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Can i take the diablosport files to my sct x4 flasher?

We support Steeda tuning files only, that is something you will have to discuss with your own tuner.

FAQ : Some of my packaging is used?

Yes! We at Steeda UK believe in recycling where possible so thanks for helping us do what we can. We do attempt to recycle appropriate packaging where possible.

FAQ Can you help me with my SCT X4

Yes we can. Start by watching our programming guide video:


When you receive your X4 & CAI Power Pack:

1.Check out the how to vids on our page: 

2.Plug in your SCT X4 to your computer and install the software and UPDATE everything before continuing.

3.3. Data read your car

4.Fill in the tuning for at put Steeda UK as agent / rep in first box.

5.(POWER PACK INFO ONLY) WAIT for your tune. Your Steeda INTAKE is designed for use with the Power Pack Tune ONLY. Its de-restricted for Maximum power gains so CANNOT be installed without the tune.

6.Steeda Tunes must be used with HIGH Octane 97 / 99 Petrol.

If that doesn't help, then please contact us!

FAQ How do I win the Steeda HATRICK Promo?

Simple! All you need to do is buy 3 Steeda products from us.

The terms and conditions can be found HERE

FAQ: Why do I need specialist modified car insurance?

Insurance is a legal requirement but the cover provided for a modified car is different in comparison to regular car insurance. A great amount of time and money is invested into modified cars including expensive equipment and parts. These add-ons need to be protected and a modified car insurance policy will do just that. It makes sense to insure your investment and protect your gear with our trusted insurers.

What is classed as modification?

To put it simply, if your car has been altered or customised in any way since leaving the car factory then it is classed as modification. Cover for a modified car starts from small changes such as added alloy wheels, or even replacing your stock alloy wheels to performance enhancing gear. Anything that modifies the look or performance of your car needs to be declared in order for you get the best insurance.

FAQ: Are all of your products in stock?

Yes. We endeavor to keep all UK "World Car" Steeda components in stock as well as those of our partners, such as Sparco Wheels.

Non UK market Items (such as Steeda pre S550 Mustang parts) will be special orders, and so there will be a small delay before they are received.

Our only "normal" non stock items are Velgen / CDC wheels as the range of sizes and colours mean they are brought in specifically to order. However air freight can be done very rapidly if needed.

FAQ: Can you Help with my Mustang Wheel alignment Specs?

Answer: YES!

Street Front Alignment:

OE Camber = -0.8 deg (+/-0.8 deg)

OE Caster = 7.2 deg (+/-0.8 deg)

OE Toe = 0.00 deg (+/-0.2 deg)

Steeda target Camber = -1.2 deg

Steeda target Caster = 7.5 deg

Steeda target Toe = 0.2 deg

Street Rear Alignment:

OE Camber = -1.2 (+/-0.8 deg)

OE Toe = 0.1 deg. (+/-0.2 deg)

Steeda target Camber = -1.6 deg

Steeda target Toe = 0.2 deg

In general for track use, you will increase the Camber on the front and rear (negative)

So instead of 1.2 deg, you may run 1.7 deg (negative)

To find the ‘best’ negative camber, you will need to try different settings and take tire temperatures to evaluate your results.

FAQ: Do Steeda do any non Ford parts?

NO! Steeda are Ford to the core!

FAQ: Do Steeda offer tuning for Fords?

Yes we do! Steeda were the first company to have their own tunes for sale in a Ford dealership, and stand behind them as the best in the business. Steeda tunes aren't extreme but give GREAT results and perfect every day drive-ability, with the peace of mind of Steeda's unparalleled Ford experience.

FAQ: Do Steeda Recommend Any Tyres?

Yes we do! Steeda are all about performance, and your tyres are what enable you to take advantage of all the performance your Ford can give, especially once it has been given "the Steeda difference". As such you need tyres that can deliver grip and reliable handling,

In the US Steeda have worked for a long time with Nitto tyres and in Europe we are partnered with Michelin Tyres who can provide great rubber for the road and track with their range of tyres:

We recommend for general road / track day use :

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S if it is available in the size you need, or the Pilot Super Sport

For all out summer performance, or more track day focus:

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

FAQ: Do you offer a fitting service?

Steeda UK only provide parts, however one of our authorised fitters can service your needs.
We recommend a number of authorised Steeda fitters 
You can find out more on the Contact page or here on our Distributors page

FAQ: Do you offer Credit for purchases?

Not currently. But you can take advantage of Paypal Credit for purchases over £150 to repay over a 4 moth period at 0% interest! Learn more HERE on the Paypal Credit Page

FAQ: Exhausts are confusing can you help?

Yes we can! Check out our Beginners Exhaust Guide on our "Speed Matters!" Blog

FAQ: How do I know if my Fiesta Billet Battery Strap will fit my car?

Its a simple check. The Steeda Billet Battery strap will fit many older Fords, including the mk5 and mk6 Fiestas as well as the Puma and B Max.
But it will only replace the SIMPLE battery strap. If you have an extra part attached to your battery strap for air con for example, it will not fit...

See our picture on facebook which shows this part:

FAQ: How do I retrieve a "Strategy Code" so I can get a custom Tune?

This is achieved by plugging your SCT handheld device and interrogating the vehicle info:


Basically its as easy as 1-2-3

1. Plug in SCT handset
2. Select "Vehicle info"
3. Turn on ignition but NOT engine

Then read the codes and note down your ECU strategy Code, and ECU serial number

FAQ: HOw should I setup my Steeda Mustang S550 Adjustable Roll Bars?

As a recommended initial "standard" setup we advise using the middle of the 3 holes on the rear and the second hole from the end of the bar on the front bar (4 holes). Then adjust to suit driving style, car setup and conditions!

FAQ: I cant find a part I want on your website?

We only show the most popular parts on our website but we regard ourselves as a ONE STOP SHOP for performance Fords. Just ask us via our contact us page and we should be able to get it for you! Whether it's a Steeda part or something from the many companies we work with, we can help.

FAQ: I can't find the answer to my question. What do I do?

Click on "Contact Us" and let us know what your question is. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

FAQ: I have a Mustang, why cant I find Steeda mustang parts in your shop?

Our shop is set up to deal with  UK cars. However we can order in any Steeda Mustang parts you need.

We supply and stock all our available parts for the S550 Mustang (i.e 2015+ Mustang) in the UK. For earlier Mustangs we can import any part required.

Just let us know what you want and we can source it for you....
Even if you don't know what you want, ask us what you need...better handling, more power, more style, whatever, and we can source what will help!

Just use the contact us button on the top menu to get in touch!
Browse Steeda's huge pre S550 Mustang selection on www.STEEDA.COM

FAQ: I know Steeda did parts for the old Focus. I can't find them?

Yes! You are correct. Steeda UK is focussed (hoho) on new global platform Fords.

However our fantastic range of older Focus parts can be found on our US site.

You can find the US site HERE.

Once you find what you want, note down the part number, and CONTACT US and we can bring it in for you as a special order.

Dario races a Steeda tricked out mk1 Focus and he loves it!