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FAQ Can you help me with my SCT X4
    Yes we can. Start by watching our programming guide video:


When you receive your X4 & CAI Power Pack:

1.Check out the how to vids on our page: 

2.Plug in your SCT X4 to your computer and install the software and UPDATE everything before continuing.

3.3. Data read your car

4.Fill in the tuning for at put Steeda UK as agent / rep in first box.

5.(POWER PACK INFO ONLY) WAIT for your tune. Your Steeda INTAKE is designed for use with the Power Pack Tune ONLY. Its de-restricted for Maximum power gains so CANNOT be installed without the tune.

6.Steeda Tunes must be used with HIGH Octane 97 / 99 Petrol.

If that doesn't help, then please contact us!