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Steeda Q500 Enforcer - UK Demo Car

Q500 Enforcer nose and Steeda splitter
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Feature Car! Steeda Q350 Sport - Haynes demo car

Our main Steeda SSV (Steeda Serialised Vehicles) dealer, Haynes Ford of Maidstone, have put together this lovely Grabber Blue 2.3 Ecoboost demonstrator to both grab your attention and to prove that the Ecoboost is not the "lesser" Mustang, just a different beast to the GT V8.

We think you will agree they have made some stunning choices, going well beyond the Steeda Q350 Sport's base pack with some tasteful additions to create a cracking car which performs as well as it looks.

The grabber blue contrasts beautifully with the subtle Steeda Q350 graphics package of Sidewinder Stripe and colour coded windscreen decal, while the gloss black roof matches the Steeda gloss black Q Series rear spoiler and Steeda ST-R 20" wheels sitting snug on Steeda Progressive Sport Springs complete the look.

Subtle details like the Diode Dynamics smoked rear sidemarkers add to the "factory plus" ethos that marks out Steeda creations and the rear STEEDA decklid nomenclature shows that this is a true blue (don't excuse the pun) SSV creation.

Peeking out below the diffuser is a Magnaflow Street catback our recommended choice for the Ecoboost Mustang.
It looks great and sounds great and helps free up performance from the Ford 2.3 Ecoboost turbocharged powertrain.

The interior hasn't been excluded from attention either with the lucky driver getting to grip a Ford GT350 alcantara clad steering wheel, and shift via a Steeda "Cue Ball" shift knob sitting on a Steeda billet aluminium shift collar. No matter whether you are sitting in traffic or at the track, tactile upgrades like these can be appreciated every time you drive.

The lesser weight of the 2.3 Ecoboost engine means this Mustang enjoys fantastic front end handling, allowing for a sharper turn in and later braking, all of course optimised by the Steeda suspension mods the Q350 enjoys, based around the Steeda Progressive Springs and IRS base pack, and including an optional Steeda Strut Tower Brace up front to help liven up the engine bay. Steeda hood struts help show it off, alongside the Steeda Pro Flow Cold Air intake.

Robbie Dunn, Haynes's Steeda product specialist was very impressed after comparing the Q350 to a GT on a Steeda Driving Experience session, noting how well the Q350 performed.

So what are you waiting for. Get along to Haynes to book a test drive and start planning your own Q Series Mustang.
Q350 Sport, Q500 Enforcer or even the mighty Q750 StreetFighter. Haynes will help you choose right!

Haynes have also made this great little walk around vid to help experience the Q350. Enjoy!

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Feature Car! Milltek GT S550 Mustang

One of the UK's biggest hitting aftermarket performance companies and a natural partner for Steeda UK, Milltek lost no time in getting a development Mustang so they could begin to work their exhaust magic on it. They also lost no time in making sure that it was rocking enough power to make a big impact by installing a supercharger, and added a raft of Steeda suspension parts to make sure they could keep that power on the road where it belongs.

Suspension wise, a Steeda BumpSteer kit helps keep the front end going the direction the driver wants, while Steeda front and rear roll bars with Steeda billet mounts help minimise body roll, and keep the underside looking as good as the exterior.

To keep the S550s wheel hop under control, magnified by the supercharged power at the wheels, the full Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack is deployed, featuring Steeda IRS full pack (IRS Alignment Bushes, IRS Braces and IRS Support Bushes) alongside Steeda Vertical Links and Adjustable Toe Links.

Of course also underneath the car runs (as you would expect!) a full Milltek Quad non resonated exhaust system with X pipe to release that glorious V8 sound.

Milltek Mustang GT Quad tips rear end

Shift action inside is improved via a Steeda MT82 transmission bush while the interior also benefits from an alcantara trimmed wheel as well.

Milltek GT Steeda UK Interior

As you would expect with a development car for Milltek, its up and down all the time in their development workshop, and as such a set of Steeda Jacking Rails was an essential purchase.

Milltek UK demo car Steeda UK

You might think looking at this beast that all the development work has been done but Milltek have been beavering away to create a fully CAN-BUS integrated active exhaust system for those who want to keep their options open and their neighbours (or family) friendly! NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!

So stay tuned for more great products from Milltek and Steeda UK!

Images courtesy of Milltek.

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Feature Car- Steeda Mondeo Sport - FOR SALE

This month's early feature car edition is a little different, it's our very own Steeda Mondeo Sport, and as another demo car is incoming to Steeda UK (stay tuned!) she has to make room. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth will occur when she is gone, as I absolutely love this car.

The Mondeo Sport started out as the extremely handsome Ford Mondeo Titanium spec and comes fully loaded with practically everything Ford could throw at it.
Its the 2.0 Ecoboost (same as the Focus ST) automatic with sport mode gearbox and paddle shifters.

The car exterior features a full ford optional body kit with black accents and also the optional rear spoiler. We opted for the hatchback rather than the estate; for one it's GORGEOUS, but also surprisingly has more load space than the estate unless the seats are down and you load it right to the roof. Load space is also amazing for the passengers and its easy to seat 5 large adults in comfort.

Mentioning the roof, it benefits from the Ford panoramic glass roof which offers an expanse of tinted glass to your passengers and you can enjoy the huge feeling of space the new Mondeo offers. This matches up with the tinted rear windows to offer coolness and privacy as well as a cracking red/black combo that looks oh so good.

Other options include the uprated Sony sat nav and stereo system with reverse camera and sensors, plus automatic city stop crash avoidance.

Ford have clearly made a cracking car here, and thats where Steeda step in, to make something good great.
As you can see from the pictures the Steeda lowering sport springs combined with magnificent OZ Racing 20" wheels give the car an incredible stance and presence.

What you can't see are the incredible handling benefits the package gives. Combined with the Steeda rear anti roll bar, the lightweight wheels combined with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres give unbelievable road handling in a car of this size. The agility is mindblowing and the change of direction happens in an instant.


Rear shot showing uprated springs, roll bar and exhaust. Engine bay showing Steeda Cold Air Intake for enhanced power and sound

Steeda adds to the Mondeo Sport package with a power pack formed of a Steeda Cold Air Intake and a catback exhaust from Magnaflow to give an enhanced soundtrack and throttle response and boost power to 250 hp.

The overall package saves weight, around 20KG in total, and best of all the majority is unsprung and rotational weight meaning the maximum in performance gains, as well as improved MPG. We saw a lifetime 30mpg, which in this big unit is pretty impressive and certainly very liveable.

A subtle Steeda windscreen decal completes the exterior and a Steeda SSV plate in the engine bay shows you that you are rolling in one of Steeda's finest.

The Mondeo Sport proved a big draw at Ford Fair this year with a lot of people admiring and complimenting her. 
So thanks to everyone who stopped by and now it is your chance to own her and treat her well!

The Mondeo Sport has around 11,000 miles on her now and has had her first Ford service.

The new demo car will be here VERY soon so we are looking for a very quick sale to find her a good home. £18,500 OBO
Car is based in North London


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Feature Car - Pauls S550 GT Mustang

Steeda UK are launching a new series of feature cars on our "Speed Matters" blog to show the great work some of our customers and distributors are doing with their fast Ford's to inspire you and to share their fantastic cars. If you believe your car can show "the Steeda Difference" get in touch, and maybe your car can feature too.

First up is one of our Ford Fair 2017 show cars, Paul's GT S550 Mustang.

Paul concentrated on getting his car to look the way he imagined it and his journey is nearing completion looks wise. Of course he certainly hasn't ignored performance either, but even there the first things done were those that added to the sound and appearance at the same time, such as the engine bay upgrades featuring Steeda Pro Flow intake and Strut Tower brace, and fabulous quad titanium tipped Milltek exhaust, both improving sounds, looks and performance. Win, win, win!
To optimise all those hardware modifications he added a Steeda "Tunes for Life" tune as well via an SCT X4 handset.

GT350R steering wheel & Steeda Cue Ball Shift Knob

The amazing stance on Pauls car is achieved with some Eibach lowering springs and a gorgeous set of Velgen VMB5s in 19" which sit perfectly and allowed Paul to continue using his OEM tyres for now too.

Now that the car is looking killer Paul is looking to tweak the ride a bit and next on the list is the Steeda IRS base pack.

Paul's top 3 mods?

"For sure the exhaust, the wheels and the clutch spring! It might only be £15 but it transformed the way I drive the car! I couldn't believe it would make such a difference..."


Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake
Milltek Quad Titanium Tipped Non Res Exhaust
Steeda "Tunes for Life" tuning + SCT X4 tuner
Eibach lowering springs, 35mm drop all round
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Velgen Alloys with Steeda Wheel nuts lock pack


Eibach Sport line spacers 25mm on front
Roush Rear Valance
Rear lip spoiler
Rear roof spoiler
Side vents
Sequential rear indicators
All lights replaced with Pro LED bulbs
White stitching changed to red
Steeda windscreen decal
Full Stripes with Mustang GT wording on the side panels 3M Metallic Charcoal
Chrome window surrounds wrapped in 3M Metallic Charcoal
Windows tinted 80%
All lenses tinted
Various engine bay parts painted in Ford Race Red

To be fitted:
Rear window vents 
CDC Front Grill with led lights
Steeda IRS Base Pack

Thanks to Paul for being on the stand at Ford Fair and sharing his great car
and to 
Terry Ffrench-Graham Photography &
Ade Brannan Photography for the cracking images! 

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