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Steeda Driving Experience 6 - Simply Mustangs UK 2019

We had another gloriously sunny day at North Weald airfield, for SDE6, with Simply Mustangs UK, who sent down a lovely batch of Mustangs to experience what they can (and can't) do!


The day took place on March 29th, and we had a couple of compulsory late excuses ("my car wasn't ready! Traffic on the M25!") but we pressed on with the signing in and car admiring, and got started on the left hand high speed bend. People had obviously taken the briefing to heart, and traction control was off and people were spinning with intent!

We had a great attendance on the day, with not only a lovely selection of cars from the S197 squad, but some cracking S550s including a brand new Bullitt and some supercharged monsters too. Nick Hall from Pilgrim Motorsports came along, as well as Ben Dunn, the bossman from Motorsport and Performance, both in their Steeda, Velgen and Whipple equipped beasts. In fact Benn was kind enough to give me the last run of the day in his 850 hp stg2 car and wow! Throttle = time warp! Steeda upgrades certainly make the car a LOT more controllable than stock but with that amount of power you need to give it respect at all times.

Also attending was Pete from Michelin who was kind enough to come down again and also Jason Dodds, who was not only representing Fast Ford mag and covering the event for the mag, but also taking part in his own car too! At the end of the day Alex, another good customer turned up in his project widebody car. Alex's car, the Steeda Q500 and Nick Halls car were all showing off the newly launched Steeda / Corbeau seats collaboration, a fantastic Mustang S550 sports seats which is fully customisable, and offers great weight savings and support as well.

Corbeau S550 Mustang Sports seats installed

ABOVE: New Corbeau Seats were revealed for first time
BELOW: Alex Wide Body Project car. Still a work in progress. Stay tuned for a feature car update!

After everyone had begun to get the feel of their rear end hanging out, speeds increased and confidence improved too. We finished off the morning session with a new feature which we deemed a service to the community at large. As every knows Mustang drivers can be lethal when leaving car shows, so our "Car Show Killer" contest aimed to separate the wheat from the chaff while keeping everyone safe. Much fun was had, especially by me anyway, and the imaginary ranks of car show viewers were frequently mowed down by wayward Mustang car show heroes.. Finally the top 3 emerged and after a decidedly shaky start in the earlier rounds, Amir emerged victorious in his gorgeous black on black S550, supercharged and equipped with Velgen Classic 5s. Let's just say the other 2 finalists would have ended up on youtube for all the wrong reasons......   8)

Amir avoids civilian casualties to win!
Amir accepting his "Car Show Exit" award & his cracking car below

After a tasty lunch and basking in the sun, we set about 2 circuits and then unified them for an end of the day session on the MSA style Sprint circuit, a true test of bravery and skill!

With coaching from Mark and Steeda Robbie, both in and out of the cars, everyone (we hope!) improved and had fun. Learning circuit driving techniques are often the polar opposite of road driving techniques and that means that progress is as much in the mind as in the hands and feet! Chris earned the biggest improvement over a single lap after being taught to "aggressively brake" using a secret technique of Marks. Boom a 6 second improvement in his lap time!

Paul (below LEFT) in his S197 won the large circuit award, and then Steve (below RIGHT) who was increasingly getting into the Bullitt spirit took the honours on the MSA sprint setup with a nice run.


Steve's Bullitt:

Steves Bullitt on Steeda SDE SMUK day

Sometimes we dont have awards, but we can show appreciation and compassion!
Below Left Chris and below Right Dave

Chris best lap improvement SDE SMUK  

All photos courtesy of Terry Ffrench-Graham Photography

If you were there attending and want to purchase any photography of your car etc, including framed and mounted images, please contact Terry via his website or instagram : @tffrench_graham

Thanks to Richard Harris for the "Car Show Killer" vids
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Ford Fair 2018 - Review

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Steeda Driving Experience 3 - May 11th 2018

Wow what a day. Attendees were few this time but they were top class! We wanted to keep numbers down and focus on media creation and content as were filming and doing photography a well as some testing of our own. This was the opposite to our previous SMUK day earlier in the year which was packed out!!

Read the report SMUK DAY HERE

One of the vehicles we were filming was the Ford UK Heritage Centre Mustang, which is not only Supercharged to 670 HP but also Steeda equipped and now shod with gorgeous gunmetal Velgen Split 5 wheels. It looked stunning!

Ford were kind enough to support the day by also bringing along their Ford Performance equipped car AND a new MY 18 Mustang for us to take a look at and test drive on the track too! Great stuff and a real privilege. Read our MY 18 Launch Report HERE...

Need less to say Ford have done a great job!

Ford UK & Steeda Line up at Steeda Driving Experience 3

Pete from Michelin was also kind enough to come down, and of course one of the many "upgrades" on the new MY18 Mustang is the fact it is now shod with Michelins from the get go. You're welcome! We at Steeda know that for optimum performance, your need optimal tyres, and that is what Michelin give us.
Phenomenal rear grip, which lasts right to the bottom of the tread. not to mention that oh so sexy Velvet Touch finish!

Customer Nick brought his yellow fully Steeda loaded GT which looked great and he continued to regain his driving confidence, and David and his partner Anna ran a ding dong competition in their fairly stock GT. However stay tuned as big things are coming for this Mustang, with a full raft of modifications on the way, including some limited edition Velgens!

As we say on a Steeda Driving Experience Day: IF you're spinning , you're winning!

Bailey from Haynes Ford came along too, and was glad to get a chance in the new 2018 car too.

Dans S197 was looking killer.... Awesome pic courtesy of Terry Ffrench Graham photography!

And finally the day came to a halt while we were all privileged to watch an incredible display of acrobatics from the queen of the skies, an old WWII Reconnaissance Spitfire!

JOIN US on our next Steeda Driving Experience Day on Friday 21st September! BOOK HERE

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iNews- The Q500 finds another fan! + Q500 Dyno Run testing

A great review from iNews!



"It immediately feels more focused and connected, although the ride is also better at dealing with rough roads. Itís more incisive, has lots more grip, and the extra sharpness of the steering is also welcome."

"Chuck in an exhaust system thatís pure Bullitt and youíve a fully-honed sports car thatís a world away from a regular Mustang. It feels like Porscheís given it the once-over and perfected it into something more eager, agile and immediate, "

We also took the Q500 down to our Friends and approved Steeda installers Perfect Touch for a couple of dyno runs and have set up a
STEEDA DYNO SHOOT OUT DAY on Saturday June 23rd (9am til 4pm)

Contact Perfect Touch at Unit 1 Hannah Nursery, Sewardstone Road, London, E4 7RG, to book your slot on the day.

Tel: 01992 443900  

ONLY 10 dynoslots available. £60 for a couple of pulls and we can arrange Steeda installs with before and after dynos on the day in advance. (eg CAI install or catback etc)

See below for our vid of our runs, and get down and see what YOUR fast Ford can do!

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Steeda Driving Experience - SMUK Day! March 2018

Well another great Steeda Driving Experience completed, this time with our friends from Simply Mustangs UK, one of the UK's most dedicated "mixed ownership" Mustang clubs.

A whole herd of ponies were in attendance for our first 2018 Steeda Driving Experience, with a nice range of S550 and S197 Mustangs dominating the line up. There was also a fair amount of "whine up" too, as there were quite a few supercharged cars in attendance.

Steeda Driving Experience SMUK

Steeda Driving Experience SMUK

Steeda Driving Experience SMUK

Steeda Driving Experience

The day started with our fast left hand bend, and people got stuck in with verve, and the numbers management went very well with everyone "doubling up" and swapping in and out of cars as passenger and driver for two totally different experiences.

Accelerating down the approach road provided a great example of why fitting a Steeda "Stop the Hop" pack is ESSENTIAL for any supercharged car, as a whipple charged car (who shall remain nameless) shot straight off the track onto the grass while attempting to launch. If that was on the road --> kerb impact --->big crash or shattered wheels potentially.

Of course just because they remain nameless doesn't mean the following picture is not them! It was a lovely car with a nice Whipple install done by GT101.

Where is my Stop the Hop pack

GT101 Whipple installed polished option

Once the bend antics were complete the cars split into 2 groups and 2 circuits were built up. The weather was perfect all day, and we can safely say a great time was had by all.


The Steeda Q500 was on display (and we managed to sneak in a few goes at the end!) as well as displaying a selection of our favourite Mustang wheels by Velgen.

Velgen display

Steeda Q500 on display

Big thanks to all who attended even to just come and hang out, and well done to Jason and the SMUK team who helped organise such a great turn out.

If you have any links to galleries on the day etc, please feel free to comment, name names and add links in the comment section below....


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Velgen Society UK Meet 1- Bicester Heritage Jan 2018

It was a great day. Enjoy the vid produced by Velgen!

What an awesome bunch of cars and people, showing exactly what Mustang ownership is about. All totally different and all very cool!
If you want to rock killer wheels on your Mustang or Ford, let us know, and you can attend our next Velgen Society UK meet!

Thanks to everyone who came, our customers, Mike from Modurstang and Ed from Muscleworks who are both big Velgen and Steeda lovers, and not least Scott from Velgen and Franco for his great pics and the above vid. Also thanks to Tiggy and the Bicester Heritage team who gave us such an awesome location and great support, and the weather!

Some of the killer cars from the day: (Click on the album title headers to go to the albums)

Daves Supercharged beast

Ed's Bagged Muscleworks demo car:

Chris's Dual Concave Muscle Machine:

Steeda's own UK Q500 Enforcer

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