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FAQ: Mustang Exhausts: What's the Difference between and "H pipe" and an "X Pipe"

X-pipe:Mid-pipes built with a crossover, or "X" shaped design, purposely cross exhaust streams to even out flow and streamline exhaust gasses through the rest of the system.X Pipes are generally raspier and louder than H or Y-pipes and have been shown to provide slightly more power than their counterparts. You are likely to see most of the power gains higher in the rpm band with an X-pipe.

H-Pipe:An H-pipe is better at balancing sound and produces a more consistent, classic muscle car growl. It does less than an X-pipe in the way of balancing exhaustgasses but still flows quite well. H Pipes maintain the back-pressure necessary for torque gains earlier in the rpm band, as opposed to the top-end power seen from an X-pipe.

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