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Ford Fair 2018 - Review

If you want the expedited version:


If you want the AV version here is a video from MAP who joined us stand with their great demo car:

If you want more info then OK....

Lets start with Silverstone was HOT!!!  Now that's clear lets move on!.

Another awesome show, where we were joined by some great customers with their beautiful cars. Chris brought along his menacing black Dual Concave Velgen Split 5 beast, running full Steeda under carriage as well as some Anderson Composite goodies and Corsa exhaust.

The Steeda Mondeo Sport was brought along by the Williams's and looked as great as ever (Ah the memories! What a GREAT car!), which showed off the 20" OZ Racing Leggera HLTs, Paul brought along his Velgen Classic 5 equipped Focus RS in his Gulf homage livery which looked cracking and features a Milltek exhaust system as well as a variety of other choice parts, the Steeda Q500, fresh from its round of amazing reviews was showing it's stuff and Motorsport and Performance also showed their cracking demo car, also wearing Velgen vmb5s in bronze and of course with a comprehensive array of Steeda parts making it drive as good as it looked. 

We welcomed many of our great customers on stand during the day and were also joined by the team from Hendy Performance, the guys from HP Tuners, Jamie, the Editor of Fast Ford and many more as well as Shannon who was a great helping keep things going!

Steeda Robbie and the Hendy Team

The stand featured a display of Velgen wheels, and also Sparco wheels, which are the perfect choice for the Fiesta and Focus owner looking to step up their style and performance game! Don't forget to match those wheels with great tures from our partner Michelin Tyres.

Ford showed off the new Bullitt Mustang on its stand, which also involved a contraption allowing people to throw themselves off a cliff? Perhaps Ford was preparing people for Brexit?

Either way count me out.. No cliff diving for me! Not with my back...

More importantly Ford were also kind enough to lend us their supercharged demo Mustang, which took pride of place int eh centre of the stand. Their GT is also equipped with Velgen 20" Split 5s clad in Michelins of course as well as some choice Steeda mods on the IRS and a full pack of Ford Performance upgrades. Unfortunately we had to give it back to them at the end of the day,as the car is frankly gorgeous! Check out the vid we made with her on one of our Steeda Driving Days!

Steeda Robbie & John sit down and try to work out how to ration the remaining water....... Before panic ensues!

Check out the Slideshow HERE

Remember we'll see you there in 2019, and dont forget the sunscreen...

To Join us on our next STEEDA DRIVING EXPERIENCE on June 21st BOOK HERE

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Feature Car - Owen's Drag Supercharged GT Mustang

As you may have seem from our various other blog posts the Mustang has a long and storied history on the drag strip a well as the race track, a legend that continues today, with the Steeda Silver Bullet setting World Records regularly, as a 2018 model 10 speed auto with NO forced induction, and here in Europe, with 2 Steeda customers, Richard and Owen taking TWO of the top four positions at Santa Pods' Run What Ya Bring Championship, including the win.

Here is a feature on Owen's car, which looks fairly standard from the outside, but regularly puts the smackdown on unsuspecting rivals at Santa Pod!

Owen Mustang GT at Santa Pod Drag Strip

Owens weapon of choice is a 2017 5.0 GT, with power duties being generated by a Roush 2.3 litre supercharger with 80 mm pulley, phase 2 kit with 1000cc injectors, and uprated fuel pump.

To help vent all that angry exploding petrol he has chosen a set of  Kooks long tube headers, finished off at the back with a Borla s type exhaust, and custom mapping of engine and auto transmission by VMP performance of Florida,

Dyno day saw a nice 800 bhp at the flywheel translating to about 700rwhp. with 856nm torque twisting the wheels. to help add some more spice he has fitted a Wizards of Nos fully programmable nitrous system for upto around 250 bhp of extra go, only used around 60/70% of that in 3rd/4th and as little as 25% in 1st/2nd gears. Anything else is secret and the mapping for the nitrous delivery was done personally by Owen and has taken around 50 odd passes to get right.  

To help deal with all that raw force, Owen has fitted a Ford Performance diff with traction lock lsd, a  3.55 gear set, and  Ford Performance one piece half shafts,

To put down that power through the tyres he has chosen to use a full Steeda "Stop the Hop" kit including sub frame alignment braces. Standard 19” wheels with Mickey Thompson 185/35 street ss/et radials for the strip, Michelin pilot sport 4s for street use. Owen told us that once he added the Stop the Hop pack he noticed a radical improvement in how the car behaved pulling away from the line.

Owen Steeda equipped GT at Santa Pod

Other suspension mods include Eibach anti roll bars front and back, Ford Performance suspension all round.

Owen tells us there are other mods planned over the winter of 2018 and he is confident that they will make the car even faster,

Remember that this car is a full weight factory interior car that’s driven every day in all weather and traffic conditions that has done 26,000 miles in 16 months without ever missing a beat and has no more maintenance than fresh oil, filters and regular services every 5,000 miles, she runs on nothing other than either momentum 99 or VPower, I use an octane booster for safe running with the nitrous when racing and that’s it. I guarantee she’ll run under 10.5 seconds in 2019 and with 60 ft times of 1.6 seconds I’m guessing at 0-60 of well under 3 secs.  Go Owen!

Owen's car may be somewhat of a sleeper but his racing stripes and custom rear deck, plus nice personal plate make sure that once you recognise it,you'll know that's one bad pony!

Owen customised rear deck

Good luck in the 2019 season Owen! We know that the 2018 Champion, David Kinghorn in another Steeda equipped Mustang will be back to try and defend his title too. Let's hope we can secure BOTH the top 2 positions next year! Or if anyone else wants to join the fun, perhaps an all Steeda Mustang podium can be achieved? Who wants to step up to the job?

You can find out more about the Run What Ya Bring Championship at the Santa Pod website HERE

And if you want to learn how to generate smoke as effectively as Own then perhaps take a look at our Line Lock Academy video below! Did you know that Line Lock is a built in feature of the S550 Mustang allowing controlled burnouts with ease?

Owen burnout smoke screen Mustang GT


If you want to see what your Mustang can do, join us at our next Steeda Driving Experience - on June 28th 2019

And if you hit the strip, whether for fun or for serious competition then remember to post up your times and stats on our EU DRAG BOARD

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2018 Race Round up - Speed Matters!

As Steeda celebrate our 30th anniversary, we also celebrate another great year of proving that "The Steeda Difference" matters on track. 

It's where we earned our great reputation for performance and quality and its not something we rest on our laurels about. Steeda keep on developing and keep on testing our theories on track. As Dario Orlando says, "The race track is a great place to prove your theories, as results do not lie!" Not only that but life on track is TOUGH, and its the fact that Steeda parts are built for the rigours of track life that allow us to offer our unrivalled LIFETIME warranty on so many parts. Just one of many benefits that goes straight from the track to benefit you, our great customers.

2018 was another great year for Steeda both on the road racing circuits AND on the drag strips and that winning pedigree has begun to spread into Europe with Steeda making our mark over here as well.

In the US, the Steeda Q500R wrapped up an impressive SAARC Championship win wheeled by both Dario and Vice President Glen Vitale. Not wanting to miss out on the action our head of manufacturing Scott Boda commanded the efforts on the drag strip and wheeled the Steeda "Silver Bullet" into the record books multiple times. He is currently deep into the 10s in an NA all motor 2018 GT automatic. Now THAT is fast! It shows what Steeda upgrades can do simply bolted on... No huge money engine builds, complex nitrous or anything mad... Power means nothing without traction.... (of course we helped the power too with our new 2018 CAI and tunes though)

Famous US based tuner Lund chose Steeda for their more extreme 2018 drag build and with Steeda traction too it to an amazing record grabbing 7.78 @ 177mph!

      Silver Bullet Drag car by Steeda

If you want to read more about the Silver Bullet, pop over to "Muscle Mustang and" to read an in depth article and watch a cool interview with Scott. (click the link in this line)

In Europe things were going just as well....

In the UK, Matt Binstead has been crushing the Clubman class in Time Attack 2018 in his Steeda sponsored Fiesta.

You can read more about UK Time Attack HERE

Steeda sponsored Matt Binstead Time Attack Fiesta ST

(Image courtesy of UK Time Attack)

On the Drag Strip at Santa Pod, Europe's home of drag racing, the RWYB Championship was won by David Kinghorn in a S550 GT with Steeda Stop The Hop package for traction plus a Steeda Race Shifter to make sure he never missed a gear!  David was chased onto the top step by Owen Waddingham ANOTHER Steeda customer with a Stop The Hop equipped Mustang GT, who finished a very respectable 4th place. So that's Steeda equipped Mustangs in 2 of the top 4 positions on an OPEN Championship where any car can apply. Great work fellas, go Team! David also proves that fitting Steeda parts doesn't cost money it makes money! Its an investment! (honest).

You can read about Owens car on our Feature Cars posts HERE

(Image courtesy of Santa Pod)

Owens Supercharged GT

You can read more about Santa Pod Run What Ya Brung Here: Click on this link

And remember to post up YOUR best times on our EU / UK Drag BOARD- They dont have to be world beating, just post your best and compare and keep updating as you improve...

Our great dealer in the Czech Republic Auto IN also put in work on the track, organising a fantastic track excursion and track test, where their Steeda equipped demo car, absolutely crushed a Shelby GT350 and a stock OEM Mustang to prove the "Steeda Difference". They used 3 cars on track, all driven by the same driver for a real comparison, and the Steeda car was 2.7 seconds a lap faster than the stock 2018 Mustang and 2 seconds a lap faster than the Shelby GT350

AUTO IN Demo car at the track

Our motto isnt "Speed Matters!" for nothing. Steeda live it every day...

Also please remember. Keep YOUR racing safe, on the track or at the strip but NOT on the road.

If you want to start getting a feel for off road driving and seeing what your Fast Ford can do, why not JOIN US on our next STEEDA DRIVING EXPERIENCE ON JUNE 29th. 2019?
You can't have more fun in your car and you can meet the Steeda UK team and fellow Steeda fans and compare cars and times.

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Fiesta Rear Shock Brace Review - Matt Binstead

While we sponsor Matt's Time Attack Fiesta, we also wanted him to try out our rear shock tower brace on a non race prepped Fiesta to get his impressions, so he installed one on his girlfriends Fiesta ST:

His response when he sent us the review shows why it's a great and very affordable handling upgrade! At only £139 why not improve your handling with this simple bolt on mod?

"Below is my write up about the rear strut tower brace. I've been totally honest about
the product as I am with everything else and I am thoroughly impressed with how
it fits and performed.

I've given a few local lads a test drive with the brace fitted and they both
said it really stiffened up the rear of the car and made it feel more

Matt Binstead Steeda Fiesta Rear Shock Tower Brace Review

On opening the box I was first amazed at the quality of the rear shock tower brace, the welding on the all pieces was clean and consistent and the powder coating was flawless. It really began to fill me with confidence before I had even fitted it! 
After reading the instructions the installation was simple and easy to follow taking 30 minutes maximum. Following the photo guide carefully I firstly swapped out the standard dampening bolts for the longer items in the fitting kit and then installed the spacers on top of the fixed nuts to ensure a strong and sturdy fit without compromising the structural rigidity of the rear damper mounting points. 

Steeda Fiesta Rear Shock Brace review install pic 1

I then followed the same steps for the drivers side (Note: the drivers side only requires one spacer as there is a factory brace already providing correct spacing). Then I trimmed and refitted the carpet around the new mounting points to attain a clean and OEM looking fit. I then bolted the brace down torqueing the nuts to the correct specs and went out for a test drive. 

Steeda Fiesta Rear Shock Brace review install 2

First impressions 

Under braking in a straight line the car is much more stable, there is much less squirming and the car feels much more planted to the tarmac even under heavy braking situations. It really gives a more positive and confident feel through the weight transfer phase and makes sure maximum tyre contact is kept to the ground.  
When turning into corners and sharp bends the body roll feels more in tune with the rest of the chassis and there is no feel of looseness or the car rolling at its own speed. It feels directly proportional to drivers input meaning that I can safely push harder through the twists and turns without worrying that the back end could oversteer without me making it do so. 

To summarise my first impressions of the rear tower shock brace are positive, its really stiffened up the rear body roll and has made the chassis feel that little bit more connected front to back and side to side under braking and turn in.  It really gave myself a better feel for the chassis and it felt that it was more in tune with my inputs rather than reacting to the scenarios as it wanted. 
I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve the rear end feel of their car especially for tight twisty roads where the really want to maximise the full potential of their driving style and chassis without compromising the cars functionality.  

Steeda Fiesta Rear Shock Brace review final install

Two things we'd add to Matt's review:

1. Once installed the shock tower brace is super easily removable. Just undo the top nuts and pop it off (if you need to carry big stuff in the boot for example) and when you are done load lugging, just pop it back on and re-tighten the nuts!

You can now benefit from a Steeda 555-5753 Focus Rear Shock Tower Brace if you are a mk3 Focus ST / RS owner as well... Order here!

You can follow Matts exploits in Time Attack UK and also on his Instagram @MattbinsteadRacing   and Facebook page:

Keep adding to the Steeda podiums Matt and thanks for the great review!

And Because Race Car, here is a pic of Matt in action!

Steeda Sponsors Time Attack Racer Matt Binstead

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AUTO IN - Steeda Dealer for Czech Republic- Customer Whipple Build

Our friends at Auto IN have been busy creating more killer Mustangs, and one lucky customer has been made very happy driving this gorgeous race red beast!

Auto IN Ford - Steeda performance Mustang build

The customer wanted supercharged power, so we provided a Whipple 2.9L monster for them, and of course the Auto IN Team knew that power was nothing without Steeda suspension and chassis enhancements to help control it.

Whipple MUstang GT core pre assembled at Auto IN

Ready to go in: Clear some space!

Whipple kit ready to install - AUTO IN Steeda

As you can see the customer added a good few extras for the install, including the full polished finish, improved radiator with dual fans, an ATI superdamper pulley and more. 
CONTACT US if you want advice for your big project!

Steeda HD Engine Mounts were a must for the install and allowed comfortable fitment of a Ford GT350 Strut Tower Brace.

Now the heart of the beast was in, Steeda was ready to make it both safe and utilisable!

A full package of Steeda "Stop the Hop" essentials, IRS bushes and braces,was combined with Steeda Pro Action shocks and a set of Steeda Performance Lowering springs for the ultimate stance and handling ability, as well as the traction to put down all that raw power!

Up front a Steeda G Trac K member Brace helps keep things together and give improved steering feel and cornering accuracy.


You can see from the side by side photos sent by chief auto IN performance tech Vojtech Chaura, just how feeble the OEM vertical links are when compared to the Steeda ones. This is what allows a lot of the flex that can lead to wheel hop and reduced traction. Thanks for the great pics!


Once installed the car benefitted from a full 4 wheel alignment, an essential after serious suspension work, and also a run on the dyno.

AUTO IN Mustang alignment

Looks-wise the car maintains a fairly stock appearance with straight race red paint, and stock wheels spaced out to fill the arches and shod of course with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. However a rear spoiler and scoop equipped bonnet add to the aggression and give a hint as to what lies beneath! Also Wilwood brake upgrade front and rear adds more meat in the back with the nice dual calliper setup.

Auto In Czech republic Mustang Whipple Steeda

Coupled with a Remus exhaust for the soundtrack the customer is having a BLAST!

Vojta from AUTO IN says:

"The car is
amazing. Driving ability 90km / h = 190km / h, difference in overload only.
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires for
daily driving."

Finished tuned Steeda mustang at Auto IN Czech republic

If you want to contact AUTO IN for work on your Mustang or performance Ford:

AUTO IN s.r.o., Czech Republic

Poděbradská 292

530 09  Pardubice

Tel: (+420) 469 775 075      Email:

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Q500 Final Review - NOW FOR SALE!

Another day, another amazing review of the Steeda Q500 Enforcer!

This time from UK Blog awards "Automotive blog of the year" winner 2017 and "Business blog of the year" winner 2018, CARWITTER

Adam from Carwitter gives the car a thorough write up starting with his pre Q500 Mustang experiences and accompanies the story with some lovely pics courtesy of the very talented Olgun Kordal (you can see even more including a cheeky encounter with the police on the Carwitter Twitter account)

We want you to read the review but here are a few highlights... Suffice it to say Adam loved the car...

"Incredible is the only word to describe how flat the Q500 stays when being threaded through a corner. "

That Kooks exhaust sounds pretty incredible too...It sounds epic at idle; it has that low burble you associate with American V8’s. Let it hit the red line before changing up, and the growl turns into how I can only imagine taking off in a B17 Flying Fortress sounds."

this ‘stang is stiffer, feels taughter and can also hold on in the bends like few other rear wheel drive sports cars can.

If you like driving and own a Mustang, you need to seriously think about opting for this suspension setup."

Now that the Q500 enforcer has completed its press and shows tour of duty we are going to offer her up for sale to prepare the ground for the next Steeda UK demo car, the incredible Steve McQueen Limited Edition Bullitt Mustang....

So get in touch to own this frankly AMAZING Mustang GT for an incredible price. But be quick as we dont think she will hang around for long...

With an as new price of around £60,000 including all the options and paint detailing and custom work, we are offering this LESS THAN 1 year old GT with less than 8000 miles on the clock for only £43,000

SPEC: Steeda UK Q500 Enforcer Spec - 2017 GT 5.0- Manual 6 speed - Magnetic Colour  - MILES 8,000 - PRICE £43,000

Q500 Powertrain Upgrades - 480 hp & 475 lb. ft. Torque

Steeda High Flow Cold Air Intake System

Steeda Custom Performance PCM Calibration

Exhaust up-rated to Steeda performance option - Kooks catback with H Pipe 

Steeda Tri Ax Short Shifter

Steeda Oil Separator 

Steeda Clutch Spring 

Q500 Exterior Upgrades

Steeda Exterior Graphic and Badge Package

Steeda Front Chin Splitter

Steeda Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler

Diode Dynamics Rear Side Marker Lights 

Q500 Suspension / Chassis Upgrades

Steeda Front & Rear Roll Bars with Solid Billet Ends

Steeda Billet Aluminium Front Sway Bar Mounts

Steeda Billet Aluminium Rear Sway Bar Mounts

Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System

Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit

Steeda Strut Tower Brace

Steeda Coilover System - fully damping & height adjustable. 

Includes camber adjust front top mounts 

Steeda Billet Rear Shock Mounts 

Steeda Billet Vertical Links 

Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Links 

Steeda IRS Subframe Brace 

Steeda Front K Member Extreme G-Trac Brace 

Steeda Performance Wheel Alignment

Q500 Interior Upgrades

Steeda Serialized Emblem Plate

Steeda Illuminated Door Sill Plates

Ford GT350R Alcantara Steering Wheel 

Steeda Cue Ball Shift Knob with Steeda billet lock out collar


Velgen 20” VMB7 staggered 20 x 9 & 20 x 10.5” wheels MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S tyres (265/35/20 & 295/35/20)

Custom Styling 

Detail / Paint Protection

Custom Paint Colour coded brake callipers and engine bay by Unique Detail (Dunstable)

Carwitter Steeda Q500 Review




Top Gear:

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