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Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang

The release announcement of the latest and in terms of sheer coolness definitely the greatest Steeda special edition Mustang yet.

We are very proud to announce the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang

Bullitt Steeda McQueen Edition

"Ford’s Mustang has always been a big part of my dad’s legend. I wanted to kick the already strong performance up several notches without losing that essential style that makes this car so desirable.   Less is more.  This Special Edition reflects the lessons my dad ingrained in me about what made his personal cars so desirable.”

Chad McQueen, Professional Racer & Steve McQueen’s only son


Too Hot for the Day -- Too Cool for the Night

There’s cool… And there’s Steve McQueen catching air and fishtailing through the streets of San Francisco cool… 

Steve McQueen. Whether on the silver screen or in real life he embodied effortless Cool.

It’s that Twinkle in the eye. A little Swagger. That quiet don’t-mess-with-this-guy-confidence. Nonchalant. Composed. Always calm.

Yet hardwired for action. Friendly. But slightly aloof. Controlled. But with a hint of ready violence lurking nearby.

Steve McQueen was who every little boy wanted to grow up to be.  And every grown man imagined themselves to be.  

The Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang is the car every little boy wants to grow up to drive.  And every grown man imagines in his garage.

STRICTLY LIMITED to 300 units globally / year and based off the Bullitt Mustang (only available during the allocated window from Ford)
This collectors
edition which be one to treasure forever...

Aside from the fact its GORGEOUS sitting on specially created HRE wheels and Steeda's stunningly effective suspension in the legendary Bullitt Highland Green colour this Bullitt will take performance to the next level.... Just as Steve would have wanted....

With numbers low, contact Haynes ASAP to put your order in for a base Bullitt and let them know you want it to become a Steeda McQueen Edition.

Initial SPEC:

Steve McQueen would be proud - Frank Bullitt would be jealous

To check the specs see our Steeda SSV Steve McQueen Bullitt Edition page: HERE

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MY2018 Mustang Launch - So Much Goodness. Ford LISTENS!

Steeda UK were lucky enough to be invited along by our great friends Ford UK to the new MY 18 Mustang press launch at Santa Pod this week.

They were also kind enough to attend our last Steeda Driving Experience and bring along a new MY18 for me to have a go in so we could get a feel for what was coming! OK OK, the US has had it for a while and is setting records already, but we want to see what the fuss is about here as a LOT that the EU edition Mustang S550 initially missed out on has been rectified with is facelift launch....

They also brought along their Ford Heritage Mustang, which is Supercharged, has a bunch of Ford Performance and Steeda parts on it, and also now a cracking set of Velgen Split 5 Wheels, shod of course with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres! With the new wheels and its new look stripes, we all agreed it looked knock out!

So what is the fuss about with the 18 update? Surely it just looks a bit different up front?

Orange Fury Mustang with 5 spoke forge option

Answer: A LOT! Ford has clearly listened to EU and UK market feedback carefully and a number of 'minor' misses which meant a LOT to customers have been rectified; such as:

1. DRL Running Lights!!!! YES!!!! The Tribars finally light up!

2. Hood Vents! Yes we finally have them, and yes they look GOOOD!

3. An exhaust! OK well the old GT had an exhaust, but nobody noticed... this a MUSTANG 5.0 V8 dammit! Now with the active valved quad tip system people will sit up and pay attention! IF you want them to! Good neighbour mode, means you can calm down the V8 thunder when you want.

4. Michelin Tyres as standard! Yes a LOT of people were not impressed by the OEM Pirellis and now things have stepped up by bringing Steeda's chosen tyre partner in Europe on board as the OEM provider! We wholeheartedly agree!

5. RECAROS! Sport seats options at last!

6. A better selection of OEM wheels. OK they are still 19" but at least there are some choices now. We still say a set of Velgens will trump the lot!  8)  - OK perhaps this one was just me? But anyway....

Of course this isn't all, but all of the above directly answers EU customer feedback and we applaud the Blue Oval for taking note and stepping up in a big way!

So what else is new?

7. BULLITT! Ah yeah the Highland Green (and black????) beauty is back in S550 guise, with looks, power, handling and more. This special Edition launches in June for pre order with deliveries beginning towards the end of the year. Perhaps if you can get a friend to order a black one, you can recreate the chase... (just don't tell them before they buy that the black car will lose...and crash and burn). There is a LOT of excitement around the arrival of the Bullitt version.

OK, OK back to the "normal" changes......

8. POWER! The new high tech injection V8 takes thing forward with the magical combo of more power (450bhp or so) AND more MPG! The 2.3 Ecoboost is returned to have a little lower BHP but better torque so better all around performance and eco figures.

9. Transmission upgrades. The auto goes beserk adding 4 MORE cogs to create a 10 speed BEAST! which Steeda has been doing wonders with .. Check our "Silver Bullet " development car in action below: Also the 6 speed manual is upgraded to a twin clutch system and the ratios have been jiggled a bit...

10. MAGNERIDE! Yes the GT350 hyper accurate magnetic, electrically controlled damping system is now a very nice and affordable option. A great starting point for someone who wants a capable comfortable car, 

11. TFT hi tech dash display. Adjustable and sexy. We like it, bringing the Mustang firmly into the 21st century!

12. DRAG MODE! Need we say more?

13. Orange Fury! And more great colours!

14. Gadgets! Doodads like lane assist, auto brake, auto headlights, etc. Things we loved in the Mondeo now make an appearance in the pony car. great! 

15, 16 etc OK there was a load more stuff, but that's the main stuff I can remember! 


Well Ford has smashed it out of the park. 
The package is (and was!) a great starting point, but now, especially with the exhaust and magneride, someone can drive away thinking, great, no need to get stuck in straight away!

Of course the option to personalise it, style it and to improve performance is still there (just see the silver bullet above!) and we at Steeda are here to help you create your perfect Mustang, but Ford have just given us an even better tool to sharpen! Hats off fellas!

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iNews- The Q500 finds another fan! + Q500 Dyno Run testing

A great review from iNews!



"It immediately feels more focused and connected, although the ride is also better at dealing with rough roads. It’s more incisive, has lots more grip, and the extra sharpness of the steering is also welcome."

"Chuck in an exhaust system that’s pure Bullitt and you’ve a fully-honed sports car that’s a world away from a regular Mustang. It feels like Porsche’s given it the once-over and perfected it into something more eager, agile and immediate, "

We also took the Q500 down to our Friends and approved Steeda installers Perfect Touch for a couple of dyno runs and have set up a
STEEDA DYNO SHOOT OUT DAY on Saturday June 23rd (9am til 4pm)

Contact Perfect Touch at Unit 1 Hannah Nursery, Sewardstone Road, London, E4 7RG, to book your slot on the day.

Tel: 01992 443900  

ONLY 10 dynoslots available. £60 for a couple of pulls and we can arrange Steeda installs with before and after dynos on the day in advance. (eg CAI install or catback etc)

See below for our vid of our runs, and get down and see what YOUR fast Ford can do!

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Pistonheads - Another cracking Q500 Review!

Well Pistonheads, the UKs premier car enthusiast discussion forum and website, just published their review of the Q500 and they love it as well.

"there can be little doubt the Q500 is a world away from a normal 5.0-litre model in terms of eagerness, agility and immediacy. It's not flighty or edgy, rather a vast improvement that makes the Enforcer immensely more satisfying to drive"

You can read the full review here:

Pistonheads Q500 Enforcer First Drive

And feel free to add to the comments with your good (hopefully!) Steeda experiences!

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EVO review and Top Gear Review- They love the Q500 Enforcer

We are proud to say that two of the biggest names in the UK motoring scene (and indeed the world motoring scene!) absolutely loved their first drives in the Steeda Q500 Enforcer.

EVO rated it 4.5 /5 stars, and sang its praises, saying it was perfect for back road blasts and was "far more entertaining and satisfying than any other Mustang we've driven on UK roads"

We are not going to give more away, but let's just say make sure you buy the EVO May 2018 copy (issue 247)


EVO Q500 Review May 2018 Cover   EVO May 2018 Q500 Enforcer Review

Top Gear concurred, saying its incredible handling meant that it was great for country roads and as a track weapon. They also reflected our "Factory Plus" quality description saying:
"For an aftermarket car it feels very well engineered. If I’d driven it blind and someone had told me it was a factory production car....I reckon I’d have believed them. It’s not as feisty or dramatic as a GT350R, but that’s the sort of vibe it has."

You can read the Top Gear Review here:

TOP GEAR Q500 Enforcer First Drive Review

Q500 Top Gear Review

Image Courtesy of Terry Ffrench-Graham Photography

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Steeda - The Steeda Difference

We are very happy to say that our message, that cars with the Steeda Difference shine, is really getting through in the UK.

Many of the UK's ultimate Fords are rolling with Steeda packages. We deal with every aspect of the car world from hardcore drag and track cars to street beauties and killer show cars. Steeda has your Ford covered.

On track, Fiesta ST Time Attack up and comer Matt Binstead is hoping that Steeda support can make the difference in the 2018 season, while veteran Mustang S197 racer Alex Peters at Black Sun Racing experienced the Steeda difference going from no wins to a championship with a host of Steeda upgrades.

Matt Binstead Time Attack Fiesta ST   Black Sun Racing Mustang

On the drag strip, while the Steeda US development MY2018 Mustang "the Silver bullet" has been setting world records getting deep into the 10's on the 1/4 with Steeda bolt ons, while still normally aspirated, here in the UK, Steeda have been repping with Owen's charged S550 "sleeper" putting out over 800 hp and now able to put it down with a full Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack. A MUST if you are supercharged.

Owen fitted it and couldn't believe the difference! "I can launch in a straight line now!"

He promptly headed to the newly resurfaced Santa Pod, the UK drag Mecca, and set down the fastest time yet seen on the shiny new strip! Here he is braving the Siberian elements at the great #Petrolheadonism event at Sywell Airfield.

World records keep tumbling every time the Steeda Silver Bullet hits the strip!

If thrashing your fast Ford on track isn't your cup of tea no problem, Steeda UK have helped deliver some of the most stunning show cars in the UK.

Ed Offers Muscleworks demo car is laden with Steeda goodies not to mention his second set of stunning Velgen wheels (every show car needs a change up now and then!). Of course Ed's car is yet another Steeda magazine cover car, and deservedly so.

Ian Simpson went all out to create an S550 "Mach One" replica, and determined to make sure it performed how it should, which meant a full package of Steeda performance upgrades. Of course with a cracking car like that and Steeda advice and know how backing the build, why WOULDN'T it be a cover car? Mustang64 can deliver you a similar car if you want.

One of the UK's premier exhaust companies, Milltek Sports wanted to build a Mustang show car and they also turned to Steeda to make sure it went as well as it sounded! You can see the feature car page about their demo car BY CLICKING HERE or on the pic below:

Milltek demo car feature

On our most recent Steeda Driving Experience day which we hosted for the Simply Mustang UK group, Steeda customer Dave Rogerson not only looked and sounded great, but his full equipped car (below) dominated on the day, taking the crown in all three disciplines.

Dave Rogerson GT Supercharged Beast

Proving that power isn't everything his well balanced car on great Michelin rubber mounted on Velgen VMB9s showed that Steeda bring a TOTAL PACKAGE to every car we create. Another supercharged car on the day, with no suspension mods tried to accelerate away and shot straight off the road. Remember what we said above. If you want a big power Mustang, the the Steeda Stop The Hop pack is a MUST. We care about our customers, and wrecked cars isn't what we want to see.

All these amazing cars and we haven't even gotten to our range of SSV purpose built cars. The reviews the Steeda Mustang Q500 Enforcer has received have been great.

City Am Q500 Review

City AM declared it the UK's best Mustang, and rated it higher than the BMW M4 Competition pack, the Audi RS5 and the Mercedes C63AMG.

EVO rated it 4.5 / 5 stars (basically their highest mark!) and claimed it has... "a chassis you can trust and exploit, the Q500 Enforcer is FAR MORE entertaining and satisfying than ANY OTHER Mustang we’ve driven on UK roads” (our emphasis)

So there we go, if you didn't understand the concept of the Steeda Difference, we hope you do now.

To put it simply. Steeda Wins. If your specialist ISN'T recommending Steeda, perhaps you should be asking why?

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