parts doesn't cost money it makes money! Its an investment! (honest).

You can read about Owens car on our Feature Cars posts HERE

(Image courtesy of Santa Pod)

Owens Supercharged GT

You can read more about Santa Pod Run What Ya Brung Here: Click on this link

And remember to post up YOUR best times on our EU / UK Drag BOARD- They dont have to be world beating, just post your best and compare and keep updating as you improve...

Our great dealer in the Czech Republic Auto IN also put in work on the track, organising a fantastic track excursion and track test, where their Steeda equipped demo car, absolutely crushed a Shelby GT350 and a stock OEM Mustang to prove the "Steeda Difference". They used 3 cars on track, all driven by the same driver for a real comparison, and the Steeda car was 2.7 seconds a lap faster than the stock 2018 Mustang and 2 seconds a lap faster than the Shelby GT350

AUTO IN Demo car at the track

Our motto isnt "Speed Matters!" for nothing. Steeda live it every day...

Also please remember. Keep YOUR racing safe, on the track or at the strip but NOT on the road.

If you want to start getting a feel for off road driving and seeing what your Fast Ford can do, why not JOIN US on our next STEEDA DRIVING EXPERIENCE ON JUNE 29th. 2019?
You can't have more fun in your car and you can meet the Steeda UK team and fellow Steeda fans and compare cars and times.

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Steeda gets a world record 10 second time with MY2018 Mustang

Steeda set another world record with our development 2018 Mustang, pushing into the 10s for the first time for any Naturally Aspirated (NA) Mustang.

Scott Boda our factory manager and resident drag expert was the wheel man, with our tuning team and other support staff in attendance. The car featured a Steeda STOP THE HOP pack, our Drag Springs, and of course a Steeda Pro Flow Intake and Steeda Custom Tune as well as headers and some drag set up "little big" wheels.

The results speak for themselves.

Experience the Steeda difference. Equip your Ford with the best, proven on the track, on the drag strip and on the street.

Enjoy the vid below!

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Steeda Sponsor NMRA Drag Class

Steeda is continuing our commitment to racing – with over 28+ years on the track!

Steeda Autosports has entered into an agreement with NMRA to sponsor the Limited Street Class. The NMRA features the #1 all-Ford motorsport show in the United States, attracting the most racers, fans, sponsors, and contingency. The Steeda Autosports Limited Street Class is an entry-level power adder class, limited to a single power adder, designed for small blocks in 1954 and newer Ford bodied vehicles. Entries are limited to 302/351, 4.6L (2V/3V/4V), 5.0C, 5.4 and 5.8 Modular engine types.

Visit for more information on the NMRA series and full details on the new Steeda Autosports Limited Street Class.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Dont forget to send us us your UK & EU Drag times so we can post them up on our DRAG BOARD

New Springs for the S550:  Minimum Drop & Drag Racing
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Steeda UK / EU Drag Board - Post Your Best!

As we are Sponsoring the US NMRA Drag All Stars, and there have been a few drag runs going on in the UK, we thought why not get a resource to track our best UK times so far, and what it took to achieve them! If you have any EU runs then share them too!

Use the COMMENTS Section below this post to post up your Best ET and terminal velocity, alongside your car and its current setup at the time of the run!
Pics of the car and slips also welcome!

We will then compile a listing of results on this post:

As a comparative we will try and keep the top of the board updated with the Steeda "Silver Bullet" development cars time (Current world record for NA 2018!)

Currently: 10.56 second ET and 129m MPH Terminal

Results in so far:

1. JIM: ET 12.85 @119 mph **
ET: 13.34/  TERMINAL: 107 mph    

at Long Marston 2016.First ever drag run so was fairly happy,used standard Auto setting. 

Car: 2016 Mustang GT Auto . Mods : only roush ab for drag run ,now have added whipple stage 2 /whipple tune/cradle lockout/wheel spacers and that's about it. (STEEDA- LETS SEE THE NEW TIMES! It should be pretty different!)
** UPDATE WITH CHARGER! Long Marston April/2017 

2. Andy (AKA Enoch) ET 13.1136 @ 106.96 mph

Car: 2016 Mustang GT Auto . Mods . Steeda linear springs , Jacking rails Steeda hood struts ,6G wheels 

3. Andrew (AKA Gibbo) ET  12.9  @115 mph

Car: 2015 Mustang GT PP, Manual, Custom Pack, Corsa Sport Catback, FRPP Handling Kit with Steeda Linear Springs, BMR CB005, BMR Vertical Links, Steeda Differential Inserts and more...

4. DJ Daffyd  - ET 13.49 @ 105 -

Car: 2010 Mustang GT 5spd  : at Shakespear Raceway (RIP), and mods are Eibach pro kit, Tokico dspec, 3.73 gears, roush shortthrow, eibach sway bar kit, Steeda Tune

5. Steve Unsworth - 10.64@128mph, - possibly the fastest mod motor mustang in the United Kingdom. (Thats what we like to hear!)

Car: Gecko drag race team 1998 mustang GT 

4.6 2v mod motor Stock pi heads and cams, Teksid block +030 all forged rotating assembly, Vortech V1 supercharger,  T45 trans 
Lots of other stuff which I won't mention as I'll be here all day lol 

6. Manders : 13.1580 @ 106.28 - EcoBoost Mustang - Manual Tran - Santa pod Mods: All of them.

7. Owen Waddingham- 
Back to back 10.75@130.1 mph and 10.73 @129.8. - Santa Pod

2017 GT5.0 Auto, roush supercharger phase 2 kit, Kooks long piles and borla S type, Wizards of nos system with fully programmable extreme 2 controller. mapping by VMP. Lots of other mods to suspension (including full Steeda Stop The Hop Package) and drive train. All stock internals, full factory interior, tyres- Mickey Thompson Street ET SS. Radials on stock rear wheels.

8. David Kinghorn: 2018 RYWB Champion at Santa Pod : ET: 11.6273 sec, TS: 125.22mph

2016 GT 5.0 Auto , Steeda Stop The Hop pack. Steeda Tri-Ax Race Shifter.

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We know quite a lot of our European Mustang customers have been dipping their feet into the pool at the UK's dragstrips, so here is a little inspiration for you...

Who will have the first 10 second time, then 9 second time? Please your bets (or make your bold claims!) here.
Post up your best times so far, and what Steeda mods you have (or need!) to help you on the way....
(Comments below)

Steeda always prove ourselves on track. Whether its a circuit, or a drag strip or a sprint course, we are here to help you win!

Promedia, promotors of the National Mustang Racers Association and National Muscle Car Association event series, announced that Steeda Autosports is the Presenting Sponsor of NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, April 6-9, 2017. For over 29 years, Steeda has been committed to providing the best in high performance vehicles and parts for drag racing, street performance and road racing.

Dario Orlando, owner of Steeda Autosports, is stepping up his commitment to drag racing and its participants in 2017. He said he is passionate about sponsoring three talented racers this year in the NMRA. Steeda’s "Racing Ambassadors,” as he refers to them, will be out in full force in Atlanta.

Chris Parisi, a multi-time champion named 2016 NMRA Driver of the Year, will be competing, seen below burning out his Guards green S550 featuring a Steeda Race Wing and a full rack of Steeda suspension upgrades.

as will Donnie Gilder (below) in his 9-second turbocharged 2015 Mustang GT, and Melissa Urist, in her 1,400- plus horsepower S550. These drivers are continually pushing boundaries, and are ready to rock at the All-Star Nationals. Come out to the Atlanta Dragway and meet the team from Steeda Autosports, the world’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of Ford performance equipment be a part of the ultimate Blue Oval challenge that racers rival for.

Fans who come out to the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals presented by Steeda will witness the baddest and wildest Modular- and Coyote-powered Ford Mustangs in America. But that’s only part of it. Because this is a combined NMRA/NMCA event, all domestic brands will be packing the track, including Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats, six generations of Chevy Camaros, not to mention a huge field of classic Nostalgia Super Stocks and ground-pounding Pro Mods!

To help your car launch like a pro, fit our range of Steeda Mustang suspension upgrades, starting with our legendary "Stop the Hop" pack.

If you need more power, from a Whipple charger to a Pro Flow cold air intake, we can help there too! Check out our Mustang Power Upgrades

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Another Win for Steeda's Number 20 Race Mustang!


MARCH 14, 2017
Driving the 2017 Steeda Autosports Q500R Ford Mustang, drivers Dario Orlando and
Glen Vitale nearly swept the weekend at Palm Beach International Raceway (Palm
Beach, FL), taking two wins and a second place finish in the triple-race, Bud Memorial
Double SARRC ECR Challenge. The event included two 20-minute sprint races and a
1.5-hour Enduro that included refueling and a driver change.

Orlando, who drove both sprint races, qualified the yellow and black Number 20 Ford on
pole in both twin South Atlantic Road Race Championships events. Admittedly rusty, he
struggled at the start of the first race and spun on the second lap—but despite having
not competed in over two years, he gathered the Mustang and fought his way back to
grab a second-place podium finish. "It was great to get back in competition,” said
Orlando. "We’ve worked diligently to produce a Mustang with greatly enhanced handling
performance, but one that’s easy to drive at the limit. Our Q-series Mustangs are
balanced and do well on the street or the track. In fact, one of the reasons we race is to
show enthusiasts they can have the very best parts whether they drive on the street or
track,” Orlando added.

Orlando was better prepared for the second sprint race. He rocketed to a great start and
despite a strong challenge from the Number 52 BMW M3 (see photo), he was able to
maintain the lead and take the victory. "It was a challenge staying ahead of the
supercharged M3,” stated Orlando, "However, the Steeda Mustang prevailed and it was
really exciting to take a win. Our Q500R utilizes a tuned 5.0L Coyote engine, a stock
transmission and our full Steeda G-Trac suspension, with Pro Action adjustable shocks.
It’s stuff you can buy and adapt easily to any S550 Mustang. This system really
enhances performance and we offer a few levels depending on your demands.”

The team concluded the weekend running the 1.5-hour ECR Enduro, where Orlando
took his third pole of the weekend. SCCA regular and Steeda team driver, Glen Vitale,
took the first stint, and he made the most of Orlando’s P1 starting position. Vitale jetted
to the lead, poured the coals to the Steeda Q500R and never looked back. He ran fast
and clean, leading the race until half way, when he pitted for refueling and to hand the
reigns to Orlando. With 30 minutes to go, Orlando got back in the mix and held off the
field for a true flag-to-flag victory.

"It was an amazing race weekend for our team,” said Orlando. "The car performed well,
the only glitch was a wiped stock clutch during the end of the last race. We plan to
upgrade to an Exedy clutch and we’ll be back to the track. We use this car to develop
new Steeda parts, so we’re always pushing and learning. And we can’t want to get
back, take a look at the Mustang and then do our job making the best parts for our

Congratulations to the team at Steeda HQ from everyone at Steeda UK!

Link to Article one about the Steeda S550 Mustang Race Car build complete with a component build list


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