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Steeda UK: The Leader in Ford Performance for Europe
FAQ: Why should I choose Steeda products?
    At Steeda we have 25 years (in 2013!) experience with Fords and only Fords. Not only that but Dario Orlando, Steeda's owner and a Ford test and race driver has even more experience with Fords.

Dario knows what it takes to extract maximum performance from a Ford, and he still tests things personally to make sure they work. Not only Dario but a number of Steeda employees are huge car enthusiasts, involved in all kinds of racing, from track based racing to drag racing, so we not only design and build our parts, we use them, and want to constantly try and improve them.

Steeda's commitment to quality is second to none. Its why we are ISO 9001 Certified, unlike many of our rivals.

Steeda's commitment to quality also means we stand behind many of our products with Steeda's lifetime guarantee.

Steeda's technology sharing partnership with Ford means we share technical information directly with and from the Ford factory, again, unlike many of our rivals.

We think all of the above helps to make what we proudly call, "The Steeda Difference" and makes us the Leader in Ford Performance.

Reada lot more about us on the Steeda About Us Page and our HIGHLIGHTS page