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2018 Mustang - Steeda Developments Underway for Launch Day!

Working behind the scenes and in secrecy over the past several months, Steeda’s Engineering team has been burning the midnight oil to maximizing the most performance from the new Ford Mustang with Cold Air Intake kits, Lowering Springs, Sway Bars, IRS Components and more.

Steeda has announced & made available, a vast list of performance upgrades to order at "job one”. Eager customers taking delivery of the first new 2018 Mustangs in just over a few weeks have plenty of options from Steeda to choose from.

The upgraded "dual-fuel” injection (high pressure direct injection combined with low-pressure port injection) 5.0L sees a power increase to 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the fastest Mustang ever produced – while the gains represent a large increase from the 2017 Mustang, Steeda’s team saw great potential with this new technology to refine it and deliver even more power, improved drivability and fuel economy from fine-tuned performance upgrades.

Suspension wise, the 2018 Mustang receives an impressive option from the factory with MagneRide adaptive dampers (previously available only in the GT350), delivering big handling improvements. Steeda’s Product Development Team has been testing and dialing in new suspension components to compliment the MagneRide equipped 2018 Mustang GT & EcoBoost Performance Pack models.

And Steeda is just getting started! Steeda will have available, dozens of more upgrades for the new 2018 Mustang GT & EcoBoost models on the horizon in the upcoming months – stay tuned for even more news on Steeda’s Performance Vehicle line-up of Mustangs available in the upcoming months.
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Steeda Sponsor NMRA Drag Class

Steeda is continuing our commitment to racing – with over 28+ years on the track!

Steeda Autosports has entered into an agreement with NMRA to sponsor the Limited Street Class. The NMRA features the #1 all-Ford motorsport show in the United States, attracting the most racers, fans, sponsors, and contingency. The Steeda Autosports Limited Street Class is an entry-level power adder class, limited to a single power adder, designed for small blocks in 1954 and newer Ford bodied vehicles. Entries are limited to 302/351, 4.6L (2V/3V/4V), 5.0C, 5.4 and 5.8 Modular engine types.

Visit for more information on the NMRA series and full details on the new Steeda Autosports Limited Street Class.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Dont forget to send us us your UK & EU Drag times so we can post them up on our DRAG BOARD

New Springs for the S550:  Minimum Drop & Drag Racing
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Steeda Driving Experience- 2 North Weald Airfield Friday 22nd September 2017

Have a blast with Steeda at North Weald Aerodrome! Join us on Friday 22nd September to show off your Ford!
A full day of driving action, giving you the chance to learn how your car handles at the limit.
Unlike a traditional track day, this airfield based days allows you to really push in a "one at a time" driving environment based on a huge open pan with nothing but cones to hit.

No Armco! No other drivers! 

No helmets required, just a driving licence and a willingness to have fun in your car.

The day lasts all day from 9AM (but get there earlier to get your car ready and sign in etc) till 4pm, and we firmly believe its the best fun you can have in your car for the money. Meet your fellow Steeda lovers and Ford owners and jump in each others cars in between your own runs to experience something different too.

Normally the day consists of mastering a high speed bend int he morning, then running a couple of small timed circuits in the afternoon.

Noise limits do apply however, so if you have a super loud car, you probably will be barred!

North Weald is on the M11, one junction up from the M25.

Ticket is for one car slot so feel free to share the drive with your friend. Cost for one slot is £89 inc vat. BOOK YOUR SLOT HERE

If you dont want to drive feel free to come along and hang out and say hello! This should be a relaxed fun day out for everyone. Slots are strictly limited to maximise driving time for everyone so book now while they are available. Buy multiple slots and come along with your friends!

Our first day was a great success. You can read about it and look at some pictures here:


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Feature Car- Steeda Mondeo Sport - FOR SALE

This month's early feature car edition is a little different, it's our very own Steeda Mondeo Sport, and as another demo car is incoming to Steeda UK (stay tuned!) she has to make room. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth will occur when she is gone, as I absolutely love this car.

The Mondeo Sport started out as the extremely handsome Ford Mondeo Titanium spec and comes fully loaded with practically everything Ford could throw at it.
Its the 2.0 Ecoboost (same as the Focus ST) automatic with sport mode gearbox and paddle shifters.

The car exterior features a full ford optional body kit with black accents and also the optional rear spoiler. We opted for the hatchback rather than the estate; for one it's GORGEOUS, but also surprisingly has more load space than the estate unless the seats are down and you load it right to the roof. Load space is also amazing for the passengers and its easy to seat 5 large adults in comfort.

Mentioning the roof, it benefits from the Ford panoramic glass roof which offers an expanse of tinted glass to your passengers and you can enjoy the huge feeling of space the new Mondeo offers. This matches up with the tinted rear windows to offer coolness and privacy as well as a cracking red/black combo that looks oh so good.

Other options include the uprated Sony sat nav and stereo system with reverse camera and sensors, plus automatic city stop crash avoidance.

Ford have clearly made a cracking car here, and thats where Steeda step in, to make something good great.
As you can see from the pictures the Steeda lowering sport springs combined with magnificent OZ Racing 20" wheels give the car an incredible stance and presence.

What you can't see are the incredible handling benefits the package gives. Combined with the Steeda rear anti roll bar, the lightweight wheels combined with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres give unbelievable road handling in a car of this size. The agility is mindblowing and the change of direction happens in an instant.


Rear shot showing uprated springs, roll bar and exhaust. Engine bay showing Steeda Cold Air Intake for enhanced power and sound

Steeda adds to the Mondeo Sport package with a power pack formed of a Steeda Cold Air Intake and a catback exhaust from Magnaflow to give an enhanced soundtrack and throttle response and boost power to 250 hp.

The overall package saves weight, around 20KG in total, and best of all the majority is unsprung and rotational weight meaning the maximum in performance gains, as well as improved MPG. We saw a lifetime 30mpg, which in this big unit is pretty impressive and certainly very liveable.

A subtle Steeda windscreen decal completes the exterior and a Steeda SSV plate in the engine bay shows you that you are rolling in one of Steeda's finest.

The Mondeo Sport proved a big draw at Ford Fair this year with a lot of people admiring and complimenting her. 
So thanks to everyone who stopped by and now it is your chance to own her and treat her well!

The Mondeo Sport has around 11,000 miles on her now and has had her first Ford service.

The new demo car will be here VERY soon so we are looking for a very quick sale to find her a good home. £18,500 OBO
Car is based in North London


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Collectors Unicorn Exhaust for Focus RS / ST mk2!

One thing we love at Steeda is our customers. One of our many great customers is Allan Wilkinson. Allan's industry credentials are a "whose who" of the motor industry having forged a reputation as one of the world’s top car design engineers, and he has worked for BMW, Jaguar and Toyota, as well being ex Ford Racing chief engineer and Ford icon via his legendary 1974 Escort Mexico advert from days of yore!

Not one to stand still Allan moved onto the Mk2 Focus RS 500. He started by recreating the epic Mexico advert (minus the awesome suit):


More importantly  Allan also went on to create a bespoke one off Focus RS high performance exhaust, made to his specification by the factory. When he told us about it, and the fact it was just sitting in his garage gathering dust we knew one of the many Ford Focus RS fans out there would want a unique and one off piece of Ford history on their own car. 

The exhaust is a one off big bore design from front to back, designed to look stock but offer greatly enhanced performance. It will be for sale via auction on Ebay HERE-CLICK HERE FOR AUCTION LINK

NOTE The car will also fit Focus ST mk2 as well, especially good for the many "upgunned" STs out there, but we think this amazing one off find is perfect for an RS500 owner who wants to keep theirs "all Ford" but add a one off bit of history to it as well.

The proceeds will of course be going to Allan to help fund development on his new Fast Ford, an S550 Mustang GT, which he has already started tweaking. being a man in the know, he has of course chosen Steeda parts to adorn his new pony car. 


On to the exhaust in question:

Allan wanted maximum performance, which is only to be expected from a motorsport chief engineer, so he went for a big bore system for reduced back pressure and optimal turbo performance. As a race engineer too, he threw out the cat, but designed a unique under floor cat housing that houses a resonator which can easily be swapped out for a stock cat should you need one for MOT purposes etc.

Not only that but Allan had identified and solved the issue with bolts working their way loose on Focus RS exhaust systems, and his design eliminates this frequent and aggravating problem. Some highlights below from the design documents, which the winning bidder will get e-copies of along with the system itself.

Back pressure figures:
68KPa - Focus RS- stock system
92Kpa - Focus RS 500 - stock system = Increase in EBP causes power loss
46KPa -AW design system - Reduced EBP enables an increase in power of up to 50BHP

Allan's design also addressed how the exhaust sounds:

Base Line
ocus RS 500 - The high Tail Pipe frequencies cause a so called 'Rush-Noise' (a muffled blowing noise) = Increase in 'Rush-Noise'
AW Designed system-  Reduction in 'Rush-Noise' - The high frequency noise content is reduced by the 3 additional resonators, contained within the system, converting the Tail Pipe 'Rush-Noise' into a more sporty low frequency 'bark/roar'.

PIC of a back box Prototype showing resonator design plus a copy of the one of the original design schematics

Pic of the Under Floor Cat Housing design:

The Big Bore Down Pipe

Appearance wise the system looks almost stock, but the eagle eyes will spot the larger bore, and of course when the engine is fired up they will hear the difference!


If you want to own a piece of Focus RS history, designed by a Ford legend as well as fitting your car with a UNIQUE ONE OFF FORD MADE exhaust system, AND support Louise Cook in her Ford WRC endeavours then bid away!

Good luck!!!!

NOTE this is not a "used" system. It was fitted to a car once for dyno proving of the design, but since then has been unused.

This sale is between the buyer and Allan, Steeda UK are just hosting the sale as a favour for one of our customers and because it sounded like such a cool thing, we thought it was a crime to leave it hidden in a garage. We have no connection to the system on sale, and will not warranty or guarantee the sale or item in question. All information is given in good faith as received from Allan.

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Steeda Driving Experience - What an Experience!

The whole Steeda and Haynes team had a great time and so did our customers, who brought down a great selection of Mustangs, plus a Focus RS.

Caged customers waiting for release:

Mr weather also smiled on us as the sun was blazing ,but our new "Steeda tent" also got a work out with the monsoon attack in the afternoon, which provided us all with an "instant skid pan"

My personal highlights were many, but it was very satisfying to see a nervous pack of new owners and strangers evolving in to all out attack squad by the afternoon, creating smoke screens and spinning happily all around the circuit and launching with gusto, and above all having a laugh with each other too.

Also thanks to Pete from Michelin who had an enjoyable time and was it seems held hostage by Russell, haha!

Remember that Steeda recommend Michelin tyres as without good tyres performance means nothing, something Mac went OUT OF HIS WAY to prove (you may have seen the video!)

All in all it was a great day and great to meet everyone.

We have already put plans together for a repeat performance so book your slot  on Friday 22nd of September, now as we will be keeping numbers low again to keep the "maximum driving time" that we enjoyed this time. 

We also plan to try and arrange some "driver training days" which I highly recommend. Stay tuned for more news.

Enjoy some pictures on our gallery below, including some courtesy of Beege from M6G. Thanks!

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